Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Five

It's been busy around here with work and life and I've not been able to blog in my little space as much as I'd really like to but I just wanted to pop in and share a little life lately/Friday Favourites!

1- Here are some little shots from Valentines Day!

My sweet gave me these beautiful roses with the best note ever (words of affirmation are my jam)

We always do a little treat for the girls in the am.

We dined at home as  family. 

And some sweet treats for dessert!

2- A new favourite of mine is Prime Video. Totally different set of shows from Netflix. Prime also knocks it out of the park with Prime photos- a free online service to store your photos. 

Image result for prime meme

3- Saturday ski lesson mornings are filled with a little adult QT, coconut wraps, coffee/tea and some Monopoly Deal.

We even managed to sneak a walk in last week as it was okay out....

4- Obsessed with my gentle consonant face wash from Perfect for these harsh winter months.

Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash

5- And finally, a few Friday funnies.

My life and my kids

Not going to lie, almost every morning

And Costco....

Yep. I think of dinner whilst making lunch 

And this as well.....

Happy Friday, friends and family!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday Confessions

Wednesday seems like a totally random day to just fill with some confessions right?! Here we go...

- The other day I gave my kids  chicken noodle soup because C was begging me to buy a soup in the can. I threw some frozen corn in to pretend effort was involved.  A was like "Oh my gosh, who is the chef of this soup?" C responded " Campbells." No words kids, no words. 

Image result for campbell's soup meme

- Manners mean a whole whole bunch to me and I'm trying to instill it in my kiddos.  Grace is glory, friends! 

- This winter weather has me definitely feeling those winter blues--- bleh! Snow days help though!

- Not going to lie. I love a good snow day! Those slower days with the kiddos and family time are sometimes just what we need. 
Image result for snow day meme

- I almost never do this except in the summer or on vacay LOL but I totally had wine on a Tuesday night. I blame the snow day and the feeling of downtime with only us... the fantastic four. Ha! 

- I freeze when I have a difficult conversation or even a confrontation..... which is almost never.  I get shaken and very upset. After I rehash it in my head and then think of 10 ways I could have said things better. I need to get out of certain head- spaces when people are having real problems out there. 

- I am waiting for a warmer day before I fill my gas or wash my car. 

- A playing cards with us is the funniest thing. She drops the cards with thought and an exclamation like "Boom" or "Take that." I don't know if to be proud or worried. 

- I want to do yoga every week but because of trying to get those damn steps on my fitbit, it's the first thing to fall by the way side if I get 4 days of exercise in instead of my 5-6. 

- I have to weigh myself everyday to hold myself accountable when I'm watching what I eat.

- I wasn't a Colton fan so I thought this would be the season I skipped. Yeah that didn't happen. I no longer watch it on a Monday night though. Instead I keep it on in the background while I'm working. That's progress no?

Image result for colton memes

Here's to Wednesday, lovelies! May it be wonderful!

Monday, February 11, 2019


Happy Monday friends! We had a pretty quiet weekend with a little fun thrown in:

- Invited C's swim team friend and her parents for drinks and appies on Friday night.

- Took the kids for their skiing lessons on the weekend. We ate wraps, played cards and chatted while waiting for the kids. C asked to do a few more runs so the rest of us waited around and watched Febtoberfest before we headed home. We finally figured it out with only two more weeks of lessons to go :-)

- Early Valentines Dinner while the kiddos spent some time with their cousin at our very favourite restaurant, Gilt. Lots of fusion appies are my love language.

- Loads of laundry are a regular weekend thing! 

- Took the kids to Beertown for some snacks before sending everyone to sleep early. 

This duck confit was excellent

So was the spaghetti squash with coconut, red lentils and cilantro

ANd now it's Monday and I'm ready for Friday again. Here's to a week that flies!!!

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Favourites- My quirky kids

Happy Friday! I got this awesome idea from Dara and knew I had to follow for my very quirky kids!! Here we go...

1- Girlfriend has always been a great reader and will read a few different books at the same time... now she and her dad are reading some of the same books- have I mentioned that she is 9?!

2- She is always hyper-focused if it's screen-time or reading. Give her a math question or ask her to play her violin, she gets distracted all.the.time.

3- She is the last one to come out of the change room for swimming, the do-jo for karate or the school! Girl friend loves to chat!

4- Like Hansel and Gretel, you will always know where C was in the house as she will leave a little trail of evidence behind- a book, an empty bowl, a pen, some cards. It drives us crazy!!! 

5- She wants a pixie cut- hard no!

1- Girlfriend's favourite card game to play is Uno. She will harass and harangue everyone until we finally acquiesce and play. Then she gets super into the game, gets way too many cards and doesn't always   never wins. But she still wants to play it again and again.

2- She used to be super into dresses up until this year for school. Now it's all about 'fuzzy pants' aka fleece leggings.... oh and ear-muffs

3- A is the teeniest tiniest member of the family (less than 40 lbs)  but the biggest snacker by a long shot. She's always complaining that she is hungry. But if she doesn't like something I give her for lunch, she will simply not have it and not eat for many hours until she comes home and tries to have like 4 different snacks. 

4- She is always doing a cartwheel or a bridge and can virtually bend her body in half... in both directions. 

5- She wants to grow her hair way past her bum- hard no!

Happy Weekending, friends!

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