Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some little confessions

These mom-fessional (mom confessional) moments are real, my friends. Here are just a few things are do on almost a daily basis to keep me somewhat sane:

+ I throw out artwork like it’s my job. Unless it’s really good, then I keep it… sometimes. But seriously, when your six year old loves art and comes home with 7 scraps of paper from her Montessori— it almost instantly goes in the recycling.

+ Regifting my kids presents that are not used, they’re too old for etc.  is not below me.

+ If perchance my kids go in the backyard for a little while and I forget to slather them with sunscreen, I tell myself they need the Vitamin D  in this Canadian climate

+ I don’t entertain my kids all the time. Call it laziness on my part but I think it’s okay for them to be a little bored. They get very creative.

+ I use my mom voice ( and empty threats) almost every-single-morning to get us out the door somewhat on time.

+ Evening park time is not my favourite. I’m soooo tired by the time evening rolls around  so if D does it, I stay home and clean up, blog  or just put away stuff. Same for bath. If he would do it every day, I would be soooo happy.

Bribery is a parenting tool in this house. I use it often and salaciously

+ When D is out, working late, at a conference , I put my girls to bed quite a bit earlier.  Sometimes it’s daylight, sometimes it’s not. 

+ I'm a pretty clean person but my car since having kids looks like a bomb of paper, beanie boos and shoes have exploded in it. 

+ My kids have a candy box that’s not in their reach for some occasional treats.  When there’s chocolate in there, I often partake.

(And if you're looking for a true momfessional moment, that involves a baby, a bare bottom and a carpet, you have to read this post from a few years ago)

And there you have it. What are your mom confessions?

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  1. Hahah I hear you on the hating the park and letting them be bored!!

  2. Regifting. Yes! I have given a number of baby shower gifts to new mommies :)
    It's the thought that counts!!!

  3. OMG, the park!! I know, right? My husband is always suggesting that we go to the park either right before supper or after supper, and I am not into it. He reminds me that the park is not for me. I am always trying to get out of it too.

  4. Im an art recycler/ gift recycler too! Oh the shame ;)

  5. I'm totally guilty of stealing their candy! :) Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. I'm the same with the park and bath time at night. I avoid it whenever possible!!!!!!

  7. Haha I love this and can so relate to these!

  8. Hehe! We have an up high candy box to.... I think I ate all the good stuff. Everytime I decide to throw away artwork my girls catch me and then start crying #fail. I love these posts.

  9. Omg, I can totally relate to soooo many on your list! I guess I'm a momfessional too :)

  10. This is hilarious!! I suspect I would be so similar when Im a mum. Hidden chocolate treats for kids are for mums didn't you know?

  11. This was adorable! We all have thongs like that we do lol.

  12. That is what being a great mom is all about, silly unforgettable moments.

  13. Love all these! Empty threats/bribery - isn't that what parenthood's all about? ;) And I totally agree about letting kids entertain themselves. It's good for them!

  14. Love these! I do a lot of these with my littles at work!


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