Thursday, July 8, 2021

Last Day of School 2021

Happy Friday, friends! School's been out for the last couple weeks but I figured better late than never has been the motto of this blog (and in some ways our lives) these days so here we go :-)'

Both girls are leaving their school. C is going to middle school and I decided to pull A out of the current school as well and put her in her actual school zone in the same school as her sister (the elementary goes to middle school) . I'm really hopeful that they both get a peer group in their neighbourhood and I'm looking forward to not being their school bus anymore. 

A said goodbye to  Grade 3, her friends and teachers. This has been a tough year for A. She was diagnosed with celiac and was really suffering with tummy pain for quite a while. It still lingers and is quite worrisome. She is a bright kid but wasn't a huge fan of online learning as she is so social. She did her work but towards the end with her tummy acting up again, things fell through the cracks and I was okay with it. This is also the first year I really didn't pay much mind to grades... We were still pleased with them though. 

C said goodbye to and graduated from sixth grade with a virtual slideshow...our region decided on no awards and no graduation ceremony for the graduates which saddened me but we did our best to make it as festive as we could with our balloons, dinner out and a few friends over to celebrate her. We also said goodbye to her very favourite teacher EVER  ( and possibly mine though moms aren't supposed to have favourites) . She sobbed like it was her job many times that week especially when she said goodbye to Madame. The kids were allowed to go into their school, drop off gifts and pick up their stuff. She was the last person to do a drop off that day  and Mme said to her "C, you are my last student here today but you are definitely by no means my least." Well that set ALL of the waterworks off... It's a good thing I was wearing massive sunglasses and a mask. She also wrote the most beautiful things in her gift to her.

The tone of this post is a bit dismal as it really was a not to fond farewell to this school year! But off we are to new adventures. I'm so proud of my girls for getting through this school year, growing and learning. It was a tough one.  I'm so hopeful that the kiddos get a brand new, fresh start come September.  I really hope masks are no longer part of school life and more and more people get vaccinated.... In the meanwhile, with three out of the four of us fully vaccinated, we are slowly opening up our lives to others, activities, outings and really making the most of this summer sunshine. 

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