Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Faves- Houston Part One

Yay for Friday--- I'm not going to sugar coat it, though it was time for routine to start again, I really wasn't ready... There's a whole lot of over-sleeping (one day I woke up at 8 am!!!), sugar indulging (boy do we need to get back on track), prepping for work and a general feeling of cold infused blah!! Haha! Yay January!

Anyways, the end of December/ beginning of January  was a whole 'nother story. Here's a look at just the first day of our Houston trip. We arrived on the 27th and on the 28th hit the ground running... as indicated by my plethora of pics.

We were so happy to have no jackets with us--- outdoors at least. Indoors in Houston restaurants and malls are freezing!

Based on our friend's recommendation, we decided to check out the mural scene that Houston is so famous for.

SO beautiful!

We took a walk through a nice neighbourhood. I loved checking out the vibes, houses and decorations.

Little feet get tired after a while

Possibly my favourite pic of the entire trip.

Lunch at the famous original Ninfa's-- I'm still coveting their guac!

We headed to Discovery Green -an urban park in downtown Houston.

Look what we found !!

A little bit of Christmas at Hilton Downtown.

We met our friends that night for dinner. Mexican Meal #2 and no one was unhappy ;-).

These two share the same birthdate!!! And A is named after her mom!!

We then headed to the Magical Winter Lights Festival after. It was the best light display we've seen by miles and these pics simply do not do it justice. SO interactive and fun.

A beautiful wishing tree!!

And an  interactive light display!

And that's just Day 1..... stay tuned for more!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. I have never been to Huston! It looks like so many fun things to do there. How fun! Hope The weekend is peaceful and great!

  2. Girl...I still cannot believe you were so darn close to me!! I actually have a mural blogpost from a girls trip that is so similar to the locations you guys stopped...including the original NInfas!!

  3. Did you meet up with Tanya in TX? I love those murals!

  4. I've never been to Houston but it looks like fun to check out. I'm always up for checking out some wall murals. I love the family pic in front of the houston one. Those light displays look incredible!

  5. Ninfa's is one of our favorite places to eat!! A Houston staple for sure! I always carry a light sweater with me everywhere in Houston for the exact reason you listed - everywhere indoors is freezing!! Glad you had a fun filled first day!

  6. Wow the murals are absolutely beautiful.

  7. Wow! That looks like such a fun day.


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