Monday, January 20, 2014


We do a couple extra curricular activities. I think it's an important part of raising a well rounded kid. In Trinidad, growing up we were more academically focused as it was so competitive at an early age to get into the best schools.  Both kids do music and then Cass does dance as well. LAst fall though, they both did gymnastics at the Dynamo Gym on a Saturday morning. Cassia loved it. She would be racing around to her different stations, performing the activities with gusto and always peeking to see if I was watching her. Anjali... not so much. We did a parent and tot class so either D or I would be with her. Initially, she couldn't really walk that well so if I could read her mind I'd bet she'd be saying "really people, seriously? I can't walk but you expect me to jump and roll". She would ask to be held almost all the time, be a bit whiny and sometimes just flat out refuse to do stuff. It was a gong show.

However, as the weeks went by, she began to enjoy it more. She started to like the trampoline lots and she enjoyed falling in the pits.  She began racing around and exploring more also. She can't walk in a straight line on the beam to save her life but it was fun nonetheless. In fact, I'm a bit sad that the class is over. The next stage up is from 18 months to 3 years and that one my friends, she is not ready for! Maybe next fall!

Lots of help from her instructor


Backward flip

We did it!!

The kid in the pic- mine

Trampoline time!

And another trampoline! 

Sometimes, Cassia stops the class for the teacher to braid her hair--- I jest not!

Let's go here, mama! 

With intention!

This was at the podium when they received their certificates.  
We're too cool for this apparently

I love my babies' feet

Great job, sweet Cass!

This term we try skating again. I won't lie, not so excited about this one. 

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