Tuesday, April 28, 2020

What's Up Wednesday, April 2020

Hello last Wednesday in April of our new normal! Here's what's been going on in these parts in our efforts to make every day seem not like Groundhog Day!!

, What’s Up Wednesday {12.18.19}

What we're eating this week?

Old tried and true comfort foods mixed in with new recipes, all the while  while trying to get fruits and veggies in and use things in the pantry so we head to the grocery every 10-17 days. 

Monday: Lentil soup with all the veggies in the world and frozen leftover turkey. 
Tuesday: sada roti with fried cabbage and salted cod with tomato
Wednesday: butter chicken with veggies, salad and rice. Cauliflower rice for me. 
Thursday: udon noodles with tofu
Friday: either Finger Food Friday or BBQ

Here are  some of the creations lately.
Sushi bowls for the win.

Shrimp and crab cakes with an asian slaw. (doesn't look that great but oh boy were they great)

Flourless oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. 

Homemade granola.

What I'm reminiscing about
Other springs when things were different...it's warming up more and more though so that's good!

What I'm dreading
I think what we're all dreading... that this disease takes longer than they are anticipating.

What I'm loving
Duolingo.... I'm going old school baby French and really enjoying it. I also really love my quiet mornings with no rush to get everything done....

What I've been up to…
Cleaning/Organising all these little neglected areas in the house. Lots of satisfaction there.

What I'm working on

Homeschooling these critters. They require lots of attention in different ways and some days it is satisfying but others it just saps all of my energy. I'm sick of hearing myself talk. 

Clearly, they love it as much as I do ....

What I'm excited about…
I kinda like this pantry shopping, menu organising, grocery planning  and using lots of different things to create our meals and cater to our household needs. 

What I'm watching/reading…
The Resident, The View, Live with Kelly and Ryan (so refreshing), American Idol and The Masked Singer (with the family) and of course, the news.

What I'm listening to..

Once again, the news... oh and my kids bicker. They will either be best friends or worst enemies at the end of Covid 19. 

What I'm wearing…
No makeup and it is glorious!! All the leggings and tops in the world. 

What I'm doing this weekend…
There will be  baking, wine, food, family, books and TV. D and I started to watch some old rom coms. Last weekend was When Harry Met Sally and Peggy Sue Got Married. 

Also, we've taken to doing a proper Sunday Lunch (Trinidadians would know what I'm talking about) followed by a Bollywood movie just like they would have in tnt when we were growing up. My kids are aghast at the thought of three hour movies in another language. 

What I'm looking forward to next month? 

Warmer temps and my boy's birthday!!!

What else is new?
We opened the pool early this year and it's really nice to look at!

So that's what's been going on.... Hope you have a wonderful day, lovelies. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

What's the same vs what's different?

I got this idea from Sarah the other day and wanted to do a "state of the nation" if you will about what's been going on here... our new normal seems to be continuing longer than we thought it would with no real end in the foreseeable future to be honest. Here's what's different vs what's still the same:

What's the same?

- I get out of my pjs everyday. I'm not a stay in pjs all day gal. 

- We still try to eat as many as those fruits and veggies as possible. If anything, my kiddos are eating more veggies than ever before as they eat more meals at home....

- Exercise is still a  part of my life (for my sanity). I do live classes via Zoom with my F45 crew almost daily. My kids and I also take a walk most days. 

-  My kids still have their music classes, albeit virtually and I still nag them to practise. 

- I give my kids "extra" work as usual... Singapore Math and curriculum books are still key here.

- I still blowout my hair (albeit not as fastidiously) as I feel so much better when my hair isn't frizzy. I also pay attention to my skin and teeth carefully. Ain't nobody want a cavity now! 

What's new?

- My kids slowly stumble out of bed. Bedtime is later and not as forcefully enforced and if I'm totally honest, I don't actively wake them up as I enjoy some solitude.

- Instead of one cup of tea in the am, it's now two cups. 

-  No cleaning lady coming here these days so we all take it day by day and if something needs a scrub/wash, it gets done. 

- We watch/read way too much news here. 

- No makeup, no problem!

- There are screens during the week here. Too many. I'll allow it. 

- Trying out lots of new recipes and revisiting old favourites. Oh and the adults eat carbs these days--- and sugar! 

I tried Indian pulao for the first time yesterday.

- C is also becoming quite the baker and cook. She made homemade custard the other days 

-  Lots more game nights and family doodling time! 

- Homeschooling my seven year old might do me in. 

- D works from home as much as he can. On the days, he has to go in the hospital there is more anxiety but then again, that has become the new normal. 

This has been an awfully tumultuous time here. My mom is a front worker in NYC and was diagnosed positive a couple weeks ago. She has had moderate symptoms and though she is slowly improving and has been able to stay at home so far, it has been such an uphill battle with many not so great days. My dad is seventy and they're still in the same house though trying to isolate from each . They didn't want to test him but there's an almost certainty that he's gotten it.  Thank God that so far he is still asymptomatic but the way this thing is working, you don't know. 

