Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New Year, New Resolutions

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Yay for Wednesday--- says no one ever ;-)!

 I figured since it's January and still not too late, I'd touch base on those new year resolutions!! Before we commence with 2020, let's take a look back at 2019 and how I did.

Reduce single use plastics
Yep, we are still chugging along. We do what we can and bring our bags and bottles whenever we can. But man, so many things still come in plastic containers....even so many of our fruits and veggies!!! And so many herbs dry out when we use our mesh.As much as possible if we absolutely must have plastic, we reuse them as much as possible-- like refilling a plastic water bottle so it's no longer single use! 

Eat more (sustainably sourced) fish
Wednesdays are now usually fish days at our house so I'm pleased that we got this in there. As much as possible as well, I find myself ordering seafood when we eat out as well. My body feels better but my wallet doesn't-- ha! In a perfect world, I'd like to become pescatarian but chicken is just so easy! Oh but I didn't get into eating sardines as much as I wanted to!

Call my friends and family more
Yes and no. I still call the same old people, sometimes I do call others as well but life gets in the way of constantly being in touch!
And now onto

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I usually have a few but this year, it's very simple. My main focus is to embrace meditation more. I've meditated off and on since twenties without too much success. Then I started guided meditation most mornings and this seems to really work for me. Using the Headspace app, I started in the fall of 2019 and now D gifted me an unlimited subscription for 2020. I enjoy the self awareness that it brings, the stress reduction, the mindfulness and the overall well being. 

So yeah, it will have over arching effects in many  other areas of my life so not too much more resolutions. 

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Interior Design
My living/dining space is due for a bit of a refresh so D and I hope to do some of this in the spring and summer of this year.... Exciting!!

We usually try to support the kiddos in their goals as well so this year C (10) wants to smile better in pics-- a hilarious but true goal;  and A wants to watch her tone when speaking- also worthwhile LOL.

Do you have lots of resolutions this year or just the main one like I do?

Make your Wednesday wonderful, lovelies!!!


  1. I like that beach picture, I took one where I wrote 2020 in the sand! I didn't really come up with goals this year, but I think my word is going to be Focus.

  2. Great resolutions!!!! I could agree with them all. I just want to be better today than I was yesterday! HUGS

  3. I love the kid's goals - they are so cute! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Those are great resolutions Sarita. I love that you're thinking of the environment.. We are trying to do the same in our house. But ahhhh. So. Much. Plastic. I love that your girls are included in creating some goals for themselves! So cute. Happy Wednesday! xo

  5. Great goals, for all of you. I should ask my kids what their goals are for the year.

  6. Love your goals! We do what we can with single use plastics, but could do SO much more <3


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