Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekending- a nice hot one

It was HOT this weekend.... and I'm totally not complaining.... we didn't take enough pics but here's what we were up to:

- It was our turn to host our summer neighbourhood happy hour  at 6:30on Friday (BYOB and  everyone brings an app to share) and it was the largest one ever as D invited some other neighbours and friends... think 30 people and 6 kids. The previous owner who designed the house also came (eeeep) so we were nervous as we've changed a few things but he was very complimentary. Our last guests left about midnight so it was more than just 'happy hour' but it was a wonderful time. We cleaned up before bed to wake up to a fresh shiny house....

- Saturday morning was spent doing some laundry and having breakfast outside.

- D's aunt and uncle came to meet us for lunch. It was wonderful catching up with them! We all had meal envy for D's mushroom salad and I'm going to make one this week!

- We tried taking a walk along the river but the extra hot temps did not permit. 

- Very last minute, D invited a friend and his family for a swim and simple dinner. We put some shrimp and chicken burgers on the grill and leftover apps and dessert from the night before. #winning #wastenotwantnot

- Sunday was spent doing some cooking, cleaning, pool time, pizza (cauli crust for me and D) and board games before watching Little House and the Prairie as a family before bed.

Now it's Monday morning and I need to wake up my kids to get ready for school!!!

More sass than size

We saw this heron from the window of the river


So many weddings-- I think we saw three... those brides must have been sweating!

Family is everything!

Happy Monday, friends!! Make yourselves a wonderful week!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Five

Yay for Friday!! Here is my five for Friday that have been bringing bits of happy around here.

1- It's been hot then cold then cool and then back to hot again. It was so hot the other day even mama got into the pool.

2- Look at the bright yellow/orange of this egg. My neighbour brings it to us fresh from the farm.

3- Posing by some neighbourhood flowers before they are gone as the temps drop

4- Went to lunch with one of my besties to one of her favourite spots in Oakville. The Middle Eastern food was absolutely delicious. 

This was the cauliflower... it was so good!!

5- Take a look at my mom's weekly fitbit report. #stepgoals

And finally, just some mama smiles

True Story

Happy Weekending! Make it a good one!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How we do Fall- 10 Fall Things

It's still summer around here - figuratively and literally with warm temps and it being before September 21st and all. Though I'm still soaking up all that sweet sunshine, here's a bit of fall and how we do it...

1- Back at the routine

Switching it back to the early morning wake ups, screen time limits, extra curricular and cleaner eating.  Summer is fun but routine is awesome also! 

2- Fall Produce

We are huge fan of the fall produce. From quashes to pumpkins to all apples available, they are all so yummy. I have so many different recipes, most of them from online. My pumpkin poppers are a big hit in this house. I also make huge batches of healthy butternut squash and pumpkin soup with loads of spicy goodness.  I look for all the different types of pumpkins and squash and try my best to make different seasonal recipes- my sausage stuffed acorn squash is also a big hit around here. 

3- Cloth Scarves

I use cloth scarves whenever cold- even in the wintertime when most people switch to wool. They're such a fun way to dress up an outfit! Fall is the perfect time to bust them out after their summer hiatus. I start wearing them even before I pull out my jackets with just my tunics. 

4- Great prime time TV

Enough said. New seasons of all my favourite shows. This is Us, Grey's Anatomy, DWTS, A Million Little Things-- some wonderful nights ahead. 

5- Fall outings

At least once each fall, we do a pumpkin patch where there is usually a fall festival involving some sort of maze, haystack, pumpkin slinging, games etc . We also visit at least one farm with some sort of a petting zoo and of course a bakery.  which leads us to....

6- Apple picking.

6- Fall Fashions

The cardigans, tunics and blazers are my love language all through spring into summer. 

7- A little home hygge with some awesome throws

9- Fallidays!!

Some of my favourite special holidays are in the last half of this year.  In October, we have our Canadian Thanksgiving.  Then Halloween. Then Divali. Then all the pre-Christmas stuff. SO very special!

10- And then there is some fall decor....

Throw a few pumpkins and darker accents into the mix.

How do you 'fall things up'?

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Monday, September 10, 2018

10 things you didn't know about me...

Happy Monday. We had a wonderful weekend with a great combo of family time, time with friends, errands getting done, lots of laundry and a neighbourhood happy hour. I feel freshened for the week ahead. 

Linking up today with the Blended Blog for 10 things you may not know about me....

1- I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose. People think it's because I have a long tongue but it may also be because I have a low nose bridge.

2- I'm a very olfactory person.... love fresh, clean warm smells. Conversely, bad smells turn me off more than the regular person.

3- I have a very scandalous laugh.... and I laugh loudly and often.

4- Before I had kids, I had no green thumb and I even killed lucky bamboo. Since the maternal switch flicked on, I guess so did the green thumb. My plants are doing so well....

5- When I correct my kids in a less than pleasant way, I feel instantly guilty after.... most days LOL 

6- I'm a huge fan of the bells and whistles in a hotel and scour trip advisor for reviews before making my final choice. 

7- I was soooo skinny as a kid and teen... my metabolic rate is not the same these days.

8- I make my bed everyday-- state of the bed, state of the head--- in the am. In the pm, my kitchen needs to be clean before I head to bed. 

9- I am so diligent about skin care... lots of AHAs, retinol and vitamin C on the agenda. 

10- I am so very grateful for the life I live. I complain sometimes about the day to day, my messy kids, the chauffeur duties and the business of  it all but I know how very blessed I am and I thank God for everything.

Have a wonderful week!

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