Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rest in Peace

These last couple days have been awful ones. My brother in law, Sunil, D's second brother, passed away suddenly. He was a very devoted and loyal son, father, brother, brother in law, nephew, cousin and uncle to so many people and we are all shocked and grief stricken.  

Kind, loving, thoughtful, funny ... Sunil meant a lot of things to many different people. I only knew him as  a family member but what I will always remember is his kindness and devotion to my family. Very quiet himself, he would buy the noisiest, shiniest toys for my kids. He had the sweetest tooth known to man and he loved buying treats for my kids but also tried to be respectful of my wishes for a healthy diet, so he gave them juice :-). He had an especially special bond with Cassia and would read her story after story after story at bedtime. Towards the end as well, Anjali became his little buddy and they would bring each other so much joy. 

With his one hand, he would shovel snow so Darin wouldn't have to do it. This November,  when I went to Trinidad to see my new nephew, he stayed with my family for the entire 4 days, helping to take care of the kids, cook, clean and do laundry so that it was so easy for me when I came back. When it was really cold out, he would come here to help me watch Anjali so that I could go run a few errands quickly. I've never taken my car in for service as between him and Darin, they would take care of that. The last time I saw him, he drove in a snow storm to bring us some Trinidadian curry that his friend made. And these are just a few out of dozens of other altruistic deeds he did for us. 

Until he died though, I never knew the extent of all the sweet things he did for so many other people and all of his generous actions. At a memorial service his friends had for him, so many people spoke about how helpful and kind he was. All of this when he was in so much pain for all of his adult life since he got into an accident when he was seventeen. This  paralyzed his left arm and resulting in a lifetime of nerve pain. Our only consolation is that now he is finally free from that pain. 

I can't imagine what my mother in law and his children are going through. So as we head off to Trinidad next week for the funeral and final hindu rites, I will not be blogging but I ask that you keep us in your prayers. 

Rest in Peace, Sunil. So many of us will miss you dearly.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 5

Another week!! Here's what we've been up to in this blustery weather...

Day #29
My solemn ballerina
Please note that this is not my house but the very messy change room in the dance studio

Day #30
Daddy +Baby = Lots of love and cuddles

Day #31
Moments like this melt my heart.
And then they began fighting for the innotab

Day #32
We had some wonderful friends over for dinner to try our trini pelau

Day #33
Superbowl Nachos!

Day #34
Happy Monday-- All bundled up and ready to go!

Day #35
It was minus something out and my kids wanted ice-cream.... go figure!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday Celebrations Part Deux

As I alluded to before, my mom came to spend the weekend (like two weekends ago) and take care of the girls while D and I went on a brief sojourn to Toronto. I didn't know what was going on-- I had no idea where we were staying, where we were going for dinner, if any friends were coming and who they were... or at least I wasn't supposed to. D is not very good at keeping secrets... me on the other hand... 

Anyways, D arranged an overnight at the Ritz Hotel. We got to spend lots of quality time together in an amazing upgraded suite (yoo-hoo), went for drinks and even met up with a few friends for dinner. The next day, though we planned to walk around the city, enjoy the hotel a bit and do some shopping, it was so cold with the promise of lots of snow to come. Instead, we had lunch at a lovely French Bistro and then came back home pretty quickly... I also missed my girls and wanted to spend time with my mom anyways. 

I think that D is a very special sort to do this for me. And my mom is amazing for coming just for the weekend and watching the kids. And my friends for braving this awful cold and coming out. And my kids are quite cool for not driving my mom mental while she was here. Overall, I have some kind folk around me. Love you guys! 

So excited to go!!!!

Here we are at the Ritz Carlton!!!

Thanks Ritz for these amazing cupcakes--- let's just say I took a lil' break from my detox!

Pre-dinner dirty martini

We went to this amazing seafood restaurant for dinner--- absolutely amazing seafood.

Two sweet ladies XO

A few of us who went out

Thanks D!!

As you can see, someone is not comfortable with PDA.

I had to take this pic- the Ritz had a TV in the mirror--- super cool right!?!

Brunch time.

Then it was back home--- where Anjali became super clingy and Cassia gave Ariel a bob. Go figure! 
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