Monday, July 13, 2020

Not just a mom- girl time!

Happy Monday, friends. Today's Not Just a Mom link-up that I cohost with AdrienneLaurenAshley and Dara. is all about the girl time. 

I love me some good girl time. I come back refreshed and reinvigorated after even just a quick conversation or time spent with girlfriends. Pre covid--- here are some of the things we did for girl time:

  • a quick coffee
  • ladies' night in... we'd do home parties like my Christmas one or Bachelorette viewing parties
  • oyster/dinner/wine night at one of our favourite restaurants
  • lunch out especially during patio season. 
  • a cup of tea-- with the girls in tow on a playdate
  • cross border trips with  some US shopping and a quick meal 
Post covid, we've had to get a bit more creative but I'm still managing to find time for my ladies:

  • exercise. My friend Renella and I started doing our F45 classes via zoom... We'd text each other all through the tutorial part about how this workout is going to kill us LOL. Now, we do the outdoor workouts six feet apart! 
  • Zoom or Facetime calls.... sometimes with Happy Hour drinks-- sometimes just because. 
  • walks-- this has been the mainstay of my girl time these days. I've met with different friends and done super long walks. We chat, get some fresh air and light exercise and it's really something I look forward to now!
Do you make time for the ladies in your life? What do you do for girl-time these days? 

Below, is one of my very favourite humans and girls!! 

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  1. Since many of my mom friends have kids that are my boys' friends too we often plan whole family get togethers where the kid can play while the moms chat and catch up.

  2. Walks is one thing I've not done with friends but I should!

  3. I need to plan a non kid social distance girlfriend date. i love the idea of going on a walk. My girlfriend and I do video chats through Facebook Messanger because we are to lazy to type but atleast we see each other

  4. Girl time is SO important, and it's amazing how re-charging it is. Love how creative you have been since COVID hit, and yay for exercise and of course happy hour drinks <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. It's so great that your friends live close by and you can do work outs together! That is so awesome.

  6. Love to see that you're still making time for your friends! COVID has changed a lot of things, but not our need for communication with people we love!

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