Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Favourites - A little catch up!

Too long since my last Friday faves.... let's catch up! 

1- Ummm, I didn't post my Halloween pics of the kids yet. A few of our neighbours (who we know well) prepared sealed bags and buckets for the kids. They got so spoilt with so many treats and some fancy ones for the adults too...  People were extra kind with their treats this year. 

C decided to borrow an old costume of mine--- a little sad that this might have been her last trick or treating. A, however, made up for it, hemming and hawing for ages before deciding to be an angel. 

I started the day by giving them some treats from a local chocolatier! Because I wanted a bite and if I'm eating sugar, I want the good stuff :-)

They even got Timmy's gift cards in there, jumbo sized bars and bags of Lindor chocolates... our neighbours did good!!

2- We got boo'd from some friends. apparently, the line for Krispy Creme was an hour and a half long. Clearly, we have wonderful people in our lives! 



3- Our numbers even within our region are climbing.... getting plenty nervous... we are hunkering down!

4- A is obsessed with combing my hair at night and both girls with curling their hair... i.e.braiding their hair in a few braids before they go to bed. Funny that we didn't want our girls D's very wiry curls sincethere are some crazy hair days--- and now all they want is curls!

This kiddo and her selfies.


4- Divali is this weekend and this is the first one that we are spending all day at home... we usually head out of town to spend it with family. We will miss them of course and our prayers and meal together but we are going to make this a fun and festive event here as well! Our niece is coming, lots of great food and our neighbours are looking forward to seeing the deeyas being lit outside! 

Starting to decorate... we are excited! These moments mean a lot to us in these covid times!


5- This little guy is keeping us busy, entertained, happy and on our toes. Potty training is a little better,  we have some commands on the go, puppy school ends this week and our hearts are full!! But man, he's a handful!!!

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  1. The girls look so cute for Halloween and look like decent weather! Your little pup is just the cutest guy! I hope you have a super sweet and cozy weekend!

  2. Numbers here are going up too. Scary. I love Krispie Kreme, their Halloween donuts were so fun!

  3. Happy Diwali!! I know how you feel about the Covid numbers, it is time to hunker down.

  4. Your neighbors sound awesome! Your pup is so cute! I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Sounds like you have some really awesome neighbors! Glad your girls had such a fabulous Halloween.

  6. Loving all the fun Halloween pictures, and hope you had a very Happy Diwali sweet friend <3

    Green Fashionista


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