Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday- All Healthy Stuff

HAppy Friday everyone. Once again, I am linking up with the lovely ladies at Carolina Charm, The Good Life, A Liz Adventures and Hello Happiness. Let's do this!!

So in January, most of us are feeling the after effects of the holiday season. I for one consumed way too many baked goods, salty snacks, carbs and wine. Even though I worked out through the season, I still felt like crap once January came. So on Jan 6th, my workout buddy and I (along with our husbands) decided to really get serious. This 5 on Friday is dedicated to some very random fitness stuff that I've incorporated into my life. 

1- No Sugar

So this is the biggest one. And it really is a big one... anyone who knows me knows that this is epic!! We've totally cut out sugar from our diets. And sugar is in EVERYTHING-- even our breads and crackers. We still have natural sugars like those in fruit, honey and even some artificial ones like Stevia (I may also have on occasion had a Skinny Vanilla Latte and some sugar free ice cream). We give ourselves a cheat meal a week and so far it's been okay. Some days are harder than others but we've really begun to appreciate the natural sweetness in our foods. The other day, I took some Advil and loved the sweetness of the pill--- sad right?

2- Consistency with working out

I have to workout. I really don't feel great about myself unless I work out. I'm happier, have more energy, am more relaxed after... I really, really love it. I usually do it 4-6 times a week. Four times I usually do an hour and a half, the others 30 mins to an hour. But it really makes me so much less cranky. When I was in the corporate world and travelling lots, though I did work out, it wasn't nearly enough and it was one of the reasons I was not as happy as I am now (coupled with the stress, not spending enough time with my family, not having enough hours in the day--- all that sh!t)

3- The Card Workout

To follow #2, I think it's important to mix things up. I do spin twice a week, bootcamp, weights. At home, I have tons of DVDs. I love kickboxing, zumba and yoga. The other day, my workout partner and I did a card workout--- something like this.... it was intense!! I hated loved every minute of it! Of course face cards were high numbers and we even did burpees for the jokers.

4- Spin shoes anyone?

For anyone doing spin more than once a week, I highly recommend cycling shoes.  I just got some this year and it takes your workout up two levels. And now's the time of year to get these babies as it is not cycling season so there's lots on sale.

5- Smoothie love

We have been using our Vitamix every single day-- thanks to our new-found love of green smoothies. There's always something green like kale or green spinach. I've added whatever fruits we have on hand-- I've done apples, peaches, bananas, berries, mangos, clementines-- mixing and matching each day. Almond milk is our liquid of choice. I throw in unsweetened greek yogurt for the protein as well as hemp and chai for the omegas... I'm obsessed! I have so much more energy on the days that I have a smoothie and really crave it, the days that I don't. In fact, as I missed one for breakfast- I am going to make one for myself now for lunch.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 4- Everyday life

Week 4 already. Colds have hit us hard this winter. This is the third cold we've gotten-- it's like this family gets a monthly cold.... no flu yet though! As a result, not a lot is getting done. Lots of soup, sleep and snuggles though. 

 Here's what  we've been up to:

Day 22- Happy Birthday to me!

Day 23- Bananas in Pajamas- only a parent would get this.
As you can see, some people aren't really morning people. 
My mom also came in for a few days to spend with us on this day.

Day 24- My girls will be the flower girls for my cousin's wedding this spring so we did a dress rehearsal. I'm hoping that this doesn't happen on the actual day.....

Or this...

Day #25- We left the littles at home with my mom (thanks mama) and headed to TO for some grown up fun!

Day #26
Happy Birthday, Uncle Nil
Brunch is such a civilized affair when the grown ups alone do it. 

It was also Sean and Catherine's wedding #imobsessed

Day #27
My mama left- I'm always a touch sad when we have to say goodbye to my mama.
A and I decided to brave the grocery in the sub zeros though.

Day #28
'Filling out' the checklist in the doctors office for A's 18 month checkup/shots. Also, look who has enough hair for a scraggly ponytail--- and I use the word 'ponytail' very loosely

Monday, January 27, 2014

Goodness Gracious! 18 months already!?

On my birthday, last week, someone turned eighteen months. Someone  is officially not a baby anymore. We have to stop using the 'baby' label and move onto toddler....  sad  times in this house. Here's what's going on these days

She no longer walks... she runs everywhere. 16 teeth have come in perfectly so much so, it sometimes looks like she has veneers. And she loves to chat and tell lots of stories. Most of them we don't understand. Her words are too many to count now also. She's beginning to have definite favourites in what she eats. Still sleeping like a champ but bedtimes can sometimes be tricky putting her to sleep. She gets very angry that it's time for bed. 

