Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Favourites!

Happy Halloween!!! And Happy Friday too! I'm so glad Halloween falls on a Friday this year so we can have fun, get hyped up on sugar and have the inevitable crash, all the while not having to worry about the ensuing early bedtime.This year, we have Elsa (like almost every other little Frozen obsessed little girl) and a cute birdie going Trick or Treating. A is practising saying "Trick or Treat" as it's her first time. My only concern is that she wants to begin eating the candy as soon as she gets it. This two year old lacks patience big time!

Cute Costumes Past

One of my favourite costumes ever for the girls was this little lady bug! Here is C for her first Halloween!

And 'cause I liked it so much, I used it twice!

Here's A in 2012

Little Treats 

I love to do little treats for my girls' classes. In the school they're at, it's not mandatory to share treats but I like to do it anyways. Even though the next couple days are going to be a sugar overload, I look for something fun and cute to give out. This year, it was little Halloween lollipops!

What's your treat?

I loooove giving treats and usually give three or four items out. In the past, I've done tons of different chocolate, king size bars and juice packs. I try to get stuff that I don't mind my kids eating also.... not too much corn syrup stuff or hard candy and stuff that we like as well... let's just say, I almost always buy some sort of Kit Kat!  I'm always on the look out for new and different ideas. Anybody have any?

Spooky Nail Colour 

Just in time for Halloween, a nice deep burgundy black polish... which I promptly smudged on one finger after! Not to be left out, my toes are a burnt orange as well... like you cared! :-)

Kind of a funny Halloween Story

Back in Trinidad, Halloween wasn't such a big thing when I was growing up... now it's getting more popular. When I first came up to Canada (more than 10 years ago), I was in an apartment so not to many Trick or Treaters. When we got married and bought our first house, the plan was to go to a friends' house for dinner on Halloween night so I didn't get any candy. However, I didn't know the rules about switching your light off if you didn't want anybody to come Trick or Treating. So there I was, waiting for D who was running late when the doorbell began to ring and droves of kids were lining up at the door. I was totally not prepared and we don't usually keep candy in the house so what did I do? Raced to our cupboards, rummaged around and found these.

And these....

Though the kids probably weren't fans, I bet the moms didn't mind them too much.

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Have a Happy Halloween!! Today is definitely a cheat day in this house!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last minute pumpkin idea and Week 42!

If you're like some of us--- ahem, ahem... and have about three or four pumpkins but only manage to carve one, here's last minute idea for your pumpkin that is tons of fun for the kids and a great way to use up those broken crayons.... anyone with kids under 5 have lots of those.

So basically all you do is gather up those crayons.

Remove the paper around them-- this part is the toughest-- those buggers are hard to come off!

Glue them (I used a glue gun)... mix and match however you want. (sidenote, keep out of toddler's hands. some toddlers (mine included) might try to pull every crayon off and then chew them).

Very important, cover the area with a newspaper or plastic tablecloth (get it from the dollar store as you'll want to toss it after)

Use a hair dryer to melt the crayons.... feel free to chat with your kid about the wonders of science and why some things melt with heat.

And there you go

And now for Week 42 and some pics!

Day #292
Anjali and I had lunch with our sweet friends Dani and Raven. We also met little Wren, Raven's newborn sister. Here is Anjali drinking out of a borrowed sippy cup of Raven's. Minutes after, Raven borrowed it back and drank some. #sippysisters.

In the evening, we went to Milestones for a meal and a martini for mama.

Day #293
Some Saturday mornings, we have dance parties in our house. 

Day #294
Shopping with ma' peeps. 

Day #295
Notice anything odd in this pic? 

Yep, my daughter has remarkably large feet! #daddysshoes

Sometimes sweet A is not so sweet after all!

Day #297
Happy Divali!!

DAy #298
I realised that A's hair-- though finally long (this baby was born almost bald) was shaping up to be a mohawk. Off to the hairdresser's.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Halloween Eve!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's the wittle things!

