Friday, November 17, 2017

Five Friday Favourites- Kitchen Gadgets

Happy Friday, lovelies! This week has just flown by and this is only my second time blogging (slightly less than my regular paltry three lol). I thought in time for the upcoming busy cooking season, I'd highlight some of my favourite kitchen gadgets that just make life that much easier. Who knows it might even inspire you to get a present or a stocking stuffer for the sous chef or the kitchen aficionado in your life. 

This mini chopper is my very favourite and makes easy work out of all the chopping I usually do with my kitchen prep. Mine broke recently leaving a hole in the jar and it was an awkward case of putting my finger where the break was to prevent leaking :-s. And I still didn't throw it out and probably won't until I get a new one. It's THAT good. 

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

The OXO vegetable peeler makes easy work out of peeling root vegetables, carrots, celery and apples. It can also be used for cutting very thin slices of cheese  or chocolate shavings.

The  blender of all blenders (or a way of life as the commercial used to tout it), this one is not cheap but so, so useful. We purpose ours so many different ways sometimes twice a day. Definitely an investment piece but so worth it if you can swing it. 
Countertop Blender

Hi, I'm Sarita and I might be a spatula addict.  I have like three and they are usually the first things in my sink needing to be washed. I like that nothing gets wasted when I scrap my pots/dishes and they don't scrape or damage any delicate pots or dishes.  This set caught my eye in case there are any other spatula addicts out there. #callmecrazy.

My family loves a good boiled egg (and poached) and this little gadget makes easy work of it. A and I  love a soft medium boiled egg and I was constantly overboiling it. This very affordable device was definitely worth the purchase in our house. 

And finally this one. Not in our kitchen just yet but I am so intrigued with the hype around so many different uses for one device. Any instant potters out there?

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Happy weekending, friends! We might just begin Christmas-ing in this house!

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Life Lately

Hello friends and hello Monday. Time to get back on track after a wonderful weekend of friends, family and fun--- not too many pictures though so here's a random assortment of life lately instead! And a small assortment-- as life lately has apparently been too busy to bust out the phone.

We had our aunt come to spend some time with us on her way to a family obligation so we went out to a nice dinner.

I had chocolate panna cotta and it was so, so amazing. Hi, I'm Sarita and I'm an admitted chocoholic.

My girls used their Divali money to buy (what else?)a  slime kit. They are obsessed.

I started to purge some old kiddie clothes and then I started to do a toy cleanup before Christmas and then a storage room clean up. It looked like a tornado flew through my house for 24 hours but a couple boxes, garbage bags and recycling later, we are getting to a good place. #owningit.

Aren't these free-range eggs that my neighbour brings for me beautiful! ?

They are pretty on the inside too like I tell my girls to aspire too.

With toast in her mouth and her sister's hand me down pj's... here we are. I love how little ones look in button ups.

This orange tree is one of the last signs of fall...

And then we woke up to this on Friday morning.  Booooo and brrrrrrr!

We got out of our sweats on Friday night and headed to an event. Here I am with my peeps

And that friends is a little life lately!

Friday, November 10, 2017

10 on the 10th- Favourite gifts to give

Yay for Friday!!! This week has dragged and flown all at the same time. With a sick eight year old, shots for our five year old (final set of  boosters, I no longer have babies), regular life and a major purging and cleaning going on before the holidays, life has been busy. All good though and we are ready for the weekend-- and feel ten pounds lighter with the stuff we've donated, purged and thrown out.

So today for 10 on the 10th, it's all about favourite gifts to give--- and get. I don't buy anything for someone that I wouldn't want for myself-- unless they really, really want it... Here are a few of my very favourites for kids and adults.

Books are my very favourite things to give for the holiday season. My dad used to always gift us books growing up and I love having a new book to read around the holidays. I usually gift each member of my family a book.  This one (Wonder) is on the list for one of them and then this one  for the other. The third is still on her early  readers so I bought a couple but let's face it, when she goes to the library, she plays instead with puppets and blocks.

Magazine Subscription
The gift that keeps on giving. I have a digital one to GH and I love it! For two years running, our aunt gave C a magazine subscription to ChickaDEE and she adores it. She looks forward to getting mail in her name every month and reads it instantly.

So high on my list for so many years. Sigh... I tend to give these ones these days.

Personalised stockings and towels
I buy stockings and these towels  for close family and friends from PBK. Kids and adults alike like them. With all the toys kids get, I like to buy something a little more durable.

The BP earrings we gifted to teachers and friends one year. At $10 and so similar in look to the Kate Spade ones, they were a sweet deal and everyone loved them.

Gift Cards
I love to give a gift card so someone can get a treat for themselves. My favourites to give/get are Starbucks, Winners (our Marshalls) and Chapters (our Barnes and Nobles)

These are one of my very favourite toys to give and babies, kids and adults alike love them. They are a bit pricy but so worth the investment.

These at home cardigans are another pricy one but so worth the price. I've only gifted them to three people but I've put so many others onto them. It's like being enveloped in a warm hug.... a warm but not stifling hug like a robe can be :)

Handmade beauty products
I buy mine from some family of ours- she sells heavenly soaps, lip balms and body butters. I also order them from her for parties and teachers' gifts.
For a while we gifted these beautiful mugs to family, friends and teachers (with some specialty teas/chocolate). I love the beautiful paisley prints on them.

What are your favourite gifts to give/get? Share in the comments below. I'm always looking for new ideas.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Working it Wednesday- Planning for the holidays

Hello Wednesday! I'm not going to lie, planning for the holidays is one of my very favourite things to do. I might or might not start in early November... or maybe even late October. #dontjudge. Here are a few of my very favourite planning tips.

1- Use what you have 
I take stock of all the wrapping paper, cards and ribbon I have and try to reuse as much as possible. Though I love to but this stuff, I found myself having way too much around. What works for us is reusing as much ribbon by just tying the presents. I also have done wrapped boxes that separate and can be reused or glue gunned bows together that I just stick to the top of the wrapping. This year, I even bought new scissors as my kids always lose mine. They're obsessed.

From a few years ago.

My friend Jenn uses mostly craft paper for her wrapping and I love it.

2- Then start looking for sales
Friends and family sales are my friends. I don't have a huge Christmas list- but a little sale never hurt anyone.

3- Ask people what they want
We do this with some family (and we decide on a general price range) and it has made things so much easier and fun still.

4-Plan out the events surrounding the Holidays.
We already know our Christmas Eve and Christmas plans and almost every weekend leading up to December is busy in some way or the other. We try to plan a combo of family friendly outings, in home entertaining,  stuff to do at home and some adult stuff.

5- Do what can be done early in November
Things like Christmas pictures, cards, some shopping and booking some Christmas tickets. That way we can spend December soaking up the spirit of the season.

My friend Andrea has taken our photos for a while now.

6- Make it fun but keep it simple.
You don't have to go to everything or do everything. Some years we skip parades, ginger bread house making or do only a little baking. The kids still have a wonderful season. 

7- Remember the reason for the season. 
And take some time to enjoy that.

What are your planning tips for this most festive of seasons?

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