Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lots of Life Lately...

This bad blogger here has a whole lotta life lately from the past few weeks... Here we go!

Right after the big 1-0, my parents came to visit to come and celebrate with us.... My kids love my parents coming to visit. My parents are very hands on with the pick ups and drop offs to school and activities throwing in before/after school treats and some shopping in the mix-- my kiddos lap it all up!!

I took them to high tea in this little antique store.

We went out a couple nights sans kids when the grandparents were here... I'm having a senorita-- or a smoky margarita. It was soooo good.

Guess who advanced to their yellow belt after the grading!

An impromptu happy hour  with our neighbours to start off the long weekend just right!!!

We decorated eggs, made and decorated cookies and fish tacos on Good Friday.

Oh and fancy pineapple margaritas.

We did a little day trip to the US on Saturday for a little Target, Trader Joe, Nordstrom Rack fix and ended with some PF Changs awesomeness. 

Not going to lie, I think I make a better chicken lettuce wrap than PF Changs now!!

Getting things ready on Saturday

After the mad rush

Starting Easter Brunch off just right!!

My friend from Japan, her mum and daughter came to visit and have brunch with us.

Fast forward to yesterday, a little violin festival, a couple gold ribbons and two first places for my girl in the two categories she performed in. SO super proud of how her very hard work paid off (with more than enough nagging from her mama) and all of her calmness in the actual performance!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ten things that make me low key nervous

For today's Wacky Wednesday post, I got this great idea from Steph. it's all about those things that make me a little nervous.... not full on panic attack warranted or anything... but some little things that if I had to, I wouldn't put myself in the situation:

+ Other people's cats brushing my legs. So glad D is allergic.

+ Wearing white to dinner out- especially if it's saucy like Mexican or Indian. 

+ Underpacking for a vacay- sidenote, I kind of did it for my kids last month and they lived to tell the tale.

+ Getting too little sleep. I'm a 7-8 hour kind of girl and any less and I stress about it... sometimes waking up and thinking-- with this later bedtime, there's no way I'm getting enough sleep. 

+ Having to make impromptu speeches to a crowd

+ Weighing myself after a food filled weekend- like the last one--- eeep!

+ Seeing my side profile in a pic. I'm not a fan. Sidenote, you're probably not going to find any on this carefully curated blog LOL.

+ Under-dressing- either for the weather or for an evening out. 

+ Getting to an appointment late. If it's something social, not such a big deal but an appointment-- not at all!!

+ Parallel parking-- especially with an audience of cars waiting for you to get in the spot.... eeekkk. Maybe that one belongs in the things that make me very nervous category.

Am I out to crazy town? Any one agree with any of these? What are those things that make you kind of nervous?  Sound off in the comments below. 

Cheers to those quirks, friends!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favourites- A little celebrating!

Happy Friday, friends! Today, we're all about the celebrating of this little lady and her birthday festivities that we had for the past few days. 

For the first time ever, this little party queen opted to do no party but instead asked for a few of her friends to spend the day with her. 

First stop, the movies! Dumbo was the show and it was a good one!

I sat in the back and had my own little feast. Full disclosure, I shared. 

These little ones are all about the photo ops.

They did a little shopping in the mall with a gift card we gave them and they had the best time!! They really made that money stretch!

Next stop, pizza. A and D joined us for this one!

C declared it one of the best days of her life!! 

Next up, birthday morning pancakes courtesy of the best chocolate pancake maker this side of the GTA, Daddy!

We did school, lots of phone calls, little Miss got to choose a special birthday keepsake and then we headed to dinner.

This is not the best family pic but the only one we have of that day so it made the cut.

She chose the Cambridge Mill for their pasta!

You can see her birthday locket in this pic. 

And then it was back home for some birthday sugar!

I never get in the pics so grabbed the chance to get one with the birthday girl!

My kids are thrilled with all this sugar in the house for the next couple days!!

And that's a wrap on the birthday celebrations. #reallynotreally. My parents flew in yesterday for some more birthday fun and a long weekend together! Oh and the birthday girl has a swim meet and a karate grading-- the fun NEVER ends ;-)

Happy Friday, lovelies!!

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