Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Life Lately

In the midst of all the festive Christmas posting, we take a break for some life lately.... and LOTS of pics.

We went to the most beautiful unicorn birthday party for one of our favourite 5 years old a couple weeks ago. The details were exquisite. 

This cake tasted even better than it looked. 

We stayed to hang out with the birthday girl and her family and the little ones decided to help each other brush their teeth. Is that the equivalent to grown up girl friends helping each other put on makeup?!

Our second swim meet... We were up at 530 to get ready for this one-- all hands on deck for 645. Uggg. We all prefer the three o'clock ones.

I also went to a beautiful baby shower in a butterfly conservatory. It was simply lovely.

And then a very special little boy had his first birthday blessing.  Isn't the set up lovely!

After dance recital, the girls and I decided to do some making-- yeah, leotards and aprons is how we roll.

Our elf has been up to many shenanigans lately. This one was more compromising than I realised when I 'saw' it the night before. (I seriously debated even posting this pic). Thankfully, the girls thought they were snuggling. 

And the day after they seemed to be back to some more PG shenanigans.
A has been into these iron-ons like it's her job. Her fine motor skills are beginning to rival a surgeon. 

My in-laws were here for a few weeks and we celebrated (a little belated) an 80th birthday.

And finally, time to get tracking again. I got a Fitbit Alta this time after my Charge HR gave up on me. 

Cheers to a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Girl, you are so festive and fun, look at all the sweet celebrating! That Unicorn party looked amazing...LOVE the cake!

  2. The unicorn cake is all the rage! You guys have been having some fun celebrating all kinds of things.

  3. That unicorn themed party is SO cute! I'm kind of obsessed with it all! And let me know how you like your new Fitbit!

  4. What a cute party - I could do with a little unicorn cake right now!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Check out all those amazing birthday party spreads! Now I'm totally craving cake! <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. Love all the festivities you have been to! That Unicorn party, oh my goodness, Mini Fox was JUST saying she wanted a Unicorn party for her next birthday party! So funny!

  7. SO many amazing parties. I mean seriously #impressed. I just got a Fitbit HR2 and I am in love with it! I need to find you on the app!


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