Friday, September 6, 2013

Wedding Reception time

Dinesh's and Munira's muslim ceremony and wedding reception was held the next day at lunch time. It was such a nice afternoon- the imam gave a succinct but meaningful blessing and explanation of the muslim vows. There were then several traditional Indian ceremonies, a delicious  lunch, speeches (I did one in honour of the groom) and of course some dancing. Of course there was tassa again and a surprise belly dancer! 

It didn't end there however. When the reception ended at five, a bunch of us headed back to my parent's place. We ordered some food, bought a tonne of drinks, played some stellar music (thanks, Nav) and danced the night away. When the bride and groom left us that night, a bunch of us walked them out with bottle and spoon, tassa music (this time from the DJ) singing traditional trinidadian indian songs and wishing them well.

I wish my brother and my new sister all the happiness in the world. I hope the best of their yesterdays are the worst of their tomorrows and they have a beautiful, bountiful marriage filled with loads of peace, passion and prosperity. I look forward to celebrating many occasions with them in the future...with lots of ginger ale, M ;-).  Love you both! 

Once again, I didn't take 1/2 the pics I should have.

Bangles anyone

My gold sari

An unofficial flowergirl-- she took my flowers and even walked in with all of us bridesmaids

My in-laws had a great time as well

Us foodies having some appetizers

What you looking at?... give a girl some space!

My D and me :-)

One of the traditional ceremonies- whoever breaks the claypot rules the house. My brother broke it but let's just say I think my new sister in law can handle it. 

This cake was three layers of yuM!
The entertainment
My cousin, Shanel and her friends. Let's just say white girls can also dance

The first dance

The cousins with the new bride... Darin joined us for one after but he forbade me from putting that picture up.

I am also not allowed to post the pictures from the after party!

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