Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My brother's wedding

So a wonderful end to our hectic summer was a quick trip to NYC for my brother's wedding. The Hindu wedding was held last Friday at a quaint temple in the heart of Queens NYC--- I know, quaint and Queens don't exactly match. It was a festive event filled with excitement, colours, beautiful indian outfits, tassa drums and the rituals that surround all the Hindu ceremonies. We had a lovely visit, getting dressed up, eating all the trini wedding food, laughing with cousins and most importantly, being part of Dinesh and Munira's special day. 

I didn't take enough pictures, but here are a few.

Getting dressed-- please excuse the mess

The Persads

The 'Dulha' or 'Dulaha'- as we say in trinidad

The Gopauls, well a couple of them anyway

My brother and his niece 


D and his Dad
Cassia and her new friend

The mothers of the bride and groom

A cross section of cousins


The new couple. XO

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