She's finally fitting into her 12-18 month outfits. Some 12 month stuff still fits but the pants are beginning to get a bit short. She wears size 4 shoes now-- Cass was a size 4 at 11 months!!

Climbing up onto high surfaces and then breaking our a$$es and then crying because of said broken a$$es.

Oatmeal- maybe it's the cold weather and getting something warm and milky in her tummy but she loves oatmeal... and asian pears... and Cheetos-- yes folks, I caught my almost 5 year old sneaking her some Cheetos and she went a little mental. 

Going to drop off and pick up Cassia. She loves walking into Cassia's class and washing her hands in the tot sized sinks- every-single-day

Books- sometimes we rip them but most times we turn the pages. 

Spraying saline up her nose.

All things technology- iPad, iPhone and TV. I may or may not use the iPhone when I need to keep hera bit quiet.

When  she doesn't get her way especially when Cassia grabs something away from her.... She says 'Ey' like a true trini

Sitting in a grocery cart for more than 30 minutes... Speed shopping anyone?

She still doesn't like anything in your hair even though her hair is beginning to really grow. 

She still has this wonderful, co-dependent, borderline unhealthy obsession with her mama. She also shrieks with delight when Daddy comes home. She is getting more friendly with strangers though! Saying hi and smiling with people is something new. 

Anjali definitely has her own distinct, cheeky personality. There is a sweetness to her but also a very stubborn streak. She is growing up to be quite the comedian with the most bubbly, belly laughs. She has her own breed of cuteness and the most cheery smile ever. We simply can't imagine our lives before this little girl entered it. 


Love you, A. You'll always be OUR baby!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday celebrations

I had a wonderful, relaxing birthday filled with beautiful family moments and warm wishes from near and far. I felt special, loved and appreciated.... the feelings you should feel on your special day!  

Firstly, Cassia told me the day before "Mommy, you take care of everyone. It's our turn to take care of you." She called Darin in work the day before and she reminded him to get balloons, streamers and an eleven (?)  layer cake. She made a present for me and she was insistent that I not open it until my birthday. She was so sweet and thoughtful and caring all through my birthday. 

On my actual birthday, my family woke me up with hugs and kisses and told me to come downstairs for a special treat. There were balloons everywhere, a delicious breakfast and a cranky baby D woke her up early to be part of the celebrations-  bad idea! Then it was off the school, work and the gym. D, A and I had a late lunch in a bakery, I left them to get a mani/pedi and then it was home for cake. At night, the adults went to a really cool indonesian restaurant with some friends followed by $4 martinis (we are all class)  at a neighbourhood restaurant. 

Happy Birthday to me!

Let's get this party started. By party, I mean let's go to school

My post  workout drink 

Lunch with my sweeties

Smoky nails like all the cool girls! 

Chocolate hazelnut cake 

Though it seems like my house is on fire, it's not. It's just me turning 35. 

Mona and I

Having some milk (wink, wink) 

Thanks family and friends for all the phone calls, text messages and great wishes. They made my day so much more special. And it doesn't stop there. My mom came in for NY for a quick visit and this weekend D and I head out to Toronto for our first adult only weekend together since Cassia was born. I'm so excited!! To be continued......

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

35 things on my 35th--- umm, I mean 25th

Happy Birthday to me!!! In honour of yours truly, here are 35 truly random things to celebrate my 35 years on this earth. (got the idea from Leah over at Everyday Love)

