Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What’s up, Wednesday?!

                                Last week in January, here we are!!! Here's a little what's up for ya'!

, What’s Up Wednesday {12.18.19}

What we're eating this week?

Trying to eat healthy again--- the struggle is real, friends. 

Monday: Salad and grilled chicken
Tuesday: Green beans and cod
Wednesday: spaghetti squash with some beyond meat and marinara sauce
Thursday: falafel salad
Friday: dinner out with friends at an awesome Mexican joint. 

The weekend will be a mix of home cooked and ordering in.. and some Superbowl yumminess as well!

What I'm reminiscing about
Vacays past--- this island girl is in need of some sunshine. 

But snow is pretty

What I'm loving
The wireless airpods I got as an early present! Love, love it! 

What we've been up to…
D and I have been taking the kids to skiing, and then grabbing lunch and groceries together. It's one of my favourite parts of the weekend. 

What I'm working on
Getting my seven year old to speak in kinder, gentler tones. The struggle is real, friends. 

What I'm excited about…
A couple trips we have planned this year!!

What I'm watching/reading…
 I'm into This is Us, A Million Little Things, Grey's Anatomy and The Bachelor--- but the girl drama makes me so disappointed. I'm also watching The Crown at times and Nurses, a new Canadian drama.  

What I'm listening to..

What I'm wearing…
These awesome ugg snow boots I got for Christmas, kind of hard to put on (like all snow boots)  but so comfy and very functional. 
UGG Women's Adirondack Boot III Snow, Charcoal, 7 M US

What I'm doing this weekend…
Superbowl Sunday where wings and nachos are a must! Date night with some friends, skiing and a late lunch/playdate with some other friends. 

What I'm looking forward to next month? 
I'm going to begin F45 when the gym opens soon. I feel like it's time to switch up my fitness routine. 

What else is new?
Not a whole lot. Just enjoying the hygge and all the wonderful family time. Not crazy with extra curricular as much as last year-- my kids each have 3-4 activities but it's manageable! Nice to come home after school especially in the colder temps. 

Have a good one, friends!
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Monday, January 27, 2020

Birthday shenanigans

Happy Monday, friends! School's been out for four days with a PD day and a strike so it's been low key with too much screens thrown in for these kiddos.  

Here's a bit of my birthday celebrations from last week!

My kids made me a feel better box... sort of like a get well box I guess as age is apparently an ailment, ha!! 

Lots of lovely spoils from the family. 

My hair really needed some TLC so I headed out for a cut and colour. 

On my birthday, the kiddos and I usually head out to Starbucks for my free beverage and a cake pop for the ten and under crowd. 

She insisted I wear this crown and even wanted me to wear it out. Mom's a good sport- not a great one!

I told D I wanted a martini and king crab for my birthday so our family dinner was at the Keg.

All the seafood for the win!!

Dessert #1

Dessert #2 with this crazy crew.

I was serenaded by a certain young talent.

Got together with a few friends on the Friday after. Love this girl!!

As a present, D organised a glam photo shoot at an event our favourite photographer was having! Here I am pre-makeup and hair.

In between shots. 

And a little dinner out with the family again after--- since apparently all we do is eat... and drink  LOL.

A low key celebration with some of my favourite peeps. Special shout out to the most wonderful husband-- you did good, love!

Have a wonderful week, friends!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Currently--- on my birthday!!

It's my birthday, friends!! ANother year, so many blessings in my life. Every year ON my birthday, I like to do a little currently- sort of like a state of the soul if you may.... Here's this year's currently...

