Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shopping with my girls

As cliche as it seems, I always wanted girls to do all the fun girly stuff with, like put on make-up, do fancy hairstyles and go shopping! Now that I have them, I don't much care for makeup for them except as a little treat (too much chemicals on their young faces), I'm not the best hair stylist (i've been told that Daddy's talent is being a hair-stylist) and I usually tend to do my shopping by myself or online--- waay easier than dealing with a wailing toddler.

This weekend however, D was on call and had a presentation to work on. Therefore, it was me and the girls a lot so they tagged along for some shopping adventures. A accompanied me to the local farmer's market on Saturday morning. C used to be my market buddy but now that she has skating lessons, A usually comes instead. She loves it! She climbs in and out off the stroller when something grabs her attention. She enjoys drinking fresh fruit juice, eating slices of turkey or freshly sliced cheese from the delicatessen and munching on fruit straight off the stand. She's usually so full after, she skips lunch. Sadly, I think that this is one of our last visits for the year as the market are beginning to lack Ontario fruit and the pickings are getting slimmer as it is getting colder.

See the tiny peeking kid staring longingly at all that cheese?

This Sunday, we headed to the mall to return a few things. We started off with a little mall lunch. 

Fries, the meal of champions... #reallynotreally

Then we began our shopping! They enjoyed The Body Shoppe and sampled no fewer than seven lotions and sprays each.

Gap was also fun- but then a certain 5 year old got upset when I wasn't buying anything for her- yep, I'm one of those mean moms who doesn't buy stuff for my kids every time we somewhere.... I will post on entitlement another time! 

Sephora was the highlight of their mall visit. As makeup fiends themselves- I am their mama after all- they were totally spellbound by all the products and the colours. They kept touching and playing with all of the different samples. At one point, A's face looked like she was ready for a stage production of Les Mis- lots of smudges.

Mama needed a latte after all this!

And then it was some Cinnabon because although I'm not into the stuff, a kiddie treat doesn't hurt sometimes.

I cannot wait for more shopping adventures with my girls!

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  1. Looks like sooo much fun! I can't wait until Kennedy is old enough for a fun shopping trip like this. We are still in that toddler phase of not wanting to sit in the stroller but if you let her out, she's all over the place! Not a fun age for shopping. I have to bring lots of snacks when we grocery shop.

  2. Looks like you girls had lots of fun! Shopping is one of my favorite things with my daughter! (She's only 6 months so we will see how long that lasts!)

  3. This is so cute. You and your girls are adorable. I feel like I am destined for the boys club and a little nervous if we ever had a girl, but you and your girls make it work! I enjoy stopping by from the link up now a follower on a bloglovin.

  4. So glad I have a girl too! Can't wait for all that fun stuff!!! Looks like a great time!

  5. If you're worried about chemicals, let me suggest Arbonne, have you heard of it? I am conveniently an Arbonne consultant but this isn't a sales pitch, just something you may want to check out. The products are made without those yucky chemicals and other things found in mainstream beauty products. I'd be pleased to tell you more if you wish!

  6. I have never been in Sephora. I've walked by it dozens of times. I'll have to check it out!

  7. Looks like such a fun girl weekend! I'm sure they appreciate the mommy time. Looks like it's getting cold in Canada with your youngest being in the cute pink jacket.


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