Friday, July 31, 2020

Terre Bleu Lavender Farms

Happy Friday.... here are a few shots from the beautiful Terre Bleu Lavender Farms that we went to last week. Filled with beauty, a heavenly scents and many photo ops, the girls and I had lovely time with C, her friend and her friend's mom. 


My kids weren't cooperating and this is the best one we got of them together.

Such a poser....

I tell her to open her eyes and she does this ....

Off to mask up and head to the gift shoppe.

A fun little summer outing. Photo credit also to Andrea, Anne and Cynthia for some of these lovely shots!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday- July 2020

, What’s Up Wednesday {04.29.20}

Hello!!! Here's what's been going on around here lately. 

What we're eating this week:

Eating healthy-ish... 

Monday: roasted cauliflower, pan fried steamed halibut and potatoes for the kids.

Tuesday: lentil turkey sausage soup

Wednesday: fish tacos or shrimp of some sort.

Thursday: veggie burgers maybe? We try to do meatless....

Friday: maybe some takeout or some sort of finger food Friday. 

Weekends will be time on the grill, some tacos and maybe one set of takeout

We are obsessed with this Greek seven layered dip after my friend made it and have had it three times in the last month. Super healthy and so yummy!

Ice creams are a thing here often now... as I said "healthy-ish" LOL

What I'm reminiscing about:

DIfferent sorts of summers. The summers of my childhood were a whole lot like this one. Not a whole lot scheduled, later mornings, ice cream, a little academia and different activities at home. I'm not complaining too much though the summer camps are fun for the kids and seeing friends and family often is a whole lot of awesome. 

Making soaps is one of those random activities! 

So is playing with neighbourhood dogs as we can't find one of our own... Everyone has a waiting list--- even the shelters.

What I'm dreading:

News comes out this week in Ontario about schools. I'm scared to see what they do with French Immersion, the program that both my kids are in....  there is talk about it not being an option anymore because of smaller class sizes and a shortage of french teachers. 

What I'm loving:

My garden is bringing us a whole lot of happy. Peppers, beans and tomatoes are ready and we have the cutest little eggplants and watermelons that should be ready in a bit!

What we've been up to

Doing little day trips here and there. We went to the lavender farm the other day. It was so picturesque. 

Pictures coming soon!

What I'm working on

Still trying to figure out our backyard stuff. So much sun in that backyard  that renders it unusable for so much of this beautiful summer. 

What I'm excited about

We are heading to some beaches next week and it will be good to do a mini vacay of sorts.

What I'm watching/reading

My kids love the babysitters club series of my childhood, turned into the graphic novels of their childhood, now a series on Netflix and we just finished it. 

The Baby-Sitters Club (2020)

We also watch World of Dance as a family and America's got Talent sometimes!

I've read so much lately.... I really need to do a few recaps-- it all won't be able to fit into one. 

What I'm listening to:

The Headspace mini podcasts. Andy does one every day and they are just a few minutes each.

What I'm wearing:

Lots of loose summer dresses, swimwear, gym stuff and comfy cool clothes. It has been a scorcher of a summer and I'm NOT complaining as come November, I'll be fondly reminiscing. 

What I'm doing this weekend

We have a holiday weekend so that's fun. Very low key. 

What else is new:

This little lady turned eight and had a few playdates and a dinner out to celebrate.

Have a great week, friends!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Today, my baby turns EIGHT!! Let me just say, life is never dull with this little love of ours, that's for sure....

A is a firecracker. She has a smile that lights up a room, a salty sense of humour and lots of quirks. Among her diverse interests are pickles, bare feet and shipoos. 

She will tell you as she sees it! She knows what she wants, is wise beyond her years and has a strong sense of principles and morals. This year hasn't been the easiest for A. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease last August and she had a really tough time for a few months. Thankfully, she is better now. She is so strong and determined. 

A has a strong sense of family and a big, soft heart. She calls family often, can be found on House Party with my parents and is loyal to those she loves. She is so social and loves when we have people over (a very few and far between occurrence these days). She is very affected when those around her are hurting. She is always leaving little love notes and writing cards for me. Side note, she isn't pleased if perchance she finds I haven't been taking good enough care of them.


