Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Confession: I've never before completed a photo challenge on Instagram. But when Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls posted about a mini challenge, I decided to commit... and that I did- Bam! So because I'm falling down from patting myself so hard on the back here are my 14 days of fall y'all.

Day 1 - #selfie
When your 8yo's selfie game is stronger than yours is.

Day 2- #ilove
The fist bumps were awesome so I had to capture especially as they sometimes spar like it's their job.

Day 3- #pictureperfect
These flowers from my neighbour's yard are very popular--- like featured on horticultural magazines popular and certainly picture perfect

Day 4-#fromabove
I hadn't had a sushi bowl in ages so my friend Dani and I met for lunch and I practically inhaled this sushi bowl but not before taking a picture.

Day 5 - #Leaves
On our family walk, I looked up to a most beautiful blue sky with the prettiest of leaves.

Day 6- #inmycup
I totally forgot to take a picture of my cup of tea that morning, but found these beauties at the market instead. #winning. My grandmother still has an enamel cup at home-- are they on trend again?

Day 7- #orange
Oh the cuteness. Not even a pumpkin patch but just a grocery.

 Day 8- #basic
Boomerang still cracks me up.

Day 9- #myfavourite
My friend Kathryn made us a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and our gang practically inhaled it. 

Day 10- #pumpkin
White pumpkins are my love language... and so are these fall flowers our aunt gave us for Thanksgiving.

Day 11- #fallis

Day 12- #myview
Mother Nature is awesome

Day 13- Sweater Weather
It really wasn't sweater weather on that day but it was totally happy hour-- I cheated a bit on this one

Day 14- Trick or Treat
Two girlfriends and I had an awesome time at a dinner and show we went to. #trickortreatindeed

And that's a wrap! Not going to lie, I had a ton of fun with the prompts. 14 days was perfect too. You can follow me on Instagram @sarita.pg 

And Happy Divali Eve, my Hindu friends and family.  May light and love be yours always!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Katie's Baby Shower

Happy Monday, lovelies. I thought I'd brighten your Monday with a couple pictures of a beautiful baby shower my neighbour hosted for her daughter Katie and first grandchild coming soon. 
 Everything was simply beautiful, elegant and such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Get the raindrops in the shower?

Karen did this banner. We all told her that she should keep it up for her new grandchild coming in December.

Handmade soaps and lip balms were the favours. Friends, if you live in the GTA and are hosting an event, I have the best supplier for you (she is super affordable given that it's all-natural and mostly organic products too).

The punch in the traditional bowl was a hit with the young and old alike (the old added some prosecco for just a little more fun)

The measuring the preggo game-- a staple at parties!

Baby shower bingo- guessing the presents the mama to be was about to get.

Clearly not too many presents at all

Isn't she glowing?

 Guess who loves butter tarts?

 The beautiful hostess and mama to be.

Wishing the new family all the health and happiness in the world. 

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Fri-yay five!

Happy Friday, loves! I feel like I haven't done any sort of life lately posts recently to play catch up so here's what's been bringing us happy around here.

1- We went to the girls' little friend Wren's bug party a few weeks ago. From arts and crafts, to a bug scavenger hunt (complete with learning about the different bugs) to a silly string bug catching game-- this party thrilled the littles to no end.

These cupcakes taste even better than they look. (and butterflies are bugs too)

2- We had a family happy hour a few weeks ago right after we started geocatching and I couldn't resist capturing #bloggerlife

3- We went to our friend Jenn's house the other day. She makes the best cheese tray and this simple pumpkin whipped dip  for dessert was so delicious. Some members of my family wanted to eat it with a spoon.

4- This sunset was captured at another friend's house over Thanksgiving weekend. The picture doesn't do it justice.

It was unseasonably warm on that day but boy is Mother Nature making up for it now. Say what? We were spoilt with such beautiful October weather for quite some time!

5- This Zara dress caught my eye for the girls for Christmas. The early bird does catch the worm--- well size wise anyways :-)

Happy Friday, friends! May your weekend be filled with fun.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Favourites TBB Asks

Happy Wednesday, friends! Fall has started and so has the fun! Here are just a few of the Fall Favourites around here....

Favourite Fall Sweet Treat:
Hmmm.... my friend Kathryn's pumpkin pie... no other pumpkin pie. Just hers. 

Red, Yellow or Green Apples
Red-- we had these huge Cortland ones the other day and they were so.so.good.

 Favourite Fall Sport to Play
Yeah, I'm not a sports person (this un-coordinated girl goes to the gym instead), let alone sports when the weather is cooling. Does a crisp fall walk count

Favourite Fall Activity
We love us some apple picking!

Best Drink for Fall:
Red Wine....I know, I know... White is good all year round and so is red. TO me there's something about a crisp white for the summer and red wine in the fall. #imbasiclikethat
Also. I like the thought of pumpkin beer.

Must Have Fall Shopping
Lots of different pumpkins and squashes. This year, I'm loving white pumpkins.
 (d's aunt also brought us these beautiful fall flowers)

Pick Your Own or Store Bought
Store bought all the way though we've done both. Those Pick Your Own patches can often feature a lot of rotting pumpkins and the purchases can be quite expensive. 

Favourite  Halloween Costume
Yeah... that would be this little PBK mouse costume that both my kids wore for two years for parties and events--four times-- that's not happening these days anymore!

College Football or NFL
Yeah see above re: sports 

Fall or Halloween Decor
I start off with Fall and then after Thanksgiving/Divali bring out the Halloween stuff.

Raking Leaves or No Leaves to Rake
Lots of Leaves but we outsource those operations

Favourite Soup
We do this Chicken Tortilla Vegetable Soup year round at least once a month.Super healthy and makes a huge batch.

Favourite Fall Candle Scents
I love Pumpkin Coconut but sadly, I'm not burning too many candles anymore 

Love or hate Pumpkin Spice
ummm.... like.

Short Booties or Tall Boots
Short Booties for sure

Favourite Halloween Candy
I love all the Cadbury stuff like Mr. Big and Wunderbar-- are these Canadian?

PSL- yes or no?
Sometimes :-)

Hayride or Corn Maze
Corn Maze -- got to get those steps

Favourite Fall TV Show
This is us-- definitely This is US.

What about you? What are you into for fall? Am I the only one who can take or leave pumpkin spice?

Linking up with the lovelies of The Blended Blog (a little late) for Fall Questions.

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