Thursday, January 9, 2014


We went to see Frozen a couple weeks ago. Little were we to know that our lives in the weeks to follow would be a case of life imitating art. We have had ridiculously cold weather  in the past few weeks. We've had an ice storm, multiple snowfalls and some awfully cold temperature. In the ten years I've been in Canada it was never as cold as it was this past Tuesday. It was -41 with the windchill!! Schools were closed in our region because of extreme weather conditions. We were dismayed but Cassia was so excited to stay home and watch as she put it 'kids shows' (no tv is allowed during the school week). I managed to get out for a quick workout (it was insane going outside and the gym was very quiet) but other than that we stayed indoors. We watched way too much tv, ate lots of chicken corn soup, played tons of games  and Darin's mom made sada roti as a treat for dinner. 

Somebody's more into tv than somebody else. 

Lots of cheddar crackers (as I'm still on my sugar detox, I am becoming a fan of them as well)

My doll pushing my other doll in their doll's stroller (huh?)

This happens when people leave me alone for too long

People get creative in the cold

People also wear no makeup in the cold

Cassia was draped from head to toe

Save a foot or two 

It's warming up already but this is only the beginning of January. Can you imagine what we are in store for? 

So back to Frozen, the movie not our life. I must say that Disney got it right this time. In an adaptation of the Snow Queen, they've worked on this movie for years before finally releasing it in 2013. All my previous complaints about the prince saving the princess, the exaggerated Daddy relationships and the women being helpless are moot points in this movie. The soundtrack is also phenomenal. We listen to it on the way to and back from school. Well done, Disney! 

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