Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What's Up Wednesday- November 2020

Hello, lovelies and yay for the Wednesday before American Thanksgiving!! It feels like my very favourite time of the year is finally here though it's looking different this year. Here's what we are up to...

, What’s Up Wednesday {04.29.20}

What we're eating this week:

Monday: roasted chicken, salad and potatoes for the kids

Tuesday: fish tacos

Wednesday: leftover chilli 

Thursday: I usually do a Thanksgiving lite in honour of our American neighbours and my family. I'm thinking of a couple turkey legs, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls,  brussel sprouts and a caesar salad. 

Friday: turkey day leftovers! 

Last year's American Thanksgiving! My familyloves it. 

What I'm reminiscing about:

Christmases past with my parents/parents in law coming to visit, Christmas get-togethers with family/friends and holiday parties. It will be a very different Christmas for us for sure but I think it will be super special in its own right. 

What I'm dreading:

Dog walks in the cold. So far it hasn't been too bad but we take the pup out at least twice a day for a short walk... I put on a Christmas playlist and enjoy the sunshine and the puppy adventures. As the temps get colder, it won't be as fun.

Our first big snowfall of the season was this week....

What I'm loving:

We have mostly finished our Christmas decorating and I'm loving how cozy our home is.

What we've been up to

We got our Peloton bike and I thought I was somewhat fit but man these classes are kicking my sore behind. Love the mix of strength and cardio! Peloton owners, who are your faves?

What I'm working on

All things Christmas... wanting to make this Christmas special for the girls without being excessive. Keeping things simple as this year at home makes me want to minimize the plastic and the stuff and get them things that they will use but will have fun with as well. 

What I'm excited about

This holiday season. Lots of home time and so much love. 

What I'm watching/reading

We have been watching shows as a family. Yay for Kaitlyn winning DWTS-- I watched her on The Bachelorette and she's wanted to be on DWTS for so long... she got her chance and killed it! I got emotional a bit when she won! 

Our family also watches the Voice, The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice. 

I'm finding also that my Prime Time Dramas are doing a wonderful job dealing with the pandemic. Shout out especially to Grey's Anatomy. My mom (an ICU nurse) has described life in the hospital and as a Covid survivor the very same way that they have been dealing with it. She (and I) cried watching  the first couple episodes. 

What I'm listening to:

Christmas music and the Hamilton soundtrack--- my eleven-year-old is obsessed.

What I'm wearing:

All the joggers in all of the land. When covid is done, I'm going to have a tough time wearing regular pants again.

What I'm doing this weekend

Some baking and some cookie decorating.... and some Black Friday shopping--- Obvi. 

What else is new:

Puppy update.... our 16-week old little love, Toby is doing well. We take him on two walks a day and that's really helped with his energy.  He does sit, down, up and stay on command and is the cutest when he is the sleepiest. We adore him but  he keeps us on our toes!!!!

Have a great week, friends! Happy Thanksgiving to my Anerican friends and family!

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Monthly Musings- Holiday Traditions.

Happy Monday, friends... I totally missed this link-up but loved the questions and thought it would be a great idea for a pre-holiday post!!

1- So many to choose from.... I love the anticipation of Christmas Eve but I would have to say Christmas morning with the kiddos opening their presents and then us doing a yummy breakfast is my favourite. Such a happy time for us all.

Christmas Breakfast 2019

2- I usually like a shiny top for Christmas for the parties we go to but this year it will be all about the warm, cozy clothes.

3- My favourite holiday dish is stuffing... I buy a store-bought one and fix it up!! I also do a corn pie that's a big hit with the family. 

4- Our holiday plans will be all the fun stuff at home.... very low-key and very local but we are excited!

5- There are so many holiday songs that are favourites of mine--- maybe Silent Night?

6- Covid 19 makes me want to do all the special stuff at home for us and find a couple new and different traditions to begin.... all in a very simplified way, if that makes sense? Say, for example, a Christmas scavenger hunt, a virtual Secret Santa with family and maybe some zoom Christmas music sessions?

7- We donate to our local food banks and continue to do so this year. However, this year's neighbourhood food drive that my girls have spearheaded might be off.

8- Our tree is always put up before Thanksgiving as we aren't Americans... though I do a simple American Thanksgiving meal in solidarity with my American family.

9- My very favourite Christmas movie has to be Love Actually. 

10- I'll have one or two spiked eggnogs for the season as D loves it so much and I'd never choose anything eggnog flavoured... my family on the other hand...

What about you? What are your holiday plans shaping up to be? Eggnog? Yay or nay?

Friday, November 20, 2020

Diwali 2020

Diwali 2020 was a different one but so special. We usually spend a fun, festive evening with our family in Mississauga. However, because of Covid restrictions, decided to do our own thing at home. We invited our niece, did our own family prayers, invited a few people to view the deeyas outside and then had a lovely family meal, just us five. We also tried our hand at making different Trinidadian/Indian sweets-- 2 out of 4 were near hits, LOL! Oh well! I didn't take nearly enough pictures but here are just a few....

