Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Daily Habits

I'm back!!! I've missed you, friends and I have about 2000 pictures to post! But for today, I'm linking up with Erin for the 10th day of the month to talk 10 daily habits. 

Here we go:

1- My morning routine consists of waking up (without an alarm since an alarm stresses me out), prayers, brushing my teeth and washing my face and then a giant cup of tea with milk and some morning reading. Usually, it's the news and blogs

2- I take vitamins every day but I'm picky about them since I'm not a fan of irradiation. I take a multi-vitamin for active women, magnesium, b complex and cod liver oil.

3- My kids and I pray on the way to school. A gets really into it and prays for all these random people and things.

4- I workout every weekday and sometimes on weekends but mostly on mornings. I like to get it out of the way.

5- I eat almost right after working out--- Someone told me that the hour right after you workout, it's important to eat and that's stuck with me. Also because I am STARVING!

6- I usually make dinner when no one is home so when they come home I can spend time with them. I put on some netflix and it makes prep and cleaning just fly by.

7- I try to run an errand right when I pick up C but before I go for A. Girlfriend likes to stay in her school until the very end!!

8- I work after lunch, before picking up my kids, for a bit in the afternoon and when D comes home at night. 

9- I check my fitbit and my iphone all the time. I'm not one of those unplugged people.

10- I usually pack my kids' lunches and sometimes D's the night before. I'm way more creative the night before than a bleary eyed morning.

What are some of your daily habits?


  1. Alarms stress me out too! Russ' went off a bit ago and it was so dang loud I grabbed my chest because I was terrified. He and I are going to have to talk about that.

  2. I definitely make lunches the night before too!

  3. Way to go on working out every day - that's amazing! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That praying on the way to school routine is soooo sweet. Love that your daughter gets into it. Absolutely love that!

  5. I'm not an unplug person, either!

  6. okay the fact that you don't need an alarm, holy cow I would be late to work everyday! I love the praying on the way to school, such a cool way to talk in the morning and make it intentional.

  7. I need an alarm, but hate the snooze button. My roommates in college would hit snooze for an hour...why not just set it for an hour later each day and get up then? I love the praying on the way to school. What a positive way to start each day and a peaceful way too. I am a night-before-lunch-packer too. Have a great start to your day!

  8. I'm with you on having a routine and get so thrown off when we go on vacation etc. I love that you and the girls pray on the way to school and too cute that A comes up with some cute prayers for all the people she encounters. I really admire that ;-)

  9. Sarita I so start the year making lunches the night before and then fall off the bandwagon by the end of the year and every morning WISH I had made them the night before! Oh my goodness I want to work out every morning but it just doesn't happen! Tell me your secret, do you go to the gym? xoxo ERIN

  10. I love that you work out so much! That's great! And I'm with you, if I have to make lunches I prefer to make them in the evening. Preferably when I already have the dinner mess still out.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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