Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Favourites!

Happy Halloween!!! And Happy Friday too! I'm so glad Halloween falls on a Friday this year so we can have fun, get hyped up on sugar and have the inevitable crash, all the while not having to worry about the ensuing early bedtime.This year, we have Elsa (like almost every other little Frozen obsessed little girl) and a cute birdie going Trick or Treating. A is practising saying "Trick or Treat" as it's her first time. My only concern is that she wants to begin eating the candy as soon as she gets it. This two year old lacks patience big time!

Cute Costumes Past

One of my favourite costumes ever for the girls was this little lady bug! Here is C for her first Halloween!

And 'cause I liked it so much, I used it twice!

Here's A in 2012

Little Treats 

I love to do little treats for my girls' classes. In the school they're at, it's not mandatory to share treats but I like to do it anyways. Even though the next couple days are going to be a sugar overload, I look for something fun and cute to give out. This year, it was little Halloween lollipops!

What's your treat?

I loooove giving treats and usually give three or four items out. In the past, I've done tons of different chocolate, king size bars and juice packs. I try to get stuff that I don't mind my kids eating also.... not too much corn syrup stuff or hard candy and stuff that we like as well... let's just say, I almost always buy some sort of Kit Kat!  I'm always on the look out for new and different ideas. Anybody have any?

Spooky Nail Colour 

Just in time for Halloween, a nice deep burgundy black polish... which I promptly smudged on one finger after! Not to be left out, my toes are a burnt orange as well... like you cared! :-)

Kind of a funny Halloween Story

Back in Trinidad, Halloween wasn't such a big thing when I was growing up... now it's getting more popular. When I first came up to Canada (more than 10 years ago), I was in an apartment so not to many Trick or Treaters. When we got married and bought our first house, the plan was to go to a friends' house for dinner on Halloween night so I didn't get any candy. However, I didn't know the rules about switching your light off if you didn't want anybody to come Trick or Treating. So there I was, waiting for D who was running late when the doorbell began to ring and droves of kids were lining up at the door. I was totally not prepared and we don't usually keep candy in the house so what did I do? Raced to our cupboards, rummaged around and found these.

And these....

Though the kids probably weren't fans, I bet the moms didn't mind them too much.

AndreaErika and Narci for Favourites on Friday
Jenn for Favourites on Friday
Amy for Hey Friday
Amanda for Friday Favourites
Christina for Five on Friday
and Lauren Elisabeth for Hi Five for Friday

Have a Happy Halloween!! Today is definitely a cheat day in this house!

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  1. Love this! Your pictures are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. And, how much fun are your suckers...wish I had time to do more of those crafty little things. Don't even get me started on nail polish :)

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of Elsa and the little birdie, wish
    I was there to see them, hopefully next year.

  3. Love the costumes, so cute. Both of my kids first were pumpkins and the second time was lady bug and monkey.

  4. OMG! That Ladybug costume! TOO Cute! Happy Halloween!

  5. Such cute lil costumes!!! Love your festive nail polish!

  6. Adorable costumes, and those pops are super cute too! Have fun!

  7. I love chips ahoy snack packs, I think more people should give away cookies for Halloween ;)

    And mini-ladybugs - too cute! I have pictures of myself as a toddler dressed as a ladybug and my mom still says it was her favorite costume ever.

  8. Love that story about having your porch light on! We forgot to turn ours off last night and had a trick or treater at almost 9:00! Have a great weekend!

  9. That lady bug costume is so cute!! Even better that she could wear it twice!


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