Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What's Up Wednesday- October 2018

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Hello, lovelies! Here's what's going on with us...

What we're eating this week?
Monday: leftover chicken, potatoes for some of us and salad for others.
Tuesday: Ground turkey and spaghetti squash
Wednesday: I'm thinking of ordering some mexican- a fave of ours for halloween. We have a ton of leftovers though.
Thursday: I'm thinking some sort of mexican sweet potato dish
Friday: dinner with friends.
The weekend is usually filled with a hearty soup and some sort of meals out.

Low (ish) carb and low sugar with some little treats thrown in, it being Halloween and all.

What I'm reminiscing about
A little ladybug and her first halloween ever!

What I'm loving
My afternoon cup of tea with my Good Fat Bar. I actually get to sit. 

What we've been up to…
School is in full swing and extra curricular has us running around like crazy every single day of the week. It can be quite overwhelming at times... hence the 'what I'm loving'. 

Also, one of my very favourite people and I went to tea to celebrate her birthday. It was so good to catch up as always!

Also, aren't these treats cool?

What I'm dreading…
The really cold temps.... as always  and daylight savings in the evening when it's dark at 5 pm...

What I'm working on
Work's on a go slow but it's full on decluttering and purging here before the holiday season! All the bedroom and bathroom stuff done. Now we are working on getting our rec/storage/table tennis room (yep, it's all three in one) in order and getting a built in done this year hopefully.

D and I did manage to sneak out for a midweek lunch though.

What I'm excited about…
 A little holiday cheer! Divali then Christmas!

What I'm watching/reading…
This is Us, Greys' and a Million Little Things are my faves these days!

I just finished A Winter Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand.  A fun read. I can't wait for the next installment to come out. 
Winter in Paradise by [Hilderbrand, Elin]

What I'm listening to..
The Wellness Mama podcasts. So much learning but some of it a little scary. 

What I'm wearing…
 Jeans, scarves, jackets and tunics!! Fall y'all!

What I'm doing this weekend…
Not a whole lot and I'm thrilled. We've been on the go for the last few weekends and I'm hoping we can have some time to ourselves just to chill a bit and catch up on some stuff around the house. 

What I'm looking forward to next month..
My parents come to visit and a little pre Christmas cheer! 

What else is new?
This Halloween party where we busted out our costumes!

A little unicorn 

A big unicorn

A dark countess

With her pet dragon

Make your Wednesday wonderful and your Halloween soooo happy!

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Five Friday Favourites!

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It's Friday, one and all!! Can you tell it's been one of those weeks?! Here's what's been bringing some happy around here!

1- Pleased to report that apart from 1 little desk and drawer, operation bedroom and bathroom is complete!! 2 huge bags of garbage, 2 donation bags and 2 consignment bags later, we are good to go.... I feel 5 pounds lighter. Pat on my back, I'm having to purge less and less as the years go by, is almost 40 something Sarita getting a little bit wiser with her purchases?! I hope it's that and not that I'm holding onto more?

2- Speaking of cleaning, one of the best parts is finding stuff you'd given up for lost.  Likr my very favourite clothes folder! Hello, old friend! Guess what I'm doing this weekend :-D. So worth the $10!

v1 tshirt folding board t shirt folder clothes flip fold plastic flipfold laundry room organizer 23x27.5inch light blue

3- Also started using my Waterpik again after unearthing it again. The cleanest your teeth will feel without going to the dentist! Highly recommend it!!! I also add a splash of mouthwash to the water for an even more fresher feel. 

Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-660 Aquarius Water Flosser

4- Looking for unicorn makeup on Google Images unearthed this!

Image result for unicorn makeup ideas 

When I think I was looking for something more like this!


5- And finally, some funnies for your Friday!

For the grammar nazi, this will make you cringe and laugh all at the same time!

Keeping it real, my inner voice says some things sometimes ;-O

I should totally do this sometime soon!

Boom shaka-laka, lovelies! Make it an awesome one!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cold/Flu Tiny Prevention Tips

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'Tis the season! Not only for all the fun stuff but cold and flu season is upon us. Despite our most valiant efforts, we usually get a cold (or five between us) through this time of year. 

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As the kids get older and we get a bit wiser though, it's becoming less and less. Here are a few tips we use to prevent colds/flus around here:

1- Wash those hands.
The VERY first thing we do when we come in the house, is give our hands a good wash. Doesn't matter if it's from school/classes/the supermarket or just from a walk, we wash our hands. Also, I try to wash my hands before I leave the gym because of...

2- Watch those fingers
Those fingers, especially for the little ones, always rub eyes, go in the mouth or yep, even the nose! I always warn my kids not to put their hands on their face.... Also, see point #1.

3- Clean for viruses.
Those door handles, faucet pulls, chair edges and counter tops get a stronger dose of disinfection to try to control virus spread at this time of year.

