Monday, November 30, 2015

American Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend we….

+ pretended we were American and