Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Everyday life in 2014- Week 2

Happy Wednesday. Here's a list of our everyday ongoings in week 2 of 2014. 

Day 8- this little lady started going back to the gym (day care) with me. She took a break for a couple weeks. She was thrilled to be back. 

Day 9- full disclosure, I totally forgot to take a pic on day 9 but this pic reminds me of how I feel most mornings.

Day 10- Check my little gourmand loving her butter chicken at this wonderful new restaurant we tried. 

Day 11- We went to a very sweet  surprise anniversary party for our  aunt and uncle. It was a touching evening!

Day 12- We went for a quick dinner at the Keg on Sunday night after we had a lazy day at home

Day 13- Bye bye Ajee and Aja!

Day 14- Back to normal everyday routine

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