Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our Trip to Trinidad

We just came back last week from our trip from my homeland, Trinidad and Tobago. It was wonderful seeing family and friends, having lazy days, eating all our old favourites and enjoying the sometimes sweltering heat. Here are just a few too many pictures.

New Years Eve was spent at D's mom's house with his family. My grandma and favourite aunt also came . The kids and their cousins printed invitations, made confetti cupcakes and 'decorated'. The adults ate takeout in fancy china, drank champagne and took turns wearing the 5-6 party hats that we had.

I managed to meet up with a few high school friends at my friend Natika's house. It was wonderful seeing all these lovely ladies after so long.

The hostess with the mostess. We were friends for seven years in high school!
 My kids swam in her pool and kiddie pool like it was their job.

Another university friend and I met for lunch.

My kids had LOADS of cousin time. They also met a teeny tiny new cousin who they adored.
 Feasting on mangoes and playing with the husky next door ;-s
 These swings were a total favourite.

Lots of food. 
A is pictured by the 'doubles man'. Doubles is a curried chickpeas sandwich served for breakfast in Trinidad. It sounds weird but it is SO good. 

Fresh coconut water

They both sampled different Caribbean fruit. Here they are pictured with pomerac. A went a little crazy over it sliced and sprinkled with salt. C preferred portugals( a variety of clementine). They both were meh re:pommecythere and adored mangoes.

We managed to make it out one night to POS with friends for some Mediterranean  tapas and wine.
pictured in the forefront is an egg with portobello mushroom. Truly delicious.

Followed by a drink at Siam, a POS nightclub.
(Pretending that it wasn't way past my bedtime)

And of course there was lots of grandparent time.

My parents were there for a week of our visit as well.

And lots of time outside enjoying this weather. Lots of walks.

'Climbing trees'

Swinging on ropes!

Bare (usually dirty) feet at night!
Such beautiful memories!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our lovely Christmas 2016

Happy New Year! I'm still in Trinidad soaking up the sun and loads of family time but wanted to pop in to share our Christmas festivities before it's February already! This season was a busy one filled with fun, friends, family and food! We had a blast!

On Christmas Eve Eve (also the last day of school), we headed to our family friend Jenn's house for a lovely dinner, great conversations, drinks and movies for the kids.

Such a beautiful tree and I just love her gift wrap-- I want to do something similar next year but my kids love bright, shiny wrapping paper! Let's see....

I totally spaced and didn't take any pictures of the actual people that day but the food was so yum! Salmon topped with crab in a hollandaise sauce and mushroom risotto. 

Christmas Eve was spent at our aunt and uncle's place... our usual fam jam. Christmas Eve is probably my most favourite day of the entire year-- so filled with anticipation and that 'christmas feeling'. 

My kids dominate a cheese platter!

 We did Christmas crafts, chatted, carolled a bit and of course ate and ate.. and ate!

Our aunt made this delicious, festive cheesecake!
We take one of these almost every year by their beautiful tree.

When we went home... can you tell that excitement is in the air!!? This might be my favourite picture of the entire season.

My phone wasn't charged on Christmas morning. Just imagine wrapping paper and tons of gifts EVERYWHERE!  After a mad scramble to clean up, a delicious traditional breakfast of trini 'ham & hops' ensued -- or in our case- smoked turkey and croissants.

Our friends Petal, John and their kids joined us for a four course absolutely divine dinner! 
I bought the ingredients and he cooked! #winning

The second course of gnocchi and salmon in a mushroom cream sauce. SO, SO GOOD.

Oh and Darin paired the wine... an essential element, obvs.

Our main-- cornish hens deboned in their own reduction, served over baked polenta and wilted greens. Another fabulous treat.

My gorgeous friend Petal!

Just Dance-- my kiddo's joint present from D and me.

BFFs after that meal.

All of us!

We stayed up late into the night as our friends overnighted. The next day after a lazy breakfast, they headed out and we headed to another friend's house for another holiday sesh.

 The lovely hostess

We were exhausted after all of the late nights and the next day, we had a few of our favourite people over... The pictures are less because by then I was super tired and also in getting ready to pack for Trinidad mode. 

My framily Priya made this crab rangoon dip which I almost demolished by myself within the two days before I left.

A high school friend of mine. There were 5 families, tons of food and ridiculous amounts of desserts! I gave ALL of it away because leaving the country in 36 hours!

If you've made it to the end of this post-- good for you. It's a LOT and it took me about three days to write it all #vacationmode

See you next week when I'm back in Canada!

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