Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Sunday

I'm generally not a pumpkin kind of girl but the rest of my family loves a good pumpkin treat. I must say though it's growing on me. This Sunday was a pumpkin kind of day! As it was such a nice day out and our last weekend before D heads back to work, we went on our annual trek to Strom's pumpkin patch to pick up our pumpkin(s) for Halloween. Strom's is this tiny little pumpkin patch with some harvest activity for the kids to do. There is also a great little market to pick up your different fall produce and an absolutely divine bakery. We played games, shopped, picked up our pumpkins and our treats and headed home very tired... Anjali went to bed at 6:15 last night! 

The day started off with some delicious pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes.... really yummy and more nutritious too! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Favourites on Friday- Fall

On selected Fridays, I will be highlighting our family favourites in different categories- meals, drinks, outings... you name it! And of course suggestions are welcome! I love reading about other mom  and family favourites. I often make purchases or change my method of doing something after reading blogs and certain tips have really improved my life... who knows, maybe reading ours, it will make some readers lives easier, more fun or more pleasant. Besides, as this blog is also serving as a bit of a journal/time capsule, imagine reading back 10 years from now and seeing what we couldn't live without-- always good for a laugh.

The first Favourites on Friday is based on fall. So let's be clear, I am not  a fall girl.  As an original islander, I live for the spring and summer where we can spend some time outdoors, barbeque, go to parks and picnics and do fun road trips and excursions. However, this year as part of me leaving the corporate world, I am embracing each season and making it fun for my girls so that we can create special memories all year round. Here goes....

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sisters are for sharing

Sometimes in this house my four year old doesn't  finish everything that's on her plate. Especially when it's the crusts of the bread. In Montessori however, they strongly encourage eating the entire slice of bread. In trying to be consistent at home, I've been insisting as well.... This is her not impressed face.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall is here!

Look what I saw on our front step on this Saturday, the first official weekend of fall!

The degrees are dropping and we're adding more layers but we've been having fun. We've had lots of visitors. My mother and father in law came to visit for a couple weeks and even helped me out for a couple days when Darin went to Montreal on a conference. Then, my parents paid me a visit and left this evening. We've had colds, 'sleepovers' and pizza nights. We've gone apple picking, attended parties  and started our extra curricular stuff. D is still off but returns to work next week but after the hectic summer, we're getting there... back to normal... well, as normal as it can ever be around here!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saturday adventures

 As we're heading into the fall, the sunny days are becoming less and less and the temperatures are dropping. Like most Canadians, we check the weather at the beginning of the week to see if there is some sort of sunshine and an iota of warmth. This last Saturday was one of those days. When we saw there was a nice day, after our gymnastics and buying Cassia's ice skates, we headed out of town for an afternoon of activities. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wear White!

The last full day we spent in NYC we went to our family's First Annual Wear White Father Son Cookoff- a mouthful, I know. My Uncle Puran and Aunt Sabi, organisers extraordinaire planned this event between them. Initially, there were several father son teams who would face off. Then, my uncle scrapped this plan as the teams were unevenly matched. Fast forward to a week before the event and  we were all divided into teams and given assignments. I knew this wouldn't work, as my family isn't really fans of organized activities. In the end, it turned out to be this giant BBQ with some duck. The men cooked this time- with the exception of my Dad, a great cook usually but that night he just put on his dancing shoes.  And though, it was supposed to be a competition, my mother in law, the judge and apparently the Switzerland of the group declared it to be a tie,  much to the chagrin of my older brother, Nil, the most competitive person I know. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And we're walking

So today, at about 3:30 pm in my closet, my sweet baby took her first steps... She was standing and I gestured to her to come to me. Lo and behold (when was the last time you heard that phrase?), she took three painstaking, beautiful steps before she fell on her face. I shrieked so loudly the neighbours probably heard! She started to laugh as well and gave me lots of high-fives....

Very proud of my sweet, beautiful baby! Let the adventures begin!

Ok, so not quite a walking pic but on the move nonetheless!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cambridge fall fair

Our family of four, together with D's parents hit the Cambridge Fall Fair today. This festival is  usually done at the start of the school year as it is now unofficially fall. The weather is still nice enough so that the kids can hang out outdoors without a jacket and there was so much stuff to do. There was an arts and crafts market, rides, games, singings and even a demolition derby! Cassia had a wonderful time, winning games, going on rides and sampling the cotton candy so much so that she kept screaming 'Best Day Ever!' Anjali on the other hand, slept.... but managed to wake in time for the ferris wheel!

