Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Festival of Lights- Divali 2022

Another year, another beautiful Divali. 

For those new to the blog (very unlikely as I blog so infrequently, I know the loyalists are the ones still reading LOL), here's what Divali is about 

 This Divali we spent it at my friend Luisa's house whilst she went to Portugal. We were supposed to head to some family's but because of a sore throat, opted to stay in. The kids and I had the day off from work and school. We did our prayers at our temporary home, ate lots of delicious food and mithai (sweets), played games and did henna. Here are just a few shots of our simple, meaningful celebration.  

My kids love aloo pies and doubles just like their parents #iykyk

We lit beautiful deeyas all through the house (Luisa was so happy that her house was blessed with our celebrations and prayers)

Henna for all! Some didn't last very long.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday Favourites: Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

#Fridayfeelings! As we're heading into another weekend, here's a look at one of my FAVOURITE weekends of the year, Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I was a bit nervous about this one because of my messy house in shambles because of the renovation. With some ingenuity and creativity, we rocked it though. 

This weekend :
We dropped C off to swimming on Friday and heading for drinks and dinner at Bauer Kitchen! So yum

Did Mathesium, grocery shopping and a run with Toby

Headed to Mississauga at D's aunt's place for a Thanksgiving meal, SO much dessert and family time

Played Werewolves for the first time (obsessed)

Woke up late on Sunday, prepped our thanksgiving meal, brought outdoor furniture indoors and set everything up

Went for a short run with Toby followed by a longer hike with the family. 

Had way too much Thanksgiving Dinner #

Watched "The Luckiest Girl Alive" with D - scary when you have a newly minted teen girl in the house

Slept in on Monday but went for a long, beautiful walk with a friend

Went to another friend's house and came home stocked with food.

Had leftovers for dinner!! 

On Tuesday,  though technically not the weekend, went with D for a quick bite to eat and to see Bryan Adams in our first concert in ages!!

I like little sticks of fries and these were the best!

These pumpkin flowers are always my fave-- I'm also blessed to be gifted one every year!

Cookie decorating!

Thankfully, I could find a few of my little decorations!

Outdoor rug and furniture- check!

A teenager and her mama 

On the menu: green beans, salad, mashed potatoes (c's specialty), stuffing, cranberry, bread, gravy and turkey! 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! XOXOX

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Friday, October 7, 2022

Currently- As I'm playing catch up

Every year on my birthday, I do a currently post... I call it a state of my soul.  Nine  months after my birthday isn't too late, is it?

thinking |  That 'it is what it is' . My mantra these days as we're in the midst of a house reno. 

drinking | Lemon water, coffee, water... in that order. I think this weekend I will have to change that a bit.
eating | all things vegetarian for the past week. It's the hindu festival- Navratri so we've had a period of meatless eating. There are so many options out there now. Also, trying experiences and cuisines with the kiddos. 
reading | Obsessed with Libby, the online library app. I've been trying new authors and my book spending has gotten way less. Right now, I'm corcurrently reading How to raise kids who aren't a$$holes and  With Love from London.   
loving | the beautiful fall foliage
wanting | my reno to be over so then the fun of layout and furniture can slowly begin. 
watching | The Resident and Bachelor in Paradise. I'm one of the last ones to watch network TV and I feel like those days are numbered. 
listening | to Kelly Ripa's new book on Audible.
trying | to really rock this job after 9 years away from the marketing /corporate world. It has not been easy, friends.  
wishing | see wanting above
planning |a teeny, tiny thatnksgiving dinner for our family on four with NO furniture in the house... we are trying to get creative with outdoor furniture and makeshift tablescapes which everyone knows are my jam :-).  
enjoying | REALFRUIT gummies--- Canadian friends, you should try them!
day dreaming | of November, new furniture and a new look to upstairs in our house. 
waiting |  to see if we actually have to move out while they're doing some of the renos. My friend is going away for three weeks so she's offered us her place but it's far away from all the extra curricular that occupies every single evening. 
liking |That today still feels like summer but looks like fall. LOVE fall foliage
needing | to start researching high schools for a little miss who isn't so little anymore.
wearing | a few pieces... most of my clothes is in a pod in our driveway. 
starting | to enjoy my kids getting older. When they're not incredibly sassy, they're quite enjoyable. 
smelling |autumn candles. I've been burning one in my little office area in the basement since there are no windows. 
thanking | my neighbours who take Toby when there's no one at home or the contractors are there and I don't want him to be underfoot. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!!

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