Sunday, January 31, 2016

Well hello again!!!

Oh my, January…. how you've flown. Let me tell you, this moving saps your energy and life force--- oh yeah it does! Even when you do TONS of unpacking before the move date, hang up your crap, light your candles and try your very best to make your house a home, there are some things you just can't do yourself…. like make HOT WATER flow through your taps (and put in a furnace), fix this slow internet, install a gas line for your stove and detach your three year old who is now clinging to you for dear life, sneaking into your bed at night and panicking when you leave the room. Yes friends, it's been a treat. 

But focus on the happy we shall and here's what's been happy around here

My birthday was the day after the move and I was so, so tired that I postponed gift shopping in lieu of a nap (I never do that, I was totally beat). I also kept my promise not to unpack a single thing the day of my birthday.  I did manage to sneak in a blow out and Sephora birthday freebie in. My mom and my brother and his fam were also around to celebrate with us and help with all the stuff going on that weekend. The whole family went out to lunch, Darin took me out to dinner and there was cake for all at the end…. All in all a lovely day.

 Yeah, there's a knife on the table and three kids. Such diligent grown ups around.

All titles I cherish most in my life (my sister in law also gave me a beautiful card which arrived later on)

It was great having my mom around for a few days as well. I enjoyed her company and all the help. We also headed to Toronto to celebrate my brother's birthday with him a few days later and my sister in law cooked up a storm and sent us home with lots of leftovers (we still don't have a stove)

No hot water= bumming dinner and showers off your friends. Lots of playtime for the kiddos.

Skiing is so much fun for this little one!
And although I've been very good this week about keeping my sugar tooth in check-- weekends are totally about treats- no? (only one of these is mine but I might have sampled the rest also)
Have a wonderful week friends. I have high hopes that mine will include a few more boxes unpacked, hot water and a stove! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Currently--- oh and happy birthday, me!

It's my birthday! And we're moved in!  Two check marks all at ones.

I love to do these currently posts on my birthday. It's fun to look back at last year's and see how things are changed.


thinking | that's I'm a more adult adult (if that makes sense) after this move- there was so much we got done.
drinking | I need to drink some more water but I'm seriously running around so much, I'm not getting a chance to... Oh and I'm drinking at least a coffee a day! That's huge for me as I'm usually a tea drinker but I'm finding I'm needing that jolt!
reading | nothing too much since I've been so busy. But when I get a chance I want to continue my Marie Kondo book. 
loving | how my girls are sleeping in the same bed. A gets about 1/4 and C gets 3/4
wanting | some more green in my life and in the new house. 
looking | well we were trying to get caught up on How to Get Away with Murder and Nashville but my brother disconnected the basement TV for us- little did we know that it held the main PVR so all my shows got erased. #firstworldproblems. We were so busy night and day for the past few days thought that we wouldn't have been watching TV anyways.
listening | If I needed you by Joey and Rory. Their story breaks my heart and inspires me all at once. And my kids LOVE it. Especially A.
remembering | when I brought my babies home to my old house... such a special house and time....
trying | not to lose it through all the moving stuff. I have my moments though... Like yesterday when I went through the Tim Hortons' drive thru, paid for my stuff and drove right through without collecting it only to realise I forgot when my kid asked for her soup. Yep #losingit. 
wishing | for some very good R&R sometime real soon.
planning | our plan for our new home-- short term and long term.
enjoying | purging my stuff! And writing this post- I've missed you guys!
day dreaming | of all the happy memories we've made in our old house. Such a lovely home!
waiting | (not so patiently) for the new house to be painted, my backsplash to be done, my hot water to be fixed, my stove to be installed and the unpacking to be done--- I won't lie--- we've made some awesome progress! 
liking |  a homemade deodorant D's cousin gifted me for Christmas. 4 ingredients and it works!!
wondering |  how long I can get away with only using my slow cooker/oven... We have NO stove.
needing | to start back my total clean eating--- Mexico is coming up and I'm NOT ready! 
wearing | lots of leggings and tunics- so easy to move around in. And fleece leggings that I got for Christmas!
noticing | that I did 19400 steps yesterday with all the moving stuff! And that's with no workout. 
starting | to get excited about making our new home a home
pinning | nothing... but I will begin to pin slow cooker stuff.
smelling | not one thing. I have my usual January cold.
thanking | God for a beautiful, bountiful year.

