Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wear White!

The last full day we spent in NYC we went to our family's First Annual Wear White Father Son Cookoff- a mouthful, I know. My Uncle Puran and Aunt Sabi, organisers extraordinaire planned this event between them. Initially, there were several father son teams who would face off. Then, my uncle scrapped this plan as the teams were unevenly matched. Fast forward to a week before the event and  we were all divided into teams and given assignments. I knew this wouldn't work, as my family isn't really fans of organized activities. In the end, it turned out to be this giant BBQ with some duck. The men cooked this time- with the exception of my Dad, a great cook usually but that night he just put on his dancing shoes.  And though, it was supposed to be a competition, my mother in law, the judge and apparently the Switzerland of the group declared it to be a tie,  much to the chagrin of my older brother, Nil, the most competitive person I know. 

Oh well, at least we all wore white-- well most of us anyways. My family is also not very good at following instruction- case in point, the time we all decided to spend $30 per person on a Christmas gift.  

Despite all of the above, we had a wonderful time. We BBQ'd, took lots of pics, sang songs (see below) told many jokes and danced the night away. A wonderful end to the wedding festivities!

My two dads

This is a male BBQ-ing, despite the long locks

What's with the face, Shanel!?

The newlyweds and my parents- they were supposed to be the only ones not in white 

My D and me
A cross section of white- even Grandma got in on the action
A delicious seafood soup

Have a shrimp, Chad.

Preparing the duck

preparing his masterpiece

These people come to mash up the place

Anjali and her uncle

Oh my!

Uncle Nil and his  only favourite nieces
Even Cassia got in on the talent show action--- oh, did I mention we also had a talent show

Some of the crew

Goodbye NYC! See you next year!

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