Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall is here!

Look what I saw on our front step on this Saturday, the first official weekend of fall!

The degrees are dropping and we're adding more layers but we've been having fun. We've had lots of visitors. My mother and father in law came to visit for a couple weeks and even helped me out for a couple days when Darin went to Montreal on a conference. Then, my parents paid me a visit and left this evening. We've had colds, 'sleepovers' and pizza nights. We've gone apple picking, attended parties  and started our extra curricular stuff. D is still off but returns to work next week but after the hectic summer, we're getting there... back to normal... well, as normal as it can ever be around here!

It's a tight squeeze in the Lexus these days with two huge car-seats

Enjoying our 'sleepover' when Dad was away

Last of our summer walks. Yes, Cassia has a bike but loves the double stroller. I personally think when you can climb in and out of a stroller yourself, it is time to walk!!!

It's park time!!
 All dressed up for her first Montessori classmate party

 Look who is so sturdy on her feet!

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