  1. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean
  2. I love to accessorize- the funkier the better. 
  3. I had never seen Canada before deciding to move here
  4. I cannot be easily surprised. In fact, only my 21st party thrown by my best friend and my baby shower has surprised me
  5. I met Darin in TGI Friday's in Trinidad
  6. I had spinal fusion surgery when I was 14 to correct a severe case of idiopathic scoliosis. Because of this, I have a steel rod in my upper back
  7. I call both Trinidad and Canada home
  8. I am a creature of routine especially with my kids and especially during the week
  9. My favourite colour for walls are a pale blue
  10. I am embarrassed to admit that I watch The Bachelor- Sean Lowe is my favourite bachelor so far
  11. It's hard for me to say no- except to my kids
  12. I save my emails and texts- especially the sentimental ones
  13. I love chocolate--- when I check the menu for dessert, I usually gravitate towards the most chocolaty item
  14. I was a very skinny kid. Oh to have that metabolism again! But then again, I was also quite the picky eater. 
  15. The year I moved up to Canada was the most difficult one in my life so far
  16. Elin Hilderbrand is my favourite author. I reread her books every summer and I preorder every single book of hers
  17. I love leggings but really don't like jeans too much. Jeggings on the other hand...
  18. I love a to-do list and make one almost everyday
  19. I cry very, very easily
  20. I am obsessed with scented candles but I am very fussy with my scents so it is very difficult to buy candles for me
  21. My firstborn reminds me of myself more than anybody else in the world
  22. I love asian fusion cuisine most
  23. My greatest fear in the world is something (healthwise) happening to my family 
  24. I get nauseous often- especially sitting in the backseats of cars for long trips
  25. I really learnt to cook after I got married-- I'm a quick study!
  26. I believe there is inherent good in everyone. 
  27. I cannot ice-skate- never learnt in hot TNT and now because of my back I can't learn
  28. I broke my left pinkie when I was 25 and only realised it last year
  29. My two most favourite vacations so far were Italy (pre-kids) and Turks & Caicos (post kids). I hope to go back to both these places
  30. Though red wine is my drink of choice, I love a really good, really dirty martini
  31. I love my sleep. I can't operate on too little sleep- I get 7 hours almost every night. 
  32. I don't like clutter but at the same time don't like totally sterile surfaces--- a little bit of stuff is good 
  33. I cannot play team sports (sudden jarring movements affect my back) but I love to work out in a controlled environment 
  34. I laugh lots but no one makes me laugh more than D. 
  35. I make a really, really big deal about birthdays!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everyday life in 2013- Week 3

Week 3 already?! Whaaatttt???? Here are our snapshots from this past week. 

Day #15. Once again ( I have a feeling it will happen once or twice each week) I didn't take a pic. Check this lady out though. Asleep midway through lunch. We've transitioned from a midday nap to an early evening nap but sometimes we get pretty tired. 

Day #16
Anjali at a playdate at a friend's house. My friend is a teacher so she always has great ideas or great activities for the kids to do or make. Little A couldn't help putting the (non-toxic) paint in her mouth several times though. 

Day #17
Look at my four year old eating with training chopsticks at a Japanese restaurants. We were quite impressed! 

Day #18

Arisa's birthday. We went to Ajax for a beautiful tea princess party. Check out the girls' faces.

Day #19
Mexican lunch (and margaritas) at my work out buddy's house. Yummmm. Here are the kids totally ignoring each other. 

Day #20
Love my girls!

Day #20
My morning smoothie chockful of good stuff. This morning's drink contained strawberries, a small banana, greek yogurt, kale, hemp seeds, chia seeds and unsweetened almond milk. Yum.

Monday, January 20, 2014


We do a couple extra curricular activities. I think it's an important part of raising a well rounded kid. In Trinidad, growing up we were more academically focused as it was so competitive at an early age to get into the best schools.  Both kids do music and then Cass does dance as well. LAst fall though, they both did gymnastics at the Dynamo Gym on a Saturday morning. Cassia loved it. She would be racing around to her different stations, performing the activities with gusto and always peeking to see if I was watching her. Anjali... not so much. We did a parent and tot class so either D or I would be with her. Initially, she couldn't really walk that well so if I could read her mind I'd bet she'd be saying "really people, seriously? I can't walk but you expect me to jump and roll". She would ask to be held almost all the time, be a bit whiny and sometimes just flat out refuse to do stuff. It was a gong show.

However, as the weeks went by, she began to enjoy it more. She started to like the trampoline lots and she enjoyed falling in the pits.  She began racing around and exploring more also. She can't walk in a straight line on the beam to save her life but it was fun nonetheless. In fact, I'm a bit sad that the class is over. The next stage up is from 18 months to 3 years and that one my friends, she is not ready for! Maybe next fall!

Lots of help from her instructor


Backward flip

We did it!!

The kid in the pic- mine

Trampoline time!

And another trampoline! 

Sometimes, Cassia stops the class for the teacher to braid her hair--- I jest not!

Let's go here, mama! 

With intention!

This was at the podium when they received their certificates.  
We're too cool for this apparently

I love my babies' feet

Great job, sweet Cass!

This term we try skating again. I won't lie, not so excited about this one. 

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