Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's me and my new year resolution's'

It's a little late I know but I totally love Andrea's Show & Tells so I wanted to squeeze this one in… 

Who am I?

For those who are new, I'm Sarita. I was born and I grew up in Trinidad, a Caribbean island. I loved life there, my family, my friends, my job and the very warm weather…. but then I met a boy (another Trinidadian) who was about to migrate to Canada again-- this time for good. So in a way I followed him... after a long distance relationship year #reallynotreally. I did my MBA up in Canada for two years full time and when I graduated, we got married. Three years later Cassia was born, three years after that ca and three years after that, here we are.

 I started this blog when A was almost six months old as a way to remember all the small stuff my kids were doing and we wanted to capture. Most of my family doesn't live in Canada so the blog also a way for them to get caught up with the girls, their milestones and their activities. My biggest feat to date is raising two strong, smart girls who believe that the world is theirs to OWN… Hence the blog name… it's my girls' world

Oh and I also share recipes, tips and tricks and all the other little bits and pieces of our life :-)

So before I get into 2016, I thought I would shamefully recap my 2015 resolutions and where I stand with them:

 + clean out my basement--- done, done and totally done as we were selling our home

introduce C to some charity work--- this did not come into fruition, through NO lack of trying on my side. Everywhere we asked, you had to be eight---I think it's because that's when they say that kids develop a sense of empathy. I'll try again in 2017!

Develop my green thumb inside the house-- I was all set to do it before the end of the year and then we decided to move so now we wait until the new house.

So as I tend to like crossing things off a list- I only do a few new year resolutions that requires some  sort of work but are attainable . 2016 will hopefully bring:

a smooth, seamless move to our new home… who are we kidding?! No move is seamless but I'm going to try my very best not to get stressed out by all of the stuff, the unpacking, the packing, the purging and the work being done. I am already sensing some unravelling at the seams and I just want to get through this month…. and this year, no worse for the wear. And I don't want to find a ton of unpacked boxes by the end of 2017!

- Continue with some Marie Kondo Decluttering and Tidying Up. I started and began implementing and LOVED it so I definitely hope to continue the purging and organising in 2016!

and of course...
that green thumb inside the house finally!!!

So yeah, pretty simple but fingers crossed for it all getting done!
2016 is going to be epic!


  1. Although not new here, I loved your Intel. Good luck on the move and I hope everything goes well!! Xx

  2. That amazes me that you have to be 8 to do charity work! You would think they would welcome younger children. Oh, well.. something t oadd to the list next year ; )

  3. Your move will go smooth and everyone will transition wonderfully- Im sending you good vibes :)

  4. Loved hearing your back story! My sister did a work placement in Trinidad and loved it there.

  5. I have read your blog before, but I never realized you were from Trinidad! How cool! I am looking into the Konmari method for organizing our home, which is one of my 2016 resolutions!

  6. Good luck with the move and your resolutions! You can do it! I think this may be the first move ever where we actually unpacked every single box. Usually there's that last miscellaneous one floating around that just gets shoved in a closet ;)

  7. Happy 2016 to you and yours! Those are some fab resolutions!

  8. Loved reading your back story, I didn't know some of that.

    So if you figure out how to keep a house plant alive please let me know, okay?! I can grow beautiful gardens. House plants, not so much.

  9. Looks like some good goals for the year. An I ordered my book so I'm looking forward to organizing and decluttering myself. Happy New Year!


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