Image result for cold and flu season memes

4- Eat and Sleep for Health.
Fruits and veggies for all the vitamins and antioxidants at this time of year. Smoothies for the win! Also, sleep to make sure the body is properly functioning is especially important. Apparently, exercise is also supposed to help. 

5- Echinacea and Golden Seal/Oil of Oregano
Someone already have a cold in the house? The rest of us take a little dose of either oil of oregano/echinacea. And of course, we try not to use their blankets, touch their utensils, play with their toys etc. And we all 

So these simple tips make a huge difference in our house. What are your favourite tips/tricks that work for you? 

Monday, October 22, 2018


Yay for Monday! #reallynotreally ha! I'm looking forward to getting some serious re-org here completed though so I'm looking forward to the week ahead. Here's the Cole's notes version of what we were up to:

- Friday swimming for C= grocery shopping for mama

- Headed out to dinner at a local restaurant... All the nachos and wings for dinner.

- Lots of laundry and a big batch of turkey vegetable soup made for the lunches the week ahead.

- A had her first birthday party for a friend in her new school. A Tangled themed party complete with a visit from Rapunzel

- Went to Brampton to meet two other couples for dinner

- Ended up hanging out at their house after. Came home after midnight and waaaayy past my bedtime like Cinderella. Lost no shoes in the process though.

- Another party around Sunday lunch time-- this time both girls and their dolls attended for an American Girl jewelry making party. Their friend always has the coolest birthday ideas and her party planning extraordinaire mom does the best to execute her vision!

- Headed to some family's to visit their beautiful new home, have dinner and visit with everyone.

Prayers for sweet Trinidad today as there is the worst flooding in the nation's history. So much destruction and sadness.

Have a wonderful week, lovelies!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Three things on Thursday

Yay for Thursday!!! Here's a little recap of what's going on all of us as I haven't done this in a while!


- Girlfriend's extra curricular for this year include twice weekend swimming, violin and piano from last year. She asked us to put her in martial arts so she is doing that twice a week also and an engineering coding class as well. Add that to her extra school work and it's a busy school year!

-  She is obsessed with scarves and often 'borrows' one of mine. Any idea where I can get fun girl scarves?

- C really doesn't like meat too much and feels bad for the animals and has asked if she can become vegetarian. But then she changes her mind! It's in her consciousness for sure though.


- This six year old has settled so nicely into Grade 1 at her big sister's school. C had a bit of a rough transition in Grade 1 so I'm amazed at how well A has settled in and made so many friends. Apart from her complaint that they don't do math too much, it's  good so far.

- This year's extra curricular for C has been gymnastics and music. She is obsessed with gymnastics and practises her cartwheels and all sorts of unsanctioned flips daily. We are very nervous.

- Little Miss Sass makes me take more deep breaths than anyone else in my life but maybe makes me laugh more than anyone else with her frank observations and anecdotes. Like she totally calls only children 'lonely children' and speaks about the existance of hair in your body when you are growing up... the conversations of first graders, I tell ya!!


- D has been in purge mode with his closet. Things that don't spark joy (Marie Kondo lovers would totally understand) are finding it's way into a very large donation pile. 

- As he is trying his best very successfully to kick sugar cravings, he is obsessed with Suzie's good fat bars. 

- 26 lbs down and looking good! 


- I got my eyebrows microbladed and as it's still less than 24 hours old, I know that it's a little hurt  (FOR 2 WEEKS) before the 'glory'! I'm SO nervous and I already have a little buyers' remorse! Apparently, it is common for the first two weeks.

- I'm also in purge mode and intend to sort out all my personal stuff this month. Last week was makeup, hair and toiletries. This week, it's all about beginning the closet. So much to do.

- We've been carb cycling (but with mostly clean carbs)  with vegetarian protein after going full on low carb for the longest while. My body seems to really love it after eating higher protein for the last few months. 

Have a wonderful day, lovelies!

Monday, October 15, 2018

A fun fall weekend!

Happy Monday, friends and random family members. Here's what we were up to on this unusually cold October weekend:

- Swimming for C on Friday followed by pizza (caulicrust for the adults), salad and a Bollywood movie at home. 

- Laundry, TV and chores on Saturday am.

- A  butter tart festival after lunch in Paris, Ontario with another family. Think lots and lots of butter tarts, food trucks, artisan crafts and fall fun. It was SO cold and SO crowded. We busted out our winter gear and three out of the four of us wore two layers. 

- Then, we went to a farm and to apple picking after. The kids had so much fun with the activities, we ran out of apple picking time so I let them walk through one lane and pick a couple.

- Headed to a tavern to dinner and to warm up.

- Tried a new vegan restaurant for lunch on Sunday with a friend and her family. It was delicious!

- Such a crisp fall day, so we went for a walk to the park  and some play after. 

- Visited our niece to drop off some stuff after before coming home for dinner and watching our new family obsession, sugar rush!

Vegan and so delicious!

See the little fairy house? 

Make your Monday marvelous!

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