A is always doing stuff... she is obsessed with her loom, always flipping, stretching or bending in different directions, making a plan for if a friend comes over or having a virtual sleepover. She loves occasions and events, dressing up, creating outfits and making things. She is always chatting and has an answer for all of life's questions.... though if you meet her, you'd think she is super shy. Wait until she warms up though....


Smarts come very easily to A especially math but she will complain for an hour before getting down to business and then complete it in a hot ten minutes. She loves a  check list-- either making one of her own or checking off items from a list I made for her. 

And as is the norm for her birthday, here's a list of questions I ask them on each birthday. It has become one of their favourite birthday traditions and they carefully think before answering each question, knowing that it will be on the blog ;-)


What is your favourite colour?
Pink and Blue
And your favourite Food?
Buttery Pasta
What toy do you like most?
Rainbow Loom or my American Girl dolls.
What do you like to do the most?
Going in the pool and playing Toca World (she is obsessed)
What's your most beloved Movie? 
That's a hard one. The Trolls World Tour-- they definitely upgraded since the last movie

Who is your Best friend? 
(She seems to have forgotten about  her school friends.)
What's your Favourite thing about your sister
When she plays with me. 
What's your favourite thing about mommy?
When you cook
What's your favourite thing about Daddy? 
He is funny. 
What book do you like best? 
My Weird School
(a series that she is obsessed with)
What's your favourite fruit?

What's your favourite TV show? 
Teen Titans Go and Austin & Allie
What's your favourite thing to wear? 
(this surprised me as she is always in short shorts these days)
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
A restaurant opener... I mean owner
What's your favourite drink? favourite drink? Oh my goodness. I like pina Coladas.
(hopefully, she means a virgin colada!!! )
Your best song is? 
Life of The Party and Parachute
And your favourite game?
I really like doing Just Dance--- it's way better than PE with Joe
What's your favourite animal?  
What don't you like to do?
I don't like doing swimming lessons because I prefer free style.

This will be a different birthday for A... She started planning her birthday way before COVID even was a thought for us but those plans are awash now. She is now supposed to have a few socially distant, short visits outdoors on the day but now it's supposed to rain.... she has been okay with changing plans in this weird year knowing that things aren't what they usually are.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You are this big, beautiful, bright light in a  very little body. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Favourites and life lately!!

Oh boy, has it been a while since I've posted any sort of life lately.... here's some stuff that has been bringing a smiles to our lives.

My garden has been happy with all of this sunshine!! I've been able to pick chard, kale, 1 pepper, yellow beans, strawberries and all the herbs since we started.


Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet nephew!!!

Canada Day was a little more low key with just our little family...

Red and white breakfast-- french toast awesomeness!

Gosh, this girl is growing daily!!

Burgers, s'mores, a campfire and some neighbourhood fireworks made for a great day!!

We have been using in season strawberries for many different things.

A strawberry rhubarb crisp-- I always cut the sugar and it's always too sour for me ;-s

Strawberry, mint gin smashes

We took out the hot tub that never works ever since we bought the house--- now there's a big gaping hole in our back yard!!

I made the trek out to get a patio set the other day. I'm so excited for 2-4 weeks from now!

Nothing says summer than bare feet, a popsicle and hop scotch.. We were trying to take a peek at potential new neighbours so we've been using our front yard often these days... our very favourite neighbours decided to downsize and sell. When older people come, we do some gardening in front; when people with kids come, we sent the kids out to play; when a couple comes, we sit and have a glass of wine in our bistro set out front.... we're staging as well!! I think we are part of the reason she got significantly over asking--- well that and Covid!

We have had a couple friends over with their kids for dinner..

These kiddos and their midnight swims...

A 'did' my hair recently... she's been known to put lotion on hair to make it smooth. I kid you not!

We've bought boxes from a local farm for the last couple months and let's just say, it brings us so much joy. The quality of the produce is exquisite.

Cheers to another (low-key) weekend, friends!!! They are fast becoming my favourite kind....

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