Monday, January 27, 2014

Goodness Gracious! 18 months already!?

On my birthday, last week, someone turned eighteen months. Someone  is officially not a baby anymore. We have to stop using the 'baby' label and move onto toddler....  sad  times in this house. Here's what's going on these days

She no longer walks... she runs everywhere. 16 teeth have come in perfectly so much so, it sometimes looks like she has veneers. And she loves to chat and tell lots of stories. Most of them we don't understand. Her words are too many to count now also. She's beginning to have definite favourites in what she eats. Still sleeping like a champ but bedtimes can sometimes be tricky putting her to sleep. She gets very angry that it's time for bed. 

She's finally fitting into her 12-18 month outfits. Some 12 month stuff still fits but the pants are beginning to get a bit short. She wears size 4 shoes now-- Cass was a size 4 at 11 months!!

Climbing up onto high surfaces and then breaking our a$$es and then crying because of said broken a$$es.

Oatmeal- maybe it's the cold weather and getting something warm and milky in her tummy but she loves oatmeal... and asian pears... and Cheetos-- yes folks, I caught my almost 5 year old sneaking her some Cheetos and she went a little mental. 

Going to drop off and pick up Cassia. She loves walking into Cassia's class and washing her hands in the tot sized sinks- every-single-day

Books- sometimes we rip them but most times we turn the pages. 

Spraying saline up her nose.

All things technology- iPad, iPhone and TV. I may or may not use the iPhone when I need to keep hera bit quiet.

When  she doesn't get her way especially when Cassia grabs something away from her.... She says 'Ey' like a true trini

Sitting in a grocery cart for more than 30 minutes... Speed shopping anyone?

She still doesn't like anything in your hair even though her hair is beginning to really grow. 

She still has this wonderful, co-dependent, borderline unhealthy obsession with her mama. She also shrieks with delight when Daddy comes home. She is getting more friendly with strangers though! Saying hi and smiling with people is something new. 

Anjali definitely has her own distinct, cheeky personality. There is a sweetness to her but also a very stubborn streak. She is growing up to be quite the comedian with the most bubbly, belly laughs. She has her own breed of cuteness and the most cheery smile ever. We simply can't imagine our lives before this little girl entered it. 


Love you, A. You'll always be OUR baby!

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