Thursday, April 16, 2020

Our Quarantin-Easter

Just popping by to say hi and to showcase our subdued but wonderful Easter activities from last weekend. 

Friday was all birthday fun... to be captured in another post. 

My friend, Jenn and her kids send a little package of cookies and icing. The girls were their best selves decorating these cookies with way too much icing!!!

We followed this by a very long walk on Saturday and a Zoom family party. 

Before all this craziness really started to take off, our local chocolatier did some at home deliveries so the girls' baskets were chockful of confections. 

The Easter bunny did a great job hiding all of those eggs in the house. I couldn't find many of them. 

The rest of the family made a late breakfast as dinner was mostly me. 

We watched a Bollywood family movie which took up most of the day and then I began dinner. As I was shopping in my pantry, it was a bit of a hodge podge of turkey breast, gravy lentils, root vegetables au gratin, green peas and corn, green beans, a beet salad and C tried her hand at a corn bread. 

I even put on a dress and makeup for the occasion. 

My kids didn't get Easter dresses this year but we tried our best to put on our most spring attire!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend focused on family, togetherness, hope and beauty... and mini eggs.

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