Tuesday, January 7, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things--- says Anjali... Oh and Mommy & Me

Guest post by Anjali

My folks buy me lots of toys... okay, well maybe they bought Cassia lots of toys and I inherited some of it and then they bought me a couple more (it was Christmas the other day, after all)  I have something to play with in virtually every room in this house--- there's like some sort of basket or box in every single room. But do I play with the things that I'm supposed to? Nah, that would be too easy. Instead-- here are a few of my very favourite things---

I love a good door- especially a closed one. In fact, if a door is open, I rush to close it. Maybe it's the sound of the slam that I find satisfying, maybe it's that I like my privacy.  Sometimes, I  even trap myself in a room bleating "mama, mama" for help until someone rescues me. 

I seriously enjoy some good jewelry. My mama's indian bracelets are my fave.

(My mom doesn't want people to see how messy things when I play with her jewelry so she didn't allow me to put up that pic)

I love, love pots, pans and measuring cups. My mom even finds measuring cups in my toybox-- let's just say baking is difficult in this house.

I really love books but I enjoy turning the pages more than anything else--- really, really quickly. I also enjoy ripping the pages out of books-- Cass be warned.

Cassia's books are my favourite of all... especially the colouring books-- speaking of which I love crayons... and markers. I especially love putting markers in my mouth. 

Of course I love my food! Nuff said.

But  the thing that I love more than anything else in this world and have serious separation anxiety when I think we're about to be separated is this lady here.... I say mama more than any other word all day every day. Hey, I'm nothing if not consistent... and grateful. Love you, Mama!

Speaking of which, enjoy our Mommy and me picture taken before Santa petrified me. Once again, linking up with Everyday Love and Dear Owen.

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