Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wino Wednesday- My kind of summer white!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Usually I do my weekly Everyday in 2014 post on a Wednesday but I thought it might be cool to switch it up a bit-- this time for a topic very near and dear to my heart--- wine :-) So on this fine Wednesday in July, I'm linking up with Amanda of Kids and Cabernet (totally cool  blog name by the way) for my very first Wino Wednesday.

Kids and Cabernet

My peeps who know me know that I'm a huge fan of delicious wine. I usually have a couple glasses throughout the weekend-- and I could be persuaded to have at other times as well. Darin's the wine expert, I love a nice medium bodied reds like a malbec or cabernet sauvignon but I like my whites light, crisp and dry. These days I am loving a good sauvignon blanc.

When I saw this Francois Lurton Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc, I knew it was a must try. First of all, the sauvignon blanc originated in Bordeaux in the 1600's-- who knew? Then, it was cheap-- only $11.95 in Canada so I assume it's way cheaper in the US.  It did not disappoint-- very dry with citrusy undertones--- almost a grapefruit or lemon finish which to me is very refreshing for the summer. I had it with a seafood stirfry the first time and then I saved the rest for a rice noodle mint shrimp salad the second. 

Here are the winemaker's notes:
 This subtle wine will surprise you with its aromatic bouquet and complexity on the palate Thanks to its perfectly balanced acidity, iy leaves a lasting impression of delicacy and fruit. This easy to drink wine is delicious with grilled fish, shellfish or on its own as an aperitif. 

I would definitely buy this wine again. A great summer sipper. 

PS. Although this looks like a sangria, it's just white wine with some frozen grapes in it to keep it cold  in the summer heat without altering the taste. The wine infused grapes are also delicious after!

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