Friday, May 28, 2021

May Favourites!

Happy last Friday in MAY!!! It's been a long month, filled with home schooling, parenting, indoor and outdoor stuff, a very big little celebration and I am spent! I miss my little blogging space though. Here are a few little highlights:

1- First off, guess who is finally vaccinated?! I waited my proper turn in queue but it was taking extra long and I was experiencing vaccine jealousy LOL so I headed to a mass vaccination clinic in Mississauga to expedite it (with my 21 yo niece in tow). Special thanks to Abby, one of A's school friends' moms who told me about it.  I'm slowly getting calls now for local shots (I did the day I got my vaccine as well but decided to go to the one I was scheduled for as it would be a long time before my niece would have been called).  I did not respond too well as I had some minor flu symptoms but I'm still so thrilled to have gotten it and being one step closer to normalcy.

2- It's planting season... this year I did my usual plethora of herbs and also kale, lettuce, spinach, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, loads of peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumber. It has been so cold these last few nights though, I really hope my plants survive it...I've covered them but who know?!

2- Mother's Day brought lots of spoiling with beautiful flowers and presents, a little down time, brunch, a family walk and my favourite dinner (king crab legs)

Sidenote, a certain eight year old "picked" these red tulips from the neighbour's yard.

D knocked it out of the park with the most beautiful flowers

4- Pool season is here... well it was, ha! It's so cold today!

One of those rare moments mama got in..... few and far between.

5- Hitting those trails still... now more than ever.

6- It's snuggle season with the most beloved pet in the history of the world... lol, everyone says that about their pets... and kids, ha!

7- And finally, our very favourite turned the big 5-0!!!! It was a low key celebration just like the birthday boy wanted it with a family blessing in the morning with a priest, his family, his mom and my mom, presents,  takeout, a neighbourhood walk by to bring him a drink and many cakes!! A couple family members also surprised him with a takeout meals! Such a great idea for lockdown in Ontario.

One of the many bottles he received from very generous loved ones!

I ordered the very best mango mousse as well as a few other treats as when I asked him what flavour of cake he wanted, he asked how much was he allowed to have..... many, my dear but in teeny tiny quantities.

A feminist, a fairy and their father!

And that's a wrap for May!!!

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