Friday, July 21, 2017

Five is coming!

This weekend my baby turns five! Babies don't keep is what comes to mind when looking back at
Here's a look at this past year. 

Matching with mama on a road trip to Rochester in July last year.

The grandparents kept her entertained in NYC when Mom and Dad took their first real vacay alone post  kids

First day of junior K. Girlfriend loves her little Montessori.

And her pickles for Oktoberfest in... you guessed it October!

Great Wolf Lodge was fun in November!

One of three Santa pictures this year.

We entered 2017 in Trinidad and Tobago.

And made cookies for Valentines' Day in February

There was a huge snow storm in NYC over our March break.

Blue Mountain in April!

Celebrating Mother's Day 2017

Meeting up with her cousins for a family wedding in June.

And another family wedding in July. This one as a flower girl.
Little one, you are the perfect combination of sweet, sassy and smart. 

We adore your comic charm.

Your smile lights up a room.

You love your family and friends and a good party

You regal us with your long and winding stories about all the kids in your class. You are quite the narrator.

You and your sister have such a beautiful friendship and relationship but you fight like cats and dogs.

You get furious when ignored or interrupted. 

You say the sweetest things and you create bonds with the most random people.

Your taste buds are awesome with your love for olives, fontina and lemons

You make us so happy with your beautiful light and love. Keep shining, sweet girl!

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A day trip to Shelburne, Vermont.

Whilst we were in beautiful Middlebury, Vermont, (a beautiful but very quiet town- read not too much to do) we headed out to the neighbouring town of Shelburne for a couple hours to check it out.

First stop, Shelburne Farms. It's an educational, working farm focusing on sustainability. At over 1,400 acres it is a historical landmark in the area.

She does know about the goat lol

Lemonade while waiting for lunch.

The kids enjoyed the cheese making process and the sampling of the cheeses.

D: let me buy you a chicken for our next anniversary.
Me: :-s

After lunch there we headed to the Teddy Bear Factory. Our kids enjoyed the tour.

They helped make their own teddy bears. A little like Build a Bear but more old school (and more expensive) 
A great way to spend a few hours.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

#bergalloo part 2

Happy Monday, friends! May your caffeine be strong and your week short! 

And happy 17th of the 7th month of '17.

We celebrated Part 2 of #bergalloo in NYC, the bride's home town where the bride's mom hosted a Hindu marriage blessing for the bride and group followed by you guessed it... another party. Here are just a 'few' pictures of the exquisite event.

 We got dressed up in our Indian traditional wear for the event. A's expression kills me.

My sister in law and me with a certain photo-bomber.

We were waiting in the hotel for the limo when we got creative with our angles.

 My in laws with their grandkids.

Then at the reception hall....

Welcome to our family, Elizabeth! (the groom's mom)
Waiting for the groom to arrive.
My mama.

The groom entered on a horse to much fanfare with tassa (a drum band)   and dancing.

The fathers of the couple greet each other

The groom and the bride's stern family.

The bride enters the mandap or the marriage area.

She is braver than I am. I said a small prayer for her when she was being carried in.

My beautiful cousin... I don't know why the groom is cropped out but he is quite dashing himself.

The lovely bridesmaids

And then it was cocktail hour.... with such a variety of delicious choices that most people thought it was dinner!

 We danced and danced. Kids and all. The DJ was excellent!!

One of my favourite families from Canada came to the wedding as well.

Party of five

This kid might have gone a little crazy at the s'mores station.

Four generations of first daughters/children. 

This was after midnight- we are the best parents. candy bar and sandwich station- yes please.

I'm not sure but they might have been tired.

And then there was the after party--- not pictured.

For Bergalloo Part one in Vermont, click here.

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