Thursday, November 30, 2017

The best christmas party games

With the holiday season fast approaching,  today is all about those party games. I love to have two or three party games at a party just to encourage the fun, some giggles and competition. They are most popular especially with my ladies' night in.

Christmas charades:

I have someone else (in my case usually, D) come up with the charades and hide them in a bag. Divide your team and try to act it out... also, good luck doing Good King Wenceslas

 Tree Paper Plate Game: 

 This blind paper plate game is so funny. Paper plates on top of heads and budding artists. Hilarity ensues. Also, I find those who have less wine at the party, generally tend to win this game. Here are some more details

Christmas  A- Z

From A-Z, make a list of Christmas carols, cookies, gifts or just anything related to Christmas in two teams. The team who gets the most in 3 minutes wins. 

Guess Who?

When everyone comes in they write something Christmas related about themselves and put it in a Christmas bag. When the host reads out the 'clues', everyone has to number and write on a piece of paper who they think the person is. At the end, the person with the most right, wins. 

Pass the Parcel

Just like the kid version, but with an adult prize instead.

And for prizes, I usually keep it simple, maybe a candle, some handmade soaps or a Christmas trinket.

What are your favourite party games to play?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Want, need, wear, read.

Confession: I have never posted a me  list on this blog. I feel kind of weird putting it all out there as some of the items are a little pricy:-) But then again, I love to read wish lists from other bloggers and I get some great ideas from them... so I'm going to give it a go. For today's Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea, here we go: 


So many people are talking about the instant pots and they were on such huge markdowns for Black Friday! So I'm hoping to ask Santa for this seven in one kitchen appliance/total time saver. 


Since starting hot yoga in October and thinking I want to continue incorporating I'm thinking it's about high time, I stop bringing my regular ghetto towel from home and stop using the gym mat so I'd love a new yoga mat and towel for the new year :-). Maybe even a block or two!

I got a CK packable a little while back and while it is light while warm at the same time, in truly sub zero weather, it is still pretty cold. I'm liking The North Face for their sustainably sourced down.This could also fall in the need category as I walk quite a bit to pick up C and freeze my behind oft' times:-)


Clean Eating
I love a good magazine as a stocking stuffer. D usually gets me one that he doesn't mind reading himself but Dr. Oz or Clean Eating are some of my faves...I already have GH (i'm an old soul) as a subscription digitally and I love it! O would be another great one to get as an electronic subscription.

Have you been naughty or nice? What's on your list this year?

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Monday, November 27, 2017


This weekend:
- Friday night was spent in Niagara Falls (or as A calls it Niaganal Falls). This little trip included dinner in Rainforest Cafe (a huge hit with the kiddos), a 4D movie/ride, a walk down Clifton Hill and a drive to see all the beautiful Christmas lights and then the light show in the falls. A thought that the falls were naturally lit and magical so was quite disappointed when she found out in the morning that they weren't.

- We had our Nexus interview for easier cross border access on Saturday . 

- A delicious lunch with  D's cousin and her family followed before I had to hit one of the most magical places on earth-- Target.

- We also headed to the Walden Galleria mall after where I had to participate in some Black Friday weekend shopping.... you know, to help out the US economy! 50% off at Loft- yes please!
- Dinner was fantastic at Bravo!

- On Sunday, we did some chores at home before heading to A's school skating party and the mall.

- D's parents came to town for a couple weeks from TNT- the girls have so many fun activities planned for them to do.

Can you tell that we aren't at all excited?!

I have regrets that I didn't get this!

My kids played in Pottery Barn with the most delicate of ornaments like it was their playroom

The meal was bigger than her face.

I really dislike these jojo siwa huge bedazzled bows but my kids love them!

Happy Monday, friends!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What's up Wednesday- November 2017

So close to the holiday season and yet so far away.... can you tell what this post is going to be about?! 

What we're eating this week?
Monday: Leftover 
Tuesday: Spaghetti squash with turkey sausage and 
Thursday: a mini thanksgiving meal in honour of my American Family and friends.
Friday: most likely leftovers!

What I'm reminiscing about
Novembers past--- such a wonderful time of the year.

What I'm loving
This assortment of fresh foliage my framily did on her console.... 


What we've been up to…
WInter fun. Weekends have been packed!

What I'm dreading…
They say to prepare for a 'real Canadian winter'..... uggghhh. 

What I'm working on
Decorating for the most festive of seasons.
My kids will be doing 'their tree' soon.

And I am almost done mine--- here's a sneak peak...