So yeah, there are off days here. And we have to make sacrifices. But it's simply and absolutely nothing compared to what these front line workers,  hospitalised patients and families are going through. So for all our sakes friends, and as much as possible, please, please stay home. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Our Quarantin-Easter

Just popping by to say hi and to showcase our subdued but wonderful Easter activities from last weekend. 

Friday was all birthday fun... to be captured in another post. 

My friend, Jenn and her kids send a little package of cookies and icing. The girls were their best selves decorating these cookies with way too much icing!!!

We followed this by a very long walk on Saturday and a Zoom family party. 

Before all this craziness really started to take off, our local chocolatier did some at home deliveries so the girls' baskets were chockful of confections. 

The Easter bunny did a great job hiding all of those eggs in the house. I couldn't find many of them. 

The rest of the family made a late breakfast as dinner was mostly me. 

We watched a Bollywood family movie which took up most of the day and then I began dinner. As I was shopping in my pantry, it was a bit of a hodge podge of turkey breast, gravy lentils, root vegetables au gratin, green peas and corn, green beans, a beet salad and C tried her hand at a corn bread. 

I even put on a dress and makeup for the occasion. 

My kids didn't get Easter dresses this year but we tried our best to put on our most spring attire!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend focused on family, togetherness, hope and beauty... and mini eggs.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Not Just A Mom- Cleaning Routine


Here we are once again for  our Not Just a Mom link up. Last link up was right before all of this Covid craziness. Funny how things can change in just over a month.

There's lots of (weird ) routine these days but there's something so different about these times.  Instead of talking about a cleaning routine today, I figured I would talk about those random nooks in the house that need to be cleaned. I've been tackling some of these to bring some order into my life in what feels like a very disorderly world.

  • Coffee Table drawers
  • Kids' Clothes- donate, sort and keep. Sidenote, keep until ready to donate. Apparently the donation bins in Canada have been overflowing.
  • Kids' Books- what have they outgrown
  • Winter gear sort out
  • Laundry cupboard organising (bonus: I found disposable gloves and 2 full containers of Lysol wipes)
  • Wiping out and sanitizing the cupboard that holds the compost and recycling bins
  • Kids' work/art cupboard- so many papers to toss, pencils to sharpen
  • Kids' craft supplies.
  • Toys! My kids hardly play with 3/4 of their toys anymore. 
  • Gift supplies- Wrap, Bags and tissue paper
  • Front Console- drawers and cupboard
  • Shoes
  • Socks-- we have way too many one sided socks; time to toss lots
  • Bathroom cupboards
  • Wiping the tops of fridges and cupboards
  • Throwing out old medicine
  • Sorting through candles (boy do I have a lot)
  • Pantry-- added bonus, shopping from the pantry
  • Fridges/freezer cleanout
  • Kid's memory boxes
  • Medicine Cabinet (sorting out expired meds)
Note, I haven't done half of these yet and I take things day by day but hope to in due course.  It helps us to feel a little bit better about our home whilst making me feel in control.

What random areas in your house have you been cleaning?

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Friday, April 10, 2020


C was born on Good Friday and now we are back to her birthday on a Good Friday, full circle. It certainly was a Good Friday for our family!

If I could freeze time and capture C right as she is at this moment, I would certainly do it. Ten has been such a wonderful age for my beautiful girl.

C is tender hearted, sweet and helpful. She has a tender heart and a determined spirit. We have the best conversations and I love hearing her political, social and introspective insights.  She is a peace maker like her mama and a critical thinker like her dad. 

This has been a year filled with  wonderful learning and growing for C. I'm seeing such strides in her learning. She is really wanting those good grades and working so hard towards them.There's a big push at the end of her swim races to beat that personal best time and to place. She is also calm and tries her best presenting and performing (her violin) in public for for adjudication, something a lot of adults still struggle with. She is obsessed with skiing and loved this winter!

C is such an easy kid. She can make her meals, clean up after herself and entertains herself well. A book and a snack and she will be AWOL for hours! 

C is always up for a good time and lots of laughs. She keeps me current with life 'hacks' from Youtube, the most popular music and what's 'in' and 'out'.  She is obsessed with baking shows and is always wanting to try a new experiment in the kitchen. She made her first three course dinner for the family with no help!

Here are the questions I usually ask her on her birthday. They have begun to get very excited over this little tradition of ours. 

Favourite colour?

And your favourite food?
 Chicken Alfredo

Who is your hero?
You and daddy ... super cliche 

What do you like to do the most?
(nothing new here)

Most beloved Movie? 
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
(last year's answer as well)

Who is your Best friend? 

What's your Favourite thing about A
She's very flexible

What's your favourite thing about  mommy?
You're the fun parent now and you give good hugs

What's your favourite thing about Daddy? 
I like how he plays soccer with us.

What book do you like best? 
Percy Jackson or Keeper of the Lost Cities

What's your favourite fruit ?
Green Apples

What's your favourite TV show? 
Zumbo's Just Desserts

What's your favourite thing to wear? 
I like wearing jumpsuits

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
AN architect

What's your favourite drink?

