Wednesday, January 22, 2014

35 things on my 35th--- umm, I mean 25th

Happy Birthday to me!!! In honour of yours truly, here are 35 truly random things to celebrate my 35 years on this earth. (got the idea from Leah over at Everyday Love)

  1. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean
  2. I love to accessorize- the funkier the better. 
  3. I had never seen Canada before deciding to move here
  4. I cannot be easily surprised. In fact, only my 21st party thrown by my best friend and my baby shower has surprised me
  5. I met Darin in TGI Friday's in Trinidad
  6. I had spinal fusion surgery when I was 14 to correct a severe case of idiopathic scoliosis. Because of this, I have a steel rod in my upper back
  7. I call both Trinidad and Canada home
  8. I am a creature of routine especially with my kids and especially during the week
  9. My favourite colour for walls are a pale blue
  10. I am embarrassed to admit that I watch The Bachelor- Sean Lowe is my favourite bachelor so far
  11. It's hard for me to say no- except to my kids
  12. I save my emails and texts- especially the sentimental ones
  13. I love chocolate--- when I check the menu for dessert, I usually gravitate towards the most chocolaty item
  14. I was a very skinny kid. Oh to have that metabolism again! But then again, I was also quite the picky eater. 
  15. The year I moved up to Canada was the most difficult one in my life so far
  16. Elin Hilderbrand is my favourite author. I reread her books every summer and I preorder every single book of hers
  17. I love leggings but really don't like jeans too much. Jeggings on the other hand...
  18. I love a to-do list and make one almost everyday
  19. I cry very, very easily
  20. I am obsessed with scented candles but I am very fussy with my scents so it is very difficult to buy candles for me
  21. My firstborn reminds me of myself more than anybody else in the world
  22. I love asian fusion cuisine most
  23. My greatest fear in the world is something (healthwise) happening to my family 
  24. I get nauseous often- especially sitting in the backseats of cars for long trips
  25. I really learnt to cook after I got married-- I'm a quick study!
  26. I believe there is inherent good in everyone. 
  27. I cannot ice-skate- never learnt in hot TNT and now because of my back I can't learn
  28. I broke my left pinkie when I was 25 and only realised it last year
  29. My two most favourite vacations so far were Italy (pre-kids) and Turks & Caicos (post kids). I hope to go back to both these places
  30. Though red wine is my drink of choice, I love a really good, really dirty martini
  31. I love my sleep. I can't operate on too little sleep- I get 7 hours almost every night. 
  32. I don't like clutter but at the same time don't like totally sterile surfaces--- a little bit of stuff is good 
  33. I cannot play team sports (sudden jarring movements affect my back) but I love to work out in a controlled environment 
  34. I laugh lots but no one makes me laugh more than D. 
  35. I make a really, really big deal about birthdays!

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