.... like "wegs" and "wowwipop''. Yep, my two year old cannot pronounce her "L's" and it is the cutest freaking thing ever. The weird thing is that neither D or I noticed it until my family visited earlier this month and my aunt mentioned it! Either we think she's perfect or we've been totally ignoring our child! But now, we do nothing more than make her say words with the letter "L" in it.... we even make her say-- 'lalalala'--- which then becomes 'wawawawa'. and the cutest thing is that she says it with such confidence and pride.

Take a look at the awesomeness! Warning... you may just collapse from all this cuteness.

This will correct itself within the next year-- or maybe two. I will shed a tear or two when it does.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things....

I usually like to post first thing in the morning ( I write them before I go to bed and schedule them for the morning) but I didn't want to miss these amazing link ups like I have in the past so here we go.

Totally random stuff but on Rachel Ray one day she says that she uses Vegenaise instead of full fat mayo for half the calories and a fraction of the saturated (bad) fats. I tried it and I've been sold since then! To me, I can't tell the difference!  Also, to add the good stuff, I also sometimes throw a bit of plain greek yogurt in (I mix it half and half with the vegenaise) when a recipe calls for mayo. 

My sister in law introduced me to this amazing line of Shea Moisture baby products... It's full of natural (and certified organic products) and it makes your baby smell like cake-- seriously, my aunt told me that once. I may or may not have used it on myself as well.. And this ointment is especially great for dry peeling baby skin. You can find it at Amazon, Walgreens or Target at around $10 but sometimes there are sales... like this one here

Onto a totally un-natural product, is anyone else loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels? At $7-$10 a pop (but you have to buy the top coat too), it's less than a manicure would cost and very easy to apply! To me, it's not quite the gel look but I love a long lasting polish anyways. 

And because we're talking about my favourite things, these two kissable faces are my very favourite faces in the world! (and you too, D!)

And in pj's, they melt my heart.

Alas, getting a good pic of them... kind of impossible but here are a few anyways!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Party Fun!

It's getting colder and colder but the fun isn't stopping for the little ones! Here's a look at what we were up to for this past weekend.

On Friday, we had Mexican takeout and a family room sisters picnic party ... 'cause we're cool like that!

On Saturday, we headed to my friend Jenn's house for her daughter E's party. It was Frozen themed and since we got the invitation, Cass instantly declared that she wanted the exact same party... bear in mind that her birthday is about six months away! Well, the party did not disappoint. From all the little blue and white details, to Elsa coming in for the princess portion of the party, to dress up, to the dance party afterwards, my kids had the best time... they did not want to leave. We ended up leaving at around eight when we were supposed to leave at five! This was due largely in part to the fact that C loves to be the last one at every party we go to-- she has an extreme case of FOMO!

Jenn called this the 'sugar table'

My friend Jenn did all of this crafting herself.... I might beg, steal, borrow all of these ideas for future parties!

The princesses all lined up!

And Elsa sang of course

And there was make-up-- a very special treat! Look at A in the back staring longingly at the makeup.

And nail polish--- an even more special treat!

E being crowned a princess. C taking notes on what her birthday will be like.

Getting ready for cake!

On Sunday, we headed to our friends' Shaun and Amra's house to visit a pumpkin patch in their area. It was brisk outside but not too bad for us as we dressed quite warmly. However, the patch had really been picked over--- hehe! We had to really search for some good pumpkins but we found some and the kids loved the experience!

Waiting to head out!

All lined up on the tractor!

At the patch

When we were paying for the pumpkins, I saw these brussel sprouts. I had never seen them on the stalk in person before. So beautiful!

A thawing out in the market.

We then headed back to our friends' house for some  hot chocolate and carve all the pumpkins together.... well the adults carved them and the kids scooped out the seeds and played. D and I were very smart and got one (large) pumpkin for our little family so we just took turns with it and will probably paint or melt crayons on the smaller ones we have at home...

Such a wonderful weekend and so thankful for all our sweet friends and special outings!

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