Your best song is? 
You Say by Lauren Daigle

And your favourite game?
I like playing Minecraft

What's your favourite animal?  
Kimodo Dragos

What don't you like to do?
Cleaning the kitchen (after she makes a huge mess cooking or baking)

What do you want for your birthday? 
New Garmin.

When C found out she was having a quarantine birthday,  though initially a little bummed, she is determined to have the best day planning it out with her favourite foods, no school work (ha!), and a movie in the night. True to form, she knows how to make lots of delicious lemonade with any lemons she may have in her possession. She is now super stoked for her special day. Don't worry, C! Mama's got your back. 

Happy #11, kid! You're now officially allowed to call yourself a pre-teen. 
May you never lose that sparkle in your spirit and that joy in your heart! 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Currently- April 2020

Who new that for this month's currently, we'd be living in bizarro land!In the meanwhile as we navigate through all this uncertainty and stillness, I'm linking up with Anne for a little Currently in April!

Sharing: all my time and space it seems like and I do like a bit of solitude and I get it usually during the weekday. These past few weeks, it seems like everyone is around always and though there are so many beautiful moments, I do crave some solitude. I've been going to bed later than usual to get that.

Writing: lists and more lists!! I do a list for the kiddos every am and for myself. I also do a weekly meal planning list, a running grocery list for when I do a bulk grocery online order and  a clean up the house list.

Wishing: that this Covid 19 scariness finishes sooner rather than later and people just listen and follow protocol and advice. 

Investigating: what I can do to make a certain soon to be eleven year old's birthday extra special next week. Any advice would be so appreciated!!

Buying: boy have my grocery patterns changed!!! I used to go about 2-4 times a week and now we waste nothing-- even the stalks of kale and cilantro get put into stuff!! I do a bulk grocery order every week or so now. This week after my bulk order (as I didn't get a lot of stuff), I did venture into a local grocer for the first time in weeks and it was so nerve wracking. The plan is to eat what we have, maybe use the local delivery service for fruits and veggies and not go anywhere for the next 10 plus days.  In the interim, we are eating a lot more complex carbs, less meat and more immunity building foods. At the end of this, I'd probably be able to wallpaper with lentils!!! 

And because we all need some smiles, here you go friends.... some Covid funnies.

Covid Knight - Imgflip

How many of you guys have more snacks in the house than before? 

Img 2013

10 COVID-19 Memes that will Bring a Smile to Your Face ...

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Coronavirus looking at your Bath & Body Works hand- and-sanitizer made of 10% alcohol and 90% glitter.'

Image may contain: text

Stay safe and stay home, friends!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How Well Do you Know Me?

How well does your family know you? Well after these next few months, we as a family will know each other a whole lot better! I saw this on a friend's FB page and asked my family to play along...

How tall am I?
D- 5' 7"
C- 5' 6" and 7/8's 
A- Like 5' 6" something.
(My family does know my height quite well)

What's my favorite thing to eat?
D- Insert carb here and buljol (think of a salted cod poke)
C- Oysters
A- Peanut butter
(all staples in my diet)

What is something I say a lot?
D- I'm always cleaning up behind you guys
C- I talk too much to you guys
A- But first, do your list (in these times, I make a list for them and they have to finish it)

(Haha, all of the above is true. )

What do I do when I’m not with you?
D-  talk to all your family on Facetime... simultaneously, workout and work. 
C- You're with us all the time now. (so true, ha!!)
A- Book club or bingo

What is my favorite movie?
D- When Harry met Sally 

C- The Sound of Music
A- The Wishing Tree
(none of the above, family)

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?
D- Right now... hello? Stay home!
C- Greece... again. 
A- Paris

(D is so right... at least right now anyways!)

How do I annoy you?
D- You stopped the wet towel on the bed but there's something still... I have to think about that one....
C- You don't annoy me...
A- When you scream out my name

What is my favorite TV show?
D- Do I need to pick one? The Bachelor, A Million Little Things, Grey's Anatomy.
C- Station 19, A Million Little Things, Grey's Anatomy, This is Us, The Bachelor, DTWS.... you have a lot of favourites (ha, so true, kiddo)
A- Grey's Anatomy or Station 19.

(My family knows my selections well)

You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
D- Petal
C- I dunno, I don't want to know
A- I dunno

What do I hate?
D- When your  best friends disappoint you. 
C- When A talks meanly
A- When C or me don't listen
(again, all true)

What’s my favorite drink?
D- A  pineapple express. 
C- Water
A- Water

What's my shoe size?
D- 7
C- Size 8?
A- 5 maybe 6
(they are all wrong, it's 8.5)

Describe me in 3 words.
D- Why do I feel the future of my marriage depends on these three words?Dedicated, trustworthy and beautiful. 
C- You're my mom... 
A- Smart, Strict, Sweet (Awwww kiddo)

(sidenote, not a most recent pic, this was in the good old days when restaurants were a thing!)

How well does your family know you? Stay safe and stay home, friends!

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