Pretty low key birthday planned with family. I'm seriously so tired I didn't want to go out. D and I go to dinner for a bit though and oh yeah,  word on the street is that I get chocolate truffle cake!


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My little mom confessions

Part one was so much fun, I had to do it again! Here are a few of the things you may/may not know about me:

+ I always try to be a little healthy/limit my fried/creamy carbs when we eat out but I sneak more than my share of fries/creamy pasta off my kids plate. Kinda defeats the purpose, no?

+ I have tons of crafts for my kids to do and they have tons of fun doing it but I don't really sit and do it with them. I always think of the thousand more things I could be doing with that time!

+ I have a problem with people not picking up after themselves or their kids when they come to my house-- I'm your host, not your maid.

+ I limit my kids' sugar but I've been known to eat more than my share--- usually sneakily!

+ When they were younger, I totally let my kids use my phone in restaurants to buy myself some time... whatever works right?  

+ I hate to be late, hate, hate, hate it... but because of that, I'm always rushing, rushing, rushing to get to places on time-- especially school! And I might 'raise my voice' on 'occasion' to get my kids to comply. (As a sidenote though, the only time C ever got a late slip was when D dropped her to school)

+ When it's naptime, I 'accidentally' skip pages in a book or choose a really short book. When my kid chooses books like "Dragons Love Tacos", I cringe. 

+ Speaking of naptime, I love naptime--- it's an hour or more of free time to do what I need to do! C napped 'til she was almost five and a half and A's just about done with naps and begun skipping them but I'm holding on for dear life! 

And there you have it friends! T-minus two days 'til moving but you can bet that I'm coming back to read those confessions! Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Three year Blogiversary!

I'm emerged from moving mania for a quick break to shout out my awesome friends(bloggy and otherwise) and  family for being around for three years with me! You guys are the GREATEST! 

Here are the five top posts from my last year.... like old school days/beauty pageants (in ascending order)

You guys loved when I shared my not so proud mom confessions.

Christmas decor! Yes please-- I enjoy other people's decorations too, obvs! 

Target is my jam and I've even made a special one day trip to the US for it last year... My favourite target stuff post was right up there too!

We all love lazy hair tips!

And my number one post for 2015 (and ever) was the Lady Bug Caprese Bites (thanks Div)! It's my most pinned post too!

Cheers guys! Thank you so much for reading, the comment love and all the kind words you all cyber send my way. I started this blog as I wanted to capture all the sweet stuff that my little ones were doing and three years later, here we are!

Have an amazing week! T minus 4 days til' moving!!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello again, friends...

I've been scarce I know. The good news is only 8 more days of this moving madness! The even better news is that for the most part (apart from the totally essential essentials) we are all done with the packing. The BEST news is that we've actually begun unpacking--- kitchen today. Stuff is also getting done-- like trim, counter tops and painting.... so while I thought this time would be super stressful, I'm actually allowing myself to get just a tiny bit excited as well!

In the meanwhile, just a few photos from everyday life...

Took a quick break from all the mayhem to go on a lunch date with my sweet girl!

Cleaning out the freezer involves eating out the freezer--- chicken samosas #yumminess

Konmari-ing my three year old's pajamas--- at last count she had 32!! Seriously, who has more pajamas than days in the month?? Between, hand me downs gifts and the matching ones I buy for my kids- things got seriously out of hand

D and I bought ourselves a faucet for our kitchen  and a quick sushi dinner

A little caffeine and time to myself. #nomakeup #needsome

First we're selling the fridge... then we're not... then we're selling the one in the new house. Fun times

But no matter what, we are still finding time to party like the rockstars we really are :-)

Cheers, friends!!

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