Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cambridge fall fair

Our family of four, together with D's parents hit the Cambridge Fall Fair today. This festival is  usually done at the start of the school year as it is now unofficially fall. The weather is still nice enough so that the kids can hang out outdoors without a jacket and there was so much stuff to do. There was an arts and crafts market, rides, games, singings and even a demolition derby! Cassia had a wonderful time, winning games, going on rides and sampling the cotton candy so much so that she kept screaming 'Best Day Ever!' Anjali on the other hand, slept.... but managed to wake in time for the ferris wheel!

The Fall Fair, a fun but mellow outing to start the new week.

We're here! Wearing my pullover.

Ajee is great at the ring toss! 

Guess who won a toy?

Guess who got the toy?

Aja is trying his hand as well at a game.

Here we go 'round the merry go round

D's a passenger in this ride

We're in the second row here, screaming our lungs out!

Another favourite

And another

And yet another--- my sugar addict LOVES cotton candy

Papa Smurf also visited

Cassia and her spoils

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