We invited some neighbours to light a deeya and they were thrilled.

In Trinidad, the deeyas are so beautiful when they are lit but being indoors and with very windy, cold outdoor conditions, we have to make some slight alterations in Canada.

We put up our Christmas lights to add to the Divali resplendence.

If you look closely on the driveway, you'll see some deeyas (aka electronic tealights)

Not a very good shot but the only one we got!!!

Different but so special.... Light over darkness, the meaning of Divali,  holds a special meaning in 2020!

Have a wonderful Friday, friends!!!

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Favourites - A little catch up!

Too long since my last Friday faves.... let's catch up! 

1- Ummm, I didn't post my Halloween pics of the kids yet. A few of our neighbours (who we know well) prepared sealed bags and buckets for the kids. They got so spoilt with so many treats and some fancy ones for the adults too...  People were extra kind with their treats this year. 

C decided to borrow an old costume of mine--- a little sad that this might have been her last trick or treating. A, however, made up for it, hemming and hawing for ages before deciding to be an angel. 

I started the day by giving them some treats from a local chocolatier! Because I wanted a bite and if I'm eating sugar, I want the good stuff :-)

They even got Timmy's gift cards in there, jumbo sized bars and bags of Lindor chocolates... our neighbours did good!!

2- We got boo'd from some friends. apparently, the line for Krispy Creme was an hour and a half long. Clearly, we have wonderful people in our lives! 



3- Our numbers even within our region are climbing.... getting plenty nervous... we are hunkering down!

4- A is obsessed with combing my hair at night and both girls with curling their hair... i.e.braiding their hair in a few braids before they go to bed. Funny that we didn't want our girls D's very wiry curls sincethere are some crazy hair days--- and now all they want is curls!

This kiddo and her selfies.


4- Divali is this weekend and this is the first one that we are spending all day at home... we usually head out of town to spend it with family. We will miss them of course and our prayers and meal together but we are going to make this a fun and festive event here as well! Our niece is coming, lots of great food and our neighbours are looking forward to seeing the deeyas being lit outside! 

Starting to decorate... we are excited! These moments mean a lot to us in these covid times!


5- This little guy is keeping us busy, entertained, happy and on our toes. Potty training is a little better,  we have some commands on the go, puppy school ends this week and our hearts are full!! But man, he's a handful!!!

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Not Just a Mom link up- Shop The Holidays

Hello and happy Monday, friends! We had awesome sunshine and warm temps-- so unseasonal for this time of year in Canada but we will take it!! Today, on the Not Just a Mom linkup that I cohost with AdrienneLaurenAshley and Dara, we are talking a topic near and dear to my heart- shopping the holidays.

Here are a few of my favourite things I like to do:

1- I love Holiday shopping and I usually start in November... sometimes October if I see a really good deal. There are a couple sales I wait for to begin.... the Chapters-Indigo Friends and Family Sale that I get 30% for and the Sephora VIB Sale that gives me a 20%. This is a good way to start.

2- I've been mostly online these past few years with just a couple quick visits to the mall.  This year, I can't really imagine that I'll be at the mall at all too much. 

3- I love a good local market-- but again COVID. There are a few local businesses that I really want to support so I think I may going at an off-peak time.  These places have the best stocking stuffers. 

4- I rarely buy anything full price unless I really have to. Such good sales at this time of year. Black Friday from my couch is one of my favourite days of the year.

5- I try to wrap things up by early to mid-December that way I can really immerse myself in the magic of the season.

6- D and I usually go "shopping" in the mall for my present. I show him the types of things I like and he chooses from them after we separate... that way it's a bit of a surprise still. We then follow it up with an awesome dinner-- again not happening this year. 

7- After all the cleaning and decluttering this year, Christmas is going to be just a little simpler.... but filled with dog toys LOL. 

What are your tips for happy holiday shopping? Are plans different this year?


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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Currently- November

Hello!!! Here's a little currently for ya' lately... Sidenote, written on Tuesday before the election results hence, no comment.... though I have LOTS!

Appreciating: Our pup and all the time we have with him. Night times when we watch a family show and he eats his treat and then keeps the stick in his mouth like a cigarette are the best. Usually, there would be travel, more curricular, more socialising etc. No plans to be anywhere is allowing us so much time to love and train this wayward but cute puppy.

Ordering: takeout once a week and soon enough Christmas shopping online. My intention is not to do too much in-store retail. 

Perfecting: air fryer recipes... Air fryer burgers, cauliflower and wings are the best!! What are your favourite air fryer recipes?

Planning: my Peloton life!! It comes today (Wednesday) and I am super excited... My back has been achy so I haven't been doing my F45 workouts. Instead, I've been dabbling in the Peloton app... the outdoor workouts, the strength, stretching and yoga. So much to choose from. 

Wearing: Too many sweats... I won't want to wear real pants when Covid is over... These Alo and these Zella joggers are my faves. 

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