The Fall Fair, a fun but mellow outing to start the new week.

We're here! Wearing my pullover.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a week!

This summer has flown by... with our trip to Malaysia and Singapore, our return to Canada and my brother's wedding in NYC, I feel like we've barely touched on a Canadian summer and now it's unofficially autumn. In a way, I am so happy for the return to routine. Now we can start back putting the girls on a proper schedule, purge the house (a BIG project), return to our clean eating and fitness routine and settle back finally into life into Canada. This week was a big one with lots going on everyday!

On Sunday, we had the first Annual Pre-Labour Day -Wear White- Father Son Cookoff

On Monday, we flew back to Canada and had a lovely Labour Day/Mo's Birthday Lunch at Ammie and Mo's house where we met their new pet, Charlie. Anjali was overenthusiastic with the puppy playing with his toys, reaching for his face and even grabbing him at the scruff of his neck at one point.

In the airport having a pre-flight breakfast

There is a dog in the pic, believe it or not

Here's the first day of school  on Tuesday.

My sweet friend China and her new husband Yuichiro from Japan came to spend the night at our place. The adults also managed to go out to for a bit for a nice dinner.

On Wednesday, my in-laws came to visit. No, they didn't come dressed like that. This is a lovely shot of them for my brother's wedding.

Here we are shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond on Thursday. My generous mother-in-law gifted us with a Vitamix. Life will never be the same. 

As you may have realized, I also joined Instagram this week and went a bit overboard with editing this image

On Friday, we headed to Toronto to meet up once again with China, Yuichiro and some other friends from my MBA, many of whom I have not seen in more than seven years. #slightlyshameful. We went to this lovely Lebanese restaurant and then for some amazing gelato. A fantastic night! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wedding Reception time

Dinesh's and Munira's muslim ceremony and wedding reception was held the next day at lunch time. It was such a nice afternoon- the imam gave a succinct but meaningful blessing and explanation of the muslim vows. There were then several traditional Indian ceremonies, a delicious  lunch, speeches (I did one in honour of the groom) and of course some dancing. Of course there was tassa again and a surprise belly dancer! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My brother's wedding

So a wonderful end to our hectic summer was a quick trip to NYC for my brother's wedding. The Hindu wedding was held last Friday at a quaint temple in the heart of Queens NYC--- I know, quaint and Queens don't exactly match. It was a festive event filled with excitement, colours, beautiful indian outfits, tassa drums and the rituals that surround all the Hindu ceremonies. We had a lovely visit, getting dressed up, eating all the trini wedding food, laughing with cousins and most importantly, being part of Dinesh and Munira's special day. 

I didn't take enough pictures, but here are a few.

Getting dressed-- please excuse the mess

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Our first day of school passed without a hitch. Our precious girl woke up after almost 11 hours of sleep-someone was very tired after her NYC trip- in a pleasant mood and shouted out "Mommy, I'm ready to get dressed!" The nerves started to show after as she didn't want to have any breakfast (I had to feed her) and then I saw it in her face as she got there. She was great though, no tears and although she didn't want me to leave, they said she settled in very nicely. We're so excited for this next chapter in her life! 

Mommy needs makeup! 

This is at the school- the nervousness begins to show! 

Getting settled in for one of the Montessori activities

Her little cubby

Monday, September 2, 2013

We've been busy...

We've been enjoying the wonderful weather and the last few days as summer comes to a close. As we were gone for most of the summer, we've tried to cram a lot into the past few weeks! We've been so busy...

..... going to the park 

...spending time with family

going to festivals/fares

...celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary 

...going to playdates and music classes

attending orientation for  our new school, the Montessori method and our new teachers

...enjoying the last of my too-few summer runs before I have to bundle up for the fall.

not the most flattering picture, I know
...going shopping for supplies 

....getting a brand new mattress since we are officially diaper free at night and have been for the last few months.

.... celebrating Anjali's birthday yet again- this time with Aunty Mala

...heading to NYC for... 

My Baby Brother's Wedding!!

...followed by the amazing reception

I always feel a little sad on Labour Day as to me, it's the unofficial end of summer and the weather begins to get just a bit cooler. We just returned from NYC today and I have so many pictures to post and stories to tell but we're also so exhausted. Everyone else is asleep and I intend to turn in very soon as tomorrow is a big day with Cassia starting her new school. I intend to post way more in the next month or so than I have done in August as this fall is going to be a fun and festive one!

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