thinking |  That this past year really had its fair share of ups and downs but also about how many blessings I have in my life! So many things I try not to take for granted!
drinking |lots and lots of water and tea! But I see a birthday martini in my future tonight :-)
eating |all the soups and salads after a most decadent December.... However, there is also a piece of chocolate cake in the future as well tonight.... a quite large piece ha!
reading | Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult for book club next month. It's a good read but the white supremist's POV is very hard for me to stomach.
loving |We have been grilling on weekends. We put the grill very close to the door and are able to BBQ in the colder months. It feels like such a special treat.
wanting |to lose 9 lbs. I'd even settle for 4! 
watching | The Crown on Netflix. Kind of timely with the whole Royal Brexit! I'm not going to call it Megxit-- as it's really both of them!
listening | To my kids squabble. They have been especially ornery this last week. 
trying | to organise summer camps for my girls. 
wishing |  that this year is a good one filled with good health, happiness and peace for us all. 
planning | travel for the rest of the year. I'm not hating it, I'll confess ;-)
enjoying | the smell of this awesome cream. 
day dreaming | We are heading out to some warmer temps in April and I'm really looking forward to it. 
waiting |  to see how they explain Alex Karev's departure on Greys! 
liking |Toyblast, this game that my seven year old introduced me to-- I'm embarrassingly good at it!!
needing | A facial. My skin is starting to get that winter dullness!
wearing | some colours.... in the winter, it's so easy to wear my blacks, greys and other muted tones but I'm trying my best to wear some jeweled tones as well!!
starting | to really love quiet mornings when no one is around and it's still dark, those first sips of tea and those first relaxing breaths of meditation bring me a lot of contentment. 
smelling | my very favourite almond oil shower gel in the shower... it's the little things, right?
thanking | God for another beautiful, healthy year! 

Cheers, friends! 

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Houston Zoo and a Little New Year's Eve

One of our very favourite visits on our recent trip to Houston was the beautiful Houston Zoo.  So many different animals in a sprawling acreage of beautiful land, this zoo is the second most visited in North America and I totally understand why. There were so many different animals I had never seen before and  the displays were so informative and interesting.

Of course we had to visit the primates section. 

The orangutan was legit smiling at the kids. 

I have never seen a cheetah up close. They were absolutely beautiful!!!

The tapirs were so beautiful!!

Love me a good giraffe. They are so graceful. 

We are obsessed with flamingos over here. 

We came home, rested a bit then got ready for a New Years' Eve party at a friend's family's house...

Big news, I sported a red lip :-)

It was a combo New Years' Eve/Birthday combo. 

It was a good time for sure.... 

The next day, we spend the whole day at our friends' house. Totally low key day with a walk outside, some play with the kids, drinks, really delicious food and lots of laughs. 

Have a marvelous Monday, friends!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Houston #2 and yay for seven blogging years!!!

Yay for Friday!!! These weeks in January are just tiptoeing along and I for one am very okay with the weekend ahead!

Also, today is 7 years since I started blogging!!! What started off as a way to document all the little happenings in my girls' lives has turned into this wonderful outlet of  random self expression for me. I love the blogging community and how kind, encouraging and empowering you ladies are. I know that online can be a tough place at times but blogging folk are a special sort who really do strive to lift each other up. Cheers to you,  all of my friends, family and other readers. Thank you so much for reading and following along!

In other news, here's a little bit more of our visit to Houston... It was so action packed, this is just 48 hours of fun as it's sooo many pics to go through!

Day 2 started with an accidental trip to Tacodeli, this Austin chain with gourmet, fresh delicious tacos. Everyone loved it so much, we returned before we left Houston.

The queso was soooo good, my kids went a little crazy! Let's be honest, so did I. 

Then we were off to the Houston Aquarium. We bought a City Pass which gave us access to 5 different tourist attractions. Highly recommend it for the bigger cities!

It was a quick visit to a smaller aquarium but it was so beautiful though a certain seven year old found some of the bigger fish quite scary!

There was a random live white Bengali Tiger as an exhibit as well. I didn't understand how he fit in but he was a beauty for sure.

My kids wanted to go on a ride before we left. 

We headed to the very busy Galleria mall after for some shopping go lite as we just walked with carry on luggage. Side note, we almost spent as much time looking for parking as we did in the Aquarium #truestory

A's namesake and her birthday twin at their house for dinner after!

The next day, we were off to the Space Centre.

We clearly had the same idea as about 5000 other people!

There were so many cool interactive experiences and stem activities!

And then my friends, we took the kids on A's 'dream come true'.... her words.... to the Unicorn- A Magical Dessert Bar. 

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A  little something for everyone!!

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