Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday FIve- Favourite Beauty Finds

It's been a while since I've done a round up of my go to beauty finds. These are a few of my very favourites- all things beauty.

Estee deigned this  lip treatment to be both balm and gloss so you can wear it both with or without lipstick. It is a wonderful thick barrier that totally prevents chapped lipped but adds such a pretty gloss. A friend gave one to me and I've kept repurchasing since. 

Product Details

This is hands down my favourite face wash. I like how light weight and gentle it is but also how well it washes off. So good in the drier winter months... or for thirty-something skin. 

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser 1.7 oz

Now that the thing is thicker eyebrows (I wish my teenage over zealous plucking self knew this), this brow pomade  is my go to these days for just a bit more of an arched brow. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade - Ash Brown

Like the rest of blogland, this contour kit is my very favourite for highlighting and contouring. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Contour Kit - Tan to Deep

I've been loving face oils in the winter time. I bought this one on sale and love it. It just adds that much more moisture. I slather it on at night and it makes such a difference.
Tarte Maracuja Oil Mini Face Moisturizer - 0.5 oz Travel Size  Limited Edition Flower Design

What are your recent go-to beauty finds?

Happy weekending. It's a birthday around here (mine) and I have high hopes for a great one. I say high hopes as last year brought the most awful stomach virus and I don't want to jinx anything!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Five years of blogging!

Today marks 5 years of blogging for me! Five years and 813 posts,  numerous friendships forged and many memories captured! This blog has changed our lives, that's for sure. I am so thankful for this space of mine and so grateful to everyone for reading.

What started off as a diary of the ongoings of our little life is still going strong. Content is different, I know. Lots of the focus is still on our family, our life and the cute stuff my kids do ('cause in my mind they still are cute, most days), I don't feel a lot my kids' stories are mine to share anymore so I keep those a bit more private.  Before, I was shy about posting recipes, tips and tricks or my favourite things, thinking I wasn't necessarily an expert and didn't want to come across like I was trying to be a know it all. But then I realised, it was all okay and if you didn't want to read, you really didn't have to. Some of my most popular  posts are tips and tricks, home decor and recipes. 

And then slowly, there were the friendships forged and the feedback on my posts. Too many to mention 'lest I forget a name or two. But you know who you are, and I really do appreciate all the comment love. 

Also, as you may have realised picture quality is different. These are the very first ones I posted. (I had a five month old and a three year old)

To these from my last post. Now I have a five year old and an almost nine year old!!!

Let's just say the 8s is just a bit better than the iPhone 3. LOL.

In the meanwhile, I'll be the one whose kids are asking, "are you going to put that up on your blog?"

Monday, January 15, 2018

January Weekending

This weekend:
- started off with some scary snowy driving when I picked up the girls early from school. Mixed precipitation of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow did not a good commute make. It made for great photos though (see below)

- some neighbours came over for apps and drinks

- I took a certain eight year old skiing in such cold temps that I was certain the hills were closed. Spoiler alert- they weren't.

- The adults took midday naps but the kids didn't

-The adults also cleaned up and did lots of laundry but the kids didn't. #adulting

- We made (and proceeded to eat) our own pizza and watched a movie

- I took the girls to a family friend's unicorn party an hour away

- We bought trini food for dinner and just chilled for the rest of the evening watching TV and reading. 

Low key and refreshing, just the way we like it. And now it's Monday and the madness begins again!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

It's Friday, lovelies! Here's what's bringing us smiles around here...

1- We went to a circus party on what was probably the coldest day of the year (cue the extreme weather alerts). It was for 10 and 1 year old brothers and the kids had so much fun. A bubble-ologist, DJ, fresh pretzels and carnival games were just a few of the attractions! 

My friend is all about the beautiful details.

2- We are obsessed with Google Home. It's the best thing we've ever gotten for our house---- ummm, I mean for D for Christmas! From weather and news alerts, to meditation, to making shopping lists, to setting timers for time-outs, to telling us jokes, to the Just Like Fire Radio Station (the girls' pick), Google Home is making us very happy. To add to the win, I purchased it on major sale for Black Friday. A friend was looking at it now and it's almost $80 more!

3- This brussel sprout dip from The Minimalist Baker is a slightly healthier option in the new year and we've made it twice already! It has veggies.That must count for something! Never mind the cheese in it, never mind that at all. 
Creamy Brussels Sprout & Shallot Dip #minimalistbaker

4- Cold weather is 'good for you', says this article. Yay for no mosquitos and reduced inflammation! 


5- And because of cold weather last weekend, we booked a little vacay in March. Mayan Reviera, we are coming for you! Two months (and ten pounds) to go!!!

Image result for happy weekending

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