What I'm excited about…
Black Friday sales... though I'm done with most of my shopping, I'm sure I'll buy something or the other. I'm in a good spot with my Christmas shopping though. 

What I'm watching/reading…
I'm reading Olive Kitteridge for book club and though I was very meh about beginning it, I totally got sucked into the lives of the small town Maine natives and all the nuances in their personalities and lives.


And I've been watching all the November mid season finales. Grey's was AWESOME> I've also started recording all those Hallmark Christmas movies to watch in December in the background while I am doing stuff. 

What I'm listening to..
Christmas carols yo'

What I'm wearing…
I've been busting out those winter coats already, scarves, sweaters, gloves and uggs. 

What I'm doing this weekend…
We have our nexus interviews in Niagara, lunch after by some family and a quick cross border shopping trip,  a skating party and then my in-laws come in on Sunday for a couple weeks.

What I'm looking forward to next month..
All the Christmas-ing. SO much going on. 

What else is new?
Not too new, but this little lady busted out some funky moves on Saturday. She certainly dances like no one is watching.

Elf on the Shelf ideas?!

This was our best one from last year but D is the one who did it. We are pretty simple but  I have been known to forget about it until morning and then fling her haphazardly somewhere right before the kids get in the room... or say she must have been 'tired'
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Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Americans!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekending in November

This weekend:
- C had a day off so we headed to see Wonder--- SO recommend it for the 2nd grade and up crowd. She will get the book soon.

- We then headed as a family to the inaugural ride for the Polar Express in St Jacobs-- a train ride to-you guessed it- the North Pole. With a singing crew, hot chocolate and cookies, a reading of the Polar Express, carolling and a visit from Santa himself, we got right into the Christmas spirit. 

- Some sushi was next on the agenda, as A was "feeling hungry for sushi". So cute when they become little people with little minds of their own and such strong preferences- most days anyways. 

- On Saturday, I headed to hot yoga and some toy shopping at Mastermind. 20% off yo'

-  was our very first official swim meet for C- so proud of our little champion. She is 100 times better a swimmer than her mama. And the breast stroke is her very favourite stroke-- and one of the hardest IMO.

- We met friends at their house in Oakville after for a delicious dinner, wine and an imovie from the kiddos. They are obsessed and we ended up leaving their house a little before 1 that night, or should i say morning. 

- A woke up nice and unrested on Sunday morning. After skating and an unsuccessful attempt at naptime, we headed to a skating party (yep) again before we settled in for the night for some tree decorating with some takeout.

They tried to make it all as authentic as possible. 

First Santa sighting of the season.

This little one amazes me with her beautiful strong spirit. #biasedmama

I'm the only non skater in my family.

- And now my house looks like a bomb exploded. 

Happy Monday, y'all! 

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Five Friday Favourites- Kitchen Gadgets

Happy Friday, lovelies! This week has just flown by and this is only my second time blogging (slightly less than my regular paltry three lol). I thought in time for the upcoming busy cooking season, I'd highlight some of my favourite kitchen gadgets that just make life that much easier. Who knows it might even inspire you to get a present or a stocking stuffer for the sous chef or the kitchen aficionado in your life. 

This mini chopper is my very favourite and makes easy work out of all the chopping I usually do with my kitchen prep. Mine broke recently leaving a hole in the jar and it was an awkward case of putting my finger where the break was to prevent leaking :-s. And I still didn't throw it out and probably won't until I get a new one. It's THAT good. 

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

The OXO vegetable peeler makes easy work out of peeling root vegetables, carrots, celery and apples. It can also be used for cutting very thin slices of cheese  or chocolate shavings.

The  blender of all blenders (or a way of life as the commercial used to tout it), this one is not cheap but so, so useful. We purpose ours so many different ways sometimes twice a day. Definitely an investment piece but so worth it if you can swing it. 
Countertop Blender

Hi, I'm Sarita and I might be a spatula addict.  I have like three and they are usually the first things in my sink needing to be washed. I like that nothing gets wasted when I scrap my pots/dishes and they don't scrape or damage any delicate pots or dishes.  This set caught my eye in case there are any other spatula addicts out there. #callmecrazy.

My family loves a good boiled egg (and poached) and this little gadget makes easy work of it. A and I  love a soft medium boiled egg and I was constantly overboiling it. This very affordable device was definitely worth the purchase in our house. 

And finally this one. Not in our kitchen just yet but I am so intrigued with the hype around so many different uses for one device. Any instant potters out there?

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Happy weekending, friends! We might just begin Christmas-ing in this house!

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