Friday, December 9, 2016

festive favourites!

If Fridays by themselves aren't good enough, aren't December Fridays the best. So full of fun and festive! Here are some random bits of joy around here.

1- I finally put some stockings up. This year we neither have a mantle or proper staircases to put the stockings on so command hooks on our fireplace to the rescue. I seriously love those things. No punching holes in your walls or anything. 

2- To the random cashier who carded me at the liquor store, I love you. 

3- A new baby in the family who we really hope to see this weekend! And a new baby nephew from Trinidad who I'll see in less than a month's time.... Oh and another three year old nephew who I haven't seen since July. #boyfix.

4- Our family tree vs. my kids' tree. 


For more of our decor, check here.

5- This top has caught my eye for the holiday season. With a statement necklace (my seven y.o. would say 'obvi')

That's a wrap. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend filled with spatula licking ;-)

Oh and one last thing, wouldn't it be cool if we all brushed our teeth like this? Kiddo is getting her two minutes in, that's for sure!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Let's Talk Christmas ... with Deena

Don't you just love knowing about what other people do for the holiday season. Today on "Christmas Talk",  I have the fabulous Deena from Shoes to Shiraz. She's a fellow Canadian blogger with an amazing sense of style, fun one liners, delicious recipes and beautiful videos. I just know that in real life, we'd be friends!

(the comments in parenthesis below are mine) 

Best childhood holiday memory

 I lived for the music at la messe de minuit on Christmas Eve. We would go back to the small town my mom grew up in and sing with her choir, some french and some english songs.  Music became an important part of my Christmas memories from a young age.

(such a cool pic, those bows are totally making a comeback) 

At holiday parties, I sip on...

At holiday parties, I sip on all the drinks. Just kidding. I rarely go to holiday parties.  Seriously.  I’m more of a cuddle up by my tree and fire with my hubby type of gal. During which I have a glass of red in hand, obviously.

(this surprised me Deena. With your one lines, I'm thinking you'd be the life of the party. Yay for red wine)

How do you entertain over the holiday season?  

We alternate celebrating Christmas on Christmas day with my husband’s family, that way we’re not feeling rushed out anywhere and can truly enjoy our time at once place.  On alternate Christmas’ we usually celebrate the weekend before or over New Year’s Eve weekend.

 What are your holiday decorating secrets/tips?

I methodically attack the decorating.  One weekend I take down all the fall decor and prep the house, get out the Christmas stuff and put up the tree.  Another weekend for decorating the tree and then there’s usually just a few things to tidy up after that.  Also, I keep a rotation of pictures in my frames so that I can swap out summer or fall pictures with something for Christmas and then winter.

(I'm totally crushing on that rug. And that's a great tip about rotating pictures in the frames!)

What’s your current favourite holiday tradition? 

Definitely our Christmas village: we acquire a new piece with each wedding anniversary (Dec 27)….the village will soon be a city. Eek. You can read my blog post on it here.
(Wow, that thing will be worth millions someday!)

What’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day like in your house? 

Tasty, cozy, full of laughter and smiles.  

Just the way it should be! Thanks for posting, Deena!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Deck the halls 2016

This year, we were so excited to decorate our new home for the holiday season! A bit of new stuff, a bit of the old and here you have it. Come on in...

Our wreath this year looks tiny on this door. I'll have to replace it come next season.

 Let's go downstairs first...our family/tv/play area.
Downstairs is where the red is at. 

Just some pine fronds and some  glass ornaments

The girls were responsible for this tree. #youdoyoukids

I had to find new and creative ways to use what we had and fill our space instead of buying tons of new.

And then we head to the main floor where we spend most of our waking hours.  The space this year is very different from the last house so we used white, light decorations.


I covered two hard covered books with gift wrap to add some height to this tree.

Can you tell I bought a bunch of fronds?

Our tree this year-- we did pink, pewter and gold like we did for the past few years and then added lots of white and shine. 

I found this crystal garland at Marshall's and bought a couple to lighten the tree. 

Here's our decor from 2014 and 2015 in case you're nosy like I am ;-)

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'Tis the season, friends!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekending--- the first one in December

This weekend was so fun but I am SO tired! I feel like I need a day to recover from all the happenings.

Friday, we headed out to a holiday dinner with D's department to this seafood restaurant in Burlington. Traffic was awful but fresh oysters, steamed crab legs and jumbo shrimp totally made up for it-- no foodie pictures though as #husbandscolleagues 

We did take a walk and checked out the beautiful christmas lights after though.

On Saturday, we headed out bright and early to about an hour away for Aaron's 4th birthday party- a movie party. While the kids and D watched Moana, Mama did a little shopping in the attached mall. Gymboree sale, BBW candles and some kid stocking stuffers for the win! When we were done, we headed to Aaron's party #2 at his home with all his family. After a couple hours there, we were en route again, this time to party #3 at our friend Jo's house. and fun chatting with friends we hadn't seen in a while. We didn't leave too late though and put the kiddos in their pjs to come home as Sunday was an early one.

Bright and early on Sunday, we woke up, slicked back hair  and put makeup on a wiggly, giggly four year old for her little Christmas recital. 

They did "sleigh bells" and brought the house down with their cuteness and being an overall hot mess.

Santa visited after and the crowd went wild!
We headed to brunch after and then made our way to our city square for a German Christkindl market. 
The girls loved shopping for live entertainment, little handmade treats and goodies. 

  This little lady took her time choosing her four finger puppets. (The other one saved her money to go to Michael's instead)

The girls rolled their own maple taffy! VERY cool experience.

 (PS- C isn't wearing glasses for real- she got some 3d glasses from the movie, punched out the lenses and used them for the rest of the weekend)

Three out of the four of us napped when we came home, tidied up a bit and we all had fried chicken for dinner.... oh and salad :-)

Happy Monday, friends!
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