Thursday, July 2, 2020

Last Day of School

Hello there!! It's a week late but here are our last day of school photos. I say this ironically as I am thinking between the Ontario Teacher's Strike and the quarantine, my kids have spent about 40% of the school year at home. 

Let's take a moment to observe how this young lady has GROWN this year, definitely physically but also mentally and emotionally (not an easy feat for a pre-teen). She is still in French Immersion in a 5/6 split. We scored with having her first grade teacher now become her fifth grade teacher as well. This lady brings out the very best in our girl. She inspires them to think critically and act responsibly. This year C was introduced to Canadian politics and we loved listening to her thoughts and strong feelings on who we should vote for (sidenote, she swayed both of us). She enjoys learning and researching different projects. Distance learning first proved to be a challenge for her as she  didn't realise that there was actual accountability for her work but slowly she began to understand and then would buckle down to her assignments at 9 am. Her grades are wonderful and she has very strong ideas on lots of different world issues. She enjoys hanging out with the boys in her class more than the girls as girls are complicated .

C is sweet, diligent, calm and respectful. I am proud to be her mom and aspire to be more like her. 

A is in Grade 2 French Immersion and she is in a split 2/3 class this year. She has an English and a French teacher. Her French teacher is one of my very favourites and she taught C in Grade 3. We are thrilled that she is in our childrens' lives again. She knows my kids well and she understands A and how she works--- aka rushes through her work. A loves math, math games and mental math but doesn't understand why she needs to go through all the work when she can do it in her head. She is in an enrichment math program and loves her time with that teacher-- mostly because he rewards them with snacks and stickers. A is also a strong reader but doesn't really enjoy reading like her sister and I do.... The My Weird School series and I are working on changing that this summer. 

Just like her sister,  smarts come easy to A but she needs to check over her work and not rush through stuff as she is beginning to make some careless mistakes. She has asked me to learn cursive and enjoys lots of art and origami. She is also a list maker like her mama. Home schooling got a whole lot easier when she got a list every morning. Most of her report was incomplete as it was hard for them to assess the younger ones but what she was graded on she did well! A is easily frustrated and a little sassy. She learns very quickly, follows through and she is strong in her will and ideas. I must confess, she did me in a little when it came to distance learning... some days were loooong.

Can you tell one of us is happier than the others?

Cheers to the summer, kiddos!!


  1. I love that photo of you!! Your girls grew up so much. Not a normal year but seems like it was successful for your family. Now let's hope September is relatively normal!!

  2. Wow C hit a huge growth spurt in 5th grade. Congratulations to your girls, and love the happy and proud momma pic at the end <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. Your girls have grown so much. I love, love, love the last picture. :)


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