Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Sunday

I'm generally not a pumpkin kind of girl but the rest of my family loves a good pumpkin treat. I must say though it's growing on me. This Sunday was a pumpkin kind of day! As it was such a nice day out and our last weekend before D heads back to work, we went on our annual trek to Strom's pumpkin patch to pick up our pumpkin(s) for Halloween. Strom's is this tiny little pumpkin patch with some harvest activity for the kids to do. There is also a great little market to pick up your different fall produce and an absolutely divine bakery. We played games, shopped, picked up our pumpkins and our treats and headed home very tired... Anjali went to bed at 6:15 last night! 

The day started off with some delicious pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes.... really yummy and more nutritious too! 

The baby and the poser

Yes, I am too sweet!

We take this shot every year 
We conquered it!

The rope course

Giving Dad some love 

I LOVE these two pics and couldn't decide between them


Mama's girl!


D got booted out this year...

Taking a ride along the track

Sweet D and me!

C was taking a break and made her own double stroller

The poser and her pumpkins 

Look at all this cool autumn produce!

Trying to find the best one!
3 ft 3 inches ?

Taking her spoils home 

We bought some fresh pressed apple cider to bring home... they couldn't get enough of it... mama however had a lot of some wine

A Strom specialty- corn pizza--- really, really delicious!! If you look carefully, someone took a bite already.

After so many bloggers raved about it, I 'treated' myself to a pumpkin spice latte today-- well kind of treated in the half  syrup, dot of whip kind of way--- it was amazing! Guess I am becoming a pumpkin kind of girl after all!

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