Friday, July 28, 2017

A watermelon birthday pool party!

Ages ago, back in July 2016, my mom bought a set of party plates and napkins for A's birthday party. Not one to mix and match (her mama taught her well), little miss informed Grandma that she wouldn't be able to use them as it was a flamingo party she was having. So Grandma told her to have a watermelon party next year... and that she did.... Whenever anyone asked her what type of party she would be having she would inform them that it was going to be a watermelon party.

Here's what started it all... 

The invitations... without our information #becausereally

It was supposed to thunderstorm that day so the day before, I emailed everyone and asked them to come an hour earlier as the rain was supposed to start at 3 (the original start time of the party). Only one family wasn't able to make it for that time and the rain did hold out too after all.

A little backyard decorating

Sidenote if you are ever doing a watermelon party, there are so many different variations of pinks, reds and corals for the watermelon red. I mixed red and coral with some limegreen to create this look. These are some first world problems, friends!

 I brought some of the decorating inside in case we had to move the party in.

We invited 14 little friends of hers (it could have easily been 25!) to come splash and swim with her. 

Can you tell they didn't have too much fun at all?

There was some colour prejudice for the food choices- that's for sure.

I included:
chicken and lamb samosas  from this awesome place in Toronto(thanks Petal)
a watermelon fruit bowl
caprese skewers
Turkey burgers
pasta salad 
cole slaw

Drinks included:
watermelon punch
watermelon spritzers
beer and wine

Dessert included ice cream cake, a small candy buffet and watermelon jello  (an eleven year old guest made it-- and it was a HIT!)

A sweet and simple celebration for my sweet, sassy and sometimes not so simple girl!!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life Lately

Good morning, lovelies! Just playing catch up on all those bits and pieces of life that haven't made it onto my little space.

Soccer sideline shenanigans with the little one. She watches big sister for a minute before playing with any and everything around the field. This time it was her dad's ear.

Horse back riding camp from a couple weeks ago. This little lady loved this camp so much last year, she did it again this year.

And this one posed in the stables like the fashionista she really is. Her footwear wasn't a practical choice for the dusty stables.

This vegan bamboo bowl from freshii is filled with veggies, a coconut curry sauce and brown rice and is so, so yum. If I were living closer to a Freshii, I would probably have  one weekly.

She is sweet at times.

We headed to St Jacob's Market with the ladies of one of our favourite families.

Pretzels for the kids for lunch.

Followed by ice cream... #lunchofchampions

Our neighbours' front yard begs for pictures. We are happy to oblige. 

This little lady turned 5 this past weekend. On her actual birthday, we spent it chilling at home with my parents and heading out to dinner that night followed by a little big cupcake celebration.

Followed by a watermelon celebration for this little lovely lady to be posted shortly!
Have a wonderful day, friends! 

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Five is coming!

This weekend my baby turns five! Babies don't keep is what comes to mind when looking back at
Here's a look at this past year. 

Matching with mama on a road trip to Rochester in July last year.

The grandparents kept her entertained in NYC when Mom and Dad took their first real vacay alone post  kids

First day of junior K. Girlfriend loves her little Montessori.

And her pickles for Oktoberfest in... you guessed it October!

Great Wolf Lodge was fun in November!

One of three Santa pictures this year.

We entered 2017 in Trinidad and Tobago.

And made cookies for Valentines' Day in February

There was a huge snow storm in NYC over our March break.

Blue Mountain in April!

Celebrating Mother's Day 2017

Meeting up with her cousins for a family wedding in June.

And another family wedding in July. This one as a flower girl.
Little one, you are the perfect combination of sweet, sassy and smart. 

We adore your comic charm.

Your smile lights up a room.

You love your family and friends and a good party

You regal us with your long and winding stories about all the kids in your class. You are quite the narrator.

You and your sister have such a beautiful friendship and relationship but you fight like cats and dogs.

You get furious when ignored or interrupted. 

You say the sweetest things and you create bonds with the most random people.

Your taste buds are awesome with your love for olives, fontina and lemons

You make us so happy with your beautiful light and love. Keep shining, sweet girl!

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