Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas Confessions

Yay for Thursday- my fourth favourite day of the week!! I thought I'd do a round of Christmas confessions today just to mix it up a bit:

- In my mind, and I'm okay if you disagree with me, after Halloween is too early and as I'm not American, after Thanksgiving is too late. We usually begin our Christmassing either after Divali or Remembrance/Memorial Day.

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- I'm not the biggest eggnog fan. Like I'd never have an eggnog cake or latte or anything (ugggg) but my family is. So once or twice for the season, I'll have a (very spiked) drink with them and I wholeheartedly enjoy it. 

- We will probably never get a real tree. We love putting up our tree waaay to early and put too much work into it to get a real one. Also, my perfectionist pathology with anything less than a totally symmetrical tree and husband's bad back will not allow it anyways.

- Speaking of perfectionist pathology- when my kids put all of the same ornaments on one branch on one eye level, I'm okay to move them to more aesthetically pleasing locations.

- The recipe for hot buttered rum made me gag once. 

- D and I went to see the Nutcracker before we had kids. It was long. After we were done, he muttered, "Well that's two hours of my life, I'll never get back."

- I still say "Merry Christmas."

- Santa and elf threats are awesome. I use them very strategically. #parentoftheyear

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or I can do this...

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- I reuse Christmas ribbon like someone's granny even before it became cool to reuse stuff. I make nice bows and glue gun them to the package. I draw the line at reusing wrapping paper though- sorry mother-in-law :-).

- Speaking of my mother in law, she wraps the neatest most beautiful presents and it relaxes her. Let's just say the last couple years when she came to visit at Christmas time, wrapping was awesome!!

- When I'm in full on wrapping mode, my bedroom looks like a toddler rampage. Oh the mess!!!

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- I've never had figgy pudding and probably never will.

- I like my house sparkly and clean before I go to bed on Christmas Eve! Nobody wants Santa to see their dirty house and put them on the naughty list. 

And finally, just some Christmas funnies to make you chuckle!!

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Have a wonderful season, friends!!! Oh and Merry Christmas ;-)

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Books Lately

November into December was a good reading month with so many books from my list becoming available one after the other in the library. Take a look. There were a couple fun ones, one really interesting one and a couple meh books as well.

Mrs. Everything: A Novel by [Weiner, Jennifer]

Jennifer Weiner only comes out with a book once every few years and I totally understand why. Her books are so well researched and detailed. This one is about two sisters growing up from the fifties to the present and how their lives intertwined and progress on the two very paths they have taken. I did find this one, though interesting, dragged on quite a bit. It was a little wordy and certain parts really did take a very long time to get through.

What Happens in Paradise by [Hilderbrand, Elin]

The second in Elin's holiday paradise series, it was interesting, salacious and a quick, juicy read. Readers got to know the characters from book one even more even the deceased ones. I did enjoy it. Not a holiday series by any means though despite the timing. However, I have found that the quality of writing isn't always the best with the winter book. This is the first Elin book I borrowed from the library instead of buying it and I don't regret it.

The Gift: A Novel by [Ahern, Cecelia]
Okay, I never consider totally stopping mid book but this one dragged along so much and was so unrealistic, I seriously considered it. I managed to finish it but I didn't like Lou, the protagonist. I also found it to be unrealistic and then ending was sad and awful. I don't understand how it got so many good ratings on Amazon.

Let It Snow: A Novel by [Thayer, Nancy]
A fun light read about a shopkeeper, her friends, her shop  and an intriguing stranger with all the Christmas feels. This was lovely to read at this time of year.Short and sweet, cute and quick. 

I've been reading a couple paragraphs of this every morning and I've got to say, it's a great way to start your day. Great nuggets of wisdom for emotional thinkers. I'll probably re-read this one in a bit.

What have you been reading lately?

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Jolly Holly Happy Hour(s)

Ho, ho, ho, friends!! 'Tis the jolly, holly season for tons of party fun! Here's a look at our Holiday Happy Hour we hosted for our neighbours and local friends this season!

Don't you just love when your house is all sparkly before a party!?

Some furniture was rearranged as well.

Pre- party selfie

My mother in law wasn't there to do her festive tree so I tried my best to copy. 

This was before most of the food got here.

My lovely Jenn wasn't feeling 100% but came out anyways!

And Alex busted out his festive jacket.... 

So many different friends and neighbours. Almost 40 of us came this year.

We had such a great time and lots of delicious leftovers to enjoy the day(s) after. Holiday festivities are extra fun!

Have a wonderful week, loves!

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Deck the Halls 2019

Happy December Friday, lovelies. Here's a look at snippets of our halls for 2019!!!

Come on in...

I can't even pretend I did this myself. I'm an expert at outsourcing :-)

A little sparkle and a little sugar for the front foyer.

After maybe 5 years, I went back to a little red this year so it's a whole lot of silver, white and sparkle on our tree and all through upstairs.

A hot cocoa station

I used my blush and mint decor downstairs this year. 

I'm a huge fan of repurposing bell jars and cake stands for the season.

And a little night-time sparkle

And my view at night when reading a book or chatting. 

And there you have it... I didn't go into every single room to capture it all as I've done it before. You can see 2018 and 2017 here.

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Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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