Friday, October 24, 2014

Random Friday Faves

This post is all over the place... as is my mind after this hectic week.


D and I went to see Gone Girl this past weekend. I didn't read the book because I thought it would be too dark for me and D thought that the movie would have been quite intense for me.... I'm a bit of a chicken. But I loved it! So intriguing from beginning to end! And very well cast and acted. I highly recommend it!


Check out my 5 year old and her amazing flexibility! I mean really?


Is anyone else loving How To Get away with Murder? Shonda Rhimes at her best. My word, so intriguing. I can't wait to see how it all plays out!


I'm loving my new Kendra Scott necklace.  It instantly adds a punch to any outfit! Side note, if you're buying, wait for a little sale... goes a long way!


Divali photos from earlier this week. We had a wonderful time going to my aunt's house for family prayers, family time and a lovely dinner. Here are some pics from our evening.

AndreaErika and Narci for Favourites on Friday
Jenn for Favourites on Friday
Amy for Hey Friday
Amanda for Friday Favourites
Christina for Five on Friday
and Lauren Elisabeth for Hi Five for Friday

Have a Happy Friday!!

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  1. So happy you liked gone girl - it was amazing!!! Love your necklace - goes with so much!! Happy Friday!

  2. Yeah someone else in blogland who hasn't read the book! I haven't either but I'm so happy to hear the movie was fab. I am in love with that necklace love the color you picked! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. lol, I'm like 50th in line for Gone Girl at my library! Dying to get my hands on it! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Y'all are gorgeous! I need to read Gone Girl.

  5. Love your necklace! Such a beautiful family :)

  6. You all look beautiful in the Divali pictures! And wow, what a little yogi! Makes me realize maybe I should stretch every now and then... ;)

  7. Love your Kendra Scott necklace! They are so worth the money!

  8. Beautiful Divali pictures, Miss C is very flexiblej

  9. Looks like you have a little gymnast on your hands! I am also loving How to get away with murder. I forgot to tape it last night and am kicking myself for it now! Happy Weekend!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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