Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! We hope that you have a wonderful day and trip to Trinidad. We also hope the year that follows is filled with great health and happiness and lots of visits to Canada. See you in April!

All our Love from your three favourite girls and your favourite (ok, only) son-in-law

The best kind of bed

Remember when you were a kid and building a camp bed on the floor was the coolest thing ever. Take a look at our girl at our aunt's place last night. Please note that beds were actually available last night but this was the preferred alternative.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Update

  1. I've become one of those parents who is waiting in the car for their child to get up. As I type in the driver's seat parked in our garage, Anjali is in her car seat sleeping. Her nap this morning has been a bit interrupted so I want to make sure she gets some good rest in. 
  2. So busy getting ready for our trip. I've forgotten how hard it is to pack for a baby and two fashionistas. Cassia tries to help but is seriously in the way! 
  3. Only one week away from Energizer and already the offers are coming in to meet with head hunters and companies. I still don't have the desire to go back to the corporate world though. 
  4. Today was the first day that Anjali has lasted through the entire music class! She fell asleep in the waiting area right after though. 
  5. Cassia's new favourite shows are Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. I don't mind either actually as they teach girls great values like empathy, kindness, responsibility and ambition.
  6. Happy 7 months, Anjali! Post to follow shortly. 
  7. Beware- Cassia now corrects people when they call her Cassie- she says to only call her Cassia as that is her real name. I already got burnt several times. 
  8. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Then and now- Animal Prints

That was then...

Cassia- circa 2009- she probably got two trims already

and this is now!
Anjali- today

The shoes don't fit her yet.
And the hair hasn't been cut yet either. 

Good times with great friends

We're so thankful for great friends in Canada, a place where we have such limited family. It's only appropriate that we spent most of our Family Day weekend with our friends as well as our family.  We had a lovely brunch with our cousins, a "pool party" and then friends over the next day for lunch. I didn't take many shots, but here are some of my  favourites.                        

Getting ready for our road trip. She is on her best behaviour  when getting ready to go out... as trinis would say "hot foot."

Brunch at Aunty Ammie and Uncle Mo's beautiful new home.  Cassia didn't waste any time  digging into the food. 

Loves her jewelry just like her mama. We didn't realise she was so decked out until she took off her coat. 

Proof that I was there too. 

Next stop- Jo's condo in Toronto. This girl can cook!!

Tired baby!
Pool time

Sweet Everett who came to lunch with his parents. 

The kids!

Arun looks good with a baby girl! 

Anjali and Everett- engagement shot perhaps?! We would get along with the  inlaws :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Double duty high chair

Someone seems to have taken a liking to the highchair once again! They take turns now.

Winter un-blues

Ok, so I gripe about winter a lot I know... the cold, the driving, the hibernation.  Snow doesn't hold the magic for me that it once did. However,   there are some pretty cool things about the season that I love and should probably focus on- hey, YOLO is all the rage now.

  • As we are trapped indoors, we get to spend LOTS of together time as a family. Lots of movies, books, chats and meals.
  • Rosy winter cheeks
  • Red wine- nuff said... we went through most of these this winter. 
  • Snowy mornings when no one has work or school and we can curl up with toast and a steaming cup of tea (my all-time favourite breakfast)
  • Soups- I make a large batch once a week all through the fall and winter and many days, we have it for lunch. I usually rotate between chicken corn soup, hot and sour and butternut squash but ever so often I try something new. 
  • Winter scented candles like Vanilla Sugar and Cinnamon. 
  • Flannel pjs and toasty cardigans. And fleece sheets- someone in this house has likened it  to sleeping on a teddy bear. 
  • Award season- Grammys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild and Oscars-- I must admit though, now I prefer the opening monologues (great job Amy Poelar and Tina Fey!) to the fashions. 
  • My winter white coat that I pull out for special occasions. 
  • Money saved-- in the summer, lots spent on entertaining, hostess gifts and bi-weekly pedicures. (Ok, I'm grasping at straws with this one)
  • Winter break vacations.- T-minus 4 days to T&C
I'm a hat girl. 

Said Rosy Cheeks

Dressing without supervision

Yes folks, this is how my toddler dresses on a cold winter morning.

No comment. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mommy's Little Helper

Doing chores is much easier with a little helper.

Packing for T&C!! Less than a week away!

It's laundry time

Taking a break for some lunch-- green beans. Not her favourite but then again, not mine either. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Family Day!

God bless Canada for giving us Family Day in the midst of this cold weather! God also bless Canada for a year long maternity leave. We can see where our priorities as a nation lie. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful day with their families and other loved ones. 

