Tuesday, April 21, 2020

What's the same vs what's different?

I got this idea from Sarah the other day and wanted to do a "state of the nation" if you will about what's been going on here... our new normal seems to be continuing longer than we thought it would with no real end in the foreseeable future to be honest. Here's what's different vs what's still the same:

What's the same?

- I get out of my pjs everyday. I'm not a stay in pjs all day gal. 

- We still try to eat as many as those fruits and veggies as possible. If anything, my kiddos are eating more veggies than ever before as they eat more meals at home....

- Exercise is still a  part of my life (for my sanity). I do live classes via Zoom with my F45 crew almost daily. My kids and I also take a walk most days. 

-  My kids still have their music classes, albeit virtually and I still nag them to practise. 

- I give my kids "extra" work as usual... Singapore Math and curriculum books are still key here.

- I still blowout my hair (albeit not as fastidiously) as I feel so much better when my hair isn't frizzy. I also pay attention to my skin and teeth carefully. Ain't nobody want a cavity now! 

What's new?

- My kids slowly stumble out of bed. Bedtime is later and not as forcefully enforced and if I'm totally honest, I don't actively wake them up as I enjoy some solitude.

- Instead of one cup of tea in the am, it's now two cups. 

-  No cleaning lady coming here these days so we all take it day by day and if something needs a scrub/wash, it gets done. 

- We watch/read way too much news here. 

- No makeup, no problem!

- There are screens during the week here. Too many. I'll allow it. 

- Trying out lots of new recipes and revisiting old favourites. Oh and the adults eat carbs these days--- and sugar! 

I tried Indian pulao for the first time yesterday.

- C is also becoming quite the baker and cook. She made homemade custard the other days 

-  Lots more game nights and family doodling time! 

- Homeschooling my seven year old might do me in. 

- D works from home as much as he can. On the days, he has to go in the hospital there is more anxiety but then again, that has become the new normal. 

This has been an awfully tumultuous time here. My mom is a front worker in NYC and was diagnosed positive a couple weeks ago. She has had moderate symptoms and though she is slowly improving and has been able to stay at home so far, it has been such an uphill battle with many not so great days. My dad is seventy and they're still in the same house though trying to isolate from each . They didn't want to test him but there's an almost certainty that he's gotten it.  Thank God that so far he is still asymptomatic but the way this thing is working, you don't know. 

So yeah, there are off days here. And we have to make sacrifices. But it's simply and absolutely nothing compared to what these front line workers,  hospitalised patients and families are going through. So for all our sakes friends, and as much as possible, please, please stay home. 


  1. Ooh I'm sorry about your parents. That must be scary! I do see many things that have changed but also things stay the same, which is comforting, of course.

  2. It is an interesting time for sure. I know how you feel about all of this. How terrible for your parents, the situation in NY just seems terrible, I hope it is improving and that your mom fully recovers soon.

  3. Screen time has been an all time high - for everyone I think! I'm not a stay in PJ's kind of person either!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston


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