Friday, December 8, 2017

Decking the Halls- Christmas Decor 2017

Happy Friday!! I'm a bit late to the party but here's a look at our Holiday D├ęcor for 2017. Come on in....

We'll start at the opposite end of the house, downstairs in our family room.We did red  here from Christmas decor previous years.

I did little jars of greenery through the house. 

A little peek into the girls' rooms.

And then we head upstairs to our main area. 

Our foyer

Our refillable advent calendar that we fill with leftover bite size halloween candy and tiny lindt chocolate. 

I bought that green book "family christmas treasures" even before I had the girls. It will always find a place in our house.

Our elves eating some snacks...

That book is from my teen years and now my eight year old has started to play carols from it. #happymama

 I'm loving twinkle lights this year. 

And I will end with way too many pictures of our tree.

I love the lights reflecting on the glass. 

My kids and our niece's ornaments this year. 

And there you have it.... 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Currently- December 2017

Happy Wednesday! Here's what's been going on currently in our little lives:

All things warm and cozy. We just finished some outdoor lighting  and our tree lights have been twinkling for a few weeks now. I'm also obsessed by these battery powered twinkle lights in jars, planters and even our wreath. Also loving votive holders for some extra soft lighting.

...On you guessed it... Christmas presents, hostess gifts, treats for us and for teachers and all the kiddos' extra curricular helpers. We are in a good place though. Just a few little things to buy again. 

 To keep it as simple and as easy as possible to truly remember the reason for the season. We have something going on every weekend but we also want to spend some time just enjoying the holiday and how truly magical and wonderful it is.

Lots and lots of Christmas carols. Bing Crosby is on repeat in the car... 

And while we are talking holiday... let's take a look at our North Pole breakfast when our elves returned this December. Sidenote, we always had one elf per season. However, last year our initial elf Patraj got lost in couldn't find our house after we moved.... so then we got Noelle... And then Patraj resurfaced. And now we have two.

And here's where they landed today...

Have a wonderful December day!
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday entertaining tips

We entertain a lot but my most  favourite times to have people over is the holiday season. We have different friends and family over, some bigger gatherings and just couples over sometimes. I did a 10 tips on party hosting a while ago but here are a  few more other tips on having people over whatever size the gathering may be. 

1- Stock up on nuts, cheeses, crackers and dips so that you are prepared for even an impromptu gathering. I try to get a mix of tried and true favourites and some different treats that I want to share with our guests.

2- I love a good signature Christmas cocktail to start the night. There are so many great ones to choose from online but I usually love a sparkling sipper to begin the festivities. 

3- Christmas music in the background is always lovely. Parang (our local upbeat holiday music) for the trinis who come around, carols for everyone else :-)

4- Lighting is lovely. I light a few tea lights, make sure the christmas tree is lit, put on some lamps and keep it warm and cozy.

5- When I'm preparing dinner, I try to do as much as possible before including the main dish if possible so I can relax when my family and friends are here. I stick it in the oven at 275 in the last half hour before being ready to serve. 

6- If someone asks to bring something, I just may take them up on their offer :-)

7- If we are having kids over as well, I feed them first then put on a kids' Christmas movie for them to enjoy while the adults are having dinner. 

8- Know what you can handle. I used to have a big party for many years running but I stopped it a few years ago. I was running around a lot and not getting to enjoy my guests as much as I would have liked so now I keep it simpler with smaller gatherings and my annual girls' night in- 4th year in a row. Everyone brings an appetizer and it's a wonderful time

9- Dessert really doesn't have to be fancy. A platter of assorted cookies, some spiked eggnog as a digestif or a holiday ice cream are great little treats in this season of decadence. 

10-We keep our formula simple as much as possible. Good company, food and wine is all you need. 

If you aren't the host but instead are the guest, here's a list of hostess gifts under $20

What are your favourite holiday hosting and entertaining tips?

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Q & A

Happy December Sunday! Today I'm discussing all things Christmas with The Blended Blog
1. Real or Fake Tree?
Fake all the way! We are from the islands originally so we are used to fake. Additionally, we put up our tree in mid November. A real tree wouldn't do that well with us early Christmasers :-)

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?
Either skor bars or shortbread... total toss up

3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel?
Home ALL the way. 

4. Clear or Colored Lights?
Clear all the way also.

5. Send Christmas Cards?

6. Favorite Christmas Present Received? 
That's such a hard one. I do remember when I was 14 and I spent Christmas in NYC with my aunts, one of them gave me a huge, beautifully wrapped box with dress after dress after dress.... about 14 in total. I actually shrieked in excitement. 

7. Favorite Christmas Present Given?
Another hard one but I do remember giving my mother in law a Holiday Barbie a few years ago and her getting very emotional over it. 
8. Stockings or no stockings? 
Stockings but in our house stockings don't come from Santa but from everyone in the house.

9. Christmas PJ's?
Yes. Every year for the kiddos but the adults have some we pull out year after year.

10. Favorite Christmas carol?
That's like asking me to pick my favourite child. SOME of my faves include The First Noel, Senor Santa Claus, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I am a very random individual, I know. 

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
I just love Christmas Eve and all the excitement behind it.

12. Early Shopper or Last Minute? 
Early enough-- and some last minute stocking stuffers.

13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show?
I love Love Actually and The Holiday but I also enjoy all those cheesy hallmark movies while wrapping presents. 

14. Favorite Holiday Beverage? 
Wine ;-).

15. Cookies and Milk for Santa? 

And while we are talking all things Christmas here are some Christmas snapshots from when we went to breakfast with Santa and a holiday open house and horse drawn trolley through the city.

They have their priorities-- breakfast first, Santa next

'Tis the season, friends!

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