Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life Lately

Good morning, lovelies! Just playing catch up on all those bits and pieces of life that haven't made it onto my little space.

Soccer sideline shenanigans with the little one. She watches big sister for a minute before playing with any and everything around the field. This time it was her dad's ear.

Horse back riding camp from a couple weeks ago. This little lady loved this camp so much last year, she did it again this year.

And this one posed in the stables like the fashionista she really is. Her footwear wasn't a practical choice for the dusty stables.

This vegan bamboo bowl from freshii is filled with veggies, a coconut curry sauce and brown rice and is so, so yum. If I were living closer to a Freshii, I would probably have  one weekly.

She is sweet at times.

We headed to St Jacob's Market with the ladies of one of our favourite families.

Pretzels for the kids for lunch.

Followed by ice cream... #lunchofchampions

Our neighbours' front yard begs for pictures. We are happy to oblige. 

This little lady turned 5 this past weekend. On her actual birthday, we spent it chilling at home with my parents and heading out to dinner that night followed by a little big cupcake celebration.

Followed by a watermelon celebration for this little lovely lady to be posted shortly!
Have a wonderful day, friends! 

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  1. Looks like summer has been oh so good to you guys. Can't wait to see the photos from the watermelon celebration!

  2. Sounds like life has been great lately! Glad the little one enjoyed her birthday!

  3. I love horse back riding, that looks like fun. My daughter is turning 5 this summer too!

  4. little fashionistas are the cutest thing!

  5. Awww, happy 5th birthday! And pretzels and ice creams...yes please!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet 5 year old! A watermelon celebration sounds like a great idea!

  7. How is she 5?! It happens way too fast. It looks like she had a blast. That farmers market also looks like amazing fun!

  8. Your girls are looking so grown up this summer! Love the watermelon birthday theme. Might have to steal that for Ez since that's basically all he eats.


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