Can you believe this is the only non professional photo we have of our little family? Note to self, not only pictures of the kids... need to take some of the adults too. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby's first tooth!

It's here... Anjali's first tooth! She has been teething for ages--- lots of drooling, gnawing and gum sensitivity. I put a bib on her and it's drenched after an hour. But this morning, like every morning, I felt her gums and sure enough, the right lower central incisor was poking out!

A bit late at almost seven months but we don't mind. This will be our last baby so I'm holding onto the "baby-ness" for as long as I can. Besides, I'd take a good night sleeper (12 hours, baby!) over anything else!

Congrats, sweet girl!

Pajama Day

My mom sent a package of stuff for us including this Ariel nightie. It is C's absolute favourite time of clothing these days and she has worn it for three days straight. I made her put on pajama pants as it is so cold. In other news, she has decreed today pajama day in this house...

Thanks Grandma for all the presents!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Update

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's week! We've been busy.

  1. Big news! I am no longer with Energizer!  Don't feel sad for me. I am affected by it as it is a life adjustment but I'm very happy to be home with my girls after my mat leave is gone and it's the best case scenario for the entire family. I am currently deciding between a few business opportunities. 
  2. We had a great Valentine's Day filled with lots of chocolate... I just had a few more pieces. Yes,  I have a problem. 
  3. Cassia had a bit of a meltdown yesterday as her dad gave me a card but not her... we were like "But Cass, you can't read!"
  4. 13 lbs down post pregnancy! However, I may have gained 5 of those back because of yesterday's shenanigans. 
  5. Anjali and Cassia are becoming fast friends--- always wanted a sister and so happy my girls have each other.
  6. To Montessori or not to Montessori-- that is the question. We are currently researching the system and interviewing schools.
  7. We have dropped Anjali's dream feed and she is sleeping like a champ from about 7 to 7.  LOVE IT!!
  8. Family Day weekend this weekend- once again packed with errands, lessons, visits to our house and to other people's homes. Should be fun!
  9. Speaking of fun- only 9 more days to sunshine in Turks & Caicos-- with this cold weather, the sunshine will be very welcome.
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Love is all around us!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. We ate our weight in chocolate! Here are some images from ours.

Whole wheat chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast. Love D's heartthrob T-shirt!

My little poser! Thanks for the dress, Uncle Din.

Ready for her dance-athon!

Happy 1st Valentine Sweet Anjali

Decked off in red!

Valentines' cookie decorating (and eating) in daycare

Our fancy Valentine meal- takeout Thai

Champagne to celebrate!

This kid danced so much her tights were ripped.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines' Eve

Valentine's eves of yesteryear were spent wrapping a present or writing a card for D. These days it's spent doing the  cards for the preschool's classmates, putting the final touches on the treat bags, assembling the teachers' gifts and getting pledges for a dance-athon! Don't worry Darin, you're still my valentine-- you can get a treat bag too.

Cassia's treatbags for her friends rock!-
Valentine themed stickers, pencils, sharpeners,  candy rockets, Smarties,   balloons, rulers.  
If only these things were around when I was a kid.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A toddler's creativity

.... never fails to impress me. Today, C is home a little under the weather. She just has a cold but when she gets very congested, her asthma flares up. Thankfully, it has only acted up twice this season but when it does,  we keep her home so that she can rest up... besides she has to get ready for her Dance-athon on Valentine's Day!

Anyways, I digress... back to creativity! Here are some images from her day of creative play.

 First she was a bride (!?)... 

 Then we snuck some TV in... I needed to tidy up after breakfast

Then she held a concert where she sang and danced

Her attentive audience

Then she became a train driver

Of course we took a snack break for these amazing two ingredient banana oatmeal cookies

Then we resumed playing- this time it was "horse spa"! She is trying to put eye makeup (fake) on her pony. 

And as a bonus, the baby was very entertained!
Told you she made me laugh!

Carnival in TNT so special to all ah we...... Best tune ever!! So happy I played mas the year this came out! 

Check it out: Carnival! I have Anjali on my lap as I am typing this and she is grooving to the music.

Happy Carnival, sweet TNT! 

Simple things brighten our days

Like these lovely dishes I picked up at Homesense to add a pop of colour to our kitchen. I plan to fill this pitcher with water a couple times a day to ensure I get my recommended daily intake... I'm a water addict though so I think I'll be fine. 

Usually, we go for the monochromatic but we love these kitschy pieces.... not all in one place of course.! 

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