Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekending--- the one with the broken collarbone

The before-- 
all dressed out for a night out at a gala...

Amazing treats and eats....

And then.... I snagged my heel on the side of a wooden ramp,fell  and smashed my shoulder against a post.  Man, the pain was intense and something felt very weird on my right shoulder. Not fun, friends, not fun!

And the after....
In a handmade sling, with some ice and meds in the middle of the night. The pain was awful when I moved my arm any which way.

My friend Luisa came to watch the girls on Saturday morning while D and I headed to the ER to get it checked out. While lots thought it was an AC separation, it turned out to be fractured-- a 'nice' clean bone break in my right clavicle with very limited use of my right arm.... 6 weeks recovery, fracture clinic visits and lots of physio.... the biggest thing is no driving for a while-- which is huge for my life as my kids' chauffeur these days!

The venue sent me some flowers.

My brother and his wife also came to help us this weekend so very much. They BBQ'd and the kids went in the pool....


SO this is me for the next little while....it could totally be worse!  My in-laws (praise the Lord) are coming to help us for a bit with the driving and cooking. Lots of physio and lots of rest for this arm so that the bone hopefully fuses. And lots of beachy hair as let's face it-- a blow-out needs two hands and arms :-)

( so does changing... and flossing!)

Good thing I have these!

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Favourites: Beachy Reads 2016- Wish/Get List

Disclaimer-- if you're looking for great literary suggestions to develop your character and provoke your brain, this is not the place for you today...

Summer reads-- the beachier, the better!!! A little romance, a well developed plot, strong characters and tons of fun. As I reread or lend books out, I don't mind buying a few treats for myself each summer-- better than Cheetos, no? Here are a few 2016 books on my list this summer. I   pre-ordered, want, may borrow or bought the following....

 I love, love, love me some Elin so Here's to Us was first on my pre-order list! Her characters are so well developed and her stories so thought out and reek of summer, heat and sand--- I literally count the days until I can read her books!

Emily Giffin writes books every couple years and truth be told I wasn't a fan of the plot of her last book, The One and Only.  I'm still a fan of her though so I preordered  First Comes Love. Apparently, a book about two sisters, a death and a lie, I can't wait to read it. 


 I bought The Nest this week because of the great reviews--- and also because  I got it for less than $4 CDN. I can't wait to read about the dysfunctional Plum family. Cannot wait! 

The Sweetheart Deal about a young widow, her husband's friend  and a long time pact also is interesting and it's on the list for sure!

Another author I became a fan of this year and binge read (is that a thing?),  I can't wait to get into another Liane Moriarty around mid summer. 

#dontjudge The Bachelorette is abother one of my guily summer pleasures so I feel like I owe it to the franchise to read Andi's new book. However, when I perused it at my book-store, I think it's a quick one time read so maybe I'll borrow this one.

The Nanny Diaries were a good read so I'm intrigued to see what the authors have come up with. Another borrow most likely! 

I've bought quite a few of the Lauren Weisburger books as they are such fun, dishy reads so I might be inclined to buy of borrow this one also about a tennis prodigy making some headlines. 

And this one is not from this year but I'm one of the last people on the planet reading Me Before You. I've just started it and it's a bit slow but getting more interesting.... 

If you're interested, here are some of my 2015 reads that I loved. 

Kids-- feed yourselves dinner  and put yourselves to bed from mid June--- Mommy's got some reading to do!!!

Happy weekending, friends!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Party in the vineyard- Food Truck Eats 2016

This past weekend-- called the May 24 weekend- is the unofficial start of summer here in Canada. 'Cottages are open and cases of beer are consumed by hard working Canadians' according to this website.... or in our case, wine! A few choice glasses were consumed at the Peller Estates Food Truck Eats this last Monday. Think a vineyard party complete with gourmet food trucks, different varietals of wine and live music! 

From the car-- in between two carseats as eight of us drove in together.   

Quite a few of us purchased tickets (early as at $15 an adult and $5 per kid this event sells out fast)for the family day at Peller Estates, a beautiful winery in the Niagara on the Lake region. There were about 20 different luxury food trucks and pop up vendors serving up a variety of meals for even the pickiest palate.... think mushroom poutine, ahi tuna tacos, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh oysters just to name a few tasty treats! 

 There were also 10 different varietals to choose from. And at 1 complimentary (5 oz) tasting and  $6 a glass  I didn't think it was  badly priced at all-- and  a water station with both still and sparkling #fancynancy

Of course I saved all my acrylic glasses for the pool this summer. Waste not, want not :-)

The day was beautiful....lots of blazing sun... thank goodness I listened to my friend Jenn (who told us about the event in the first place) and didn't wear jeans or leggings! 


 D and I split a strawberry balsamic ice cream-- soooo good!

I love C's expression in this shot.  Imagine if someone tried to take a bite!

Such a fun day to start the summer!!!

Bring on the heat! (and a glass or two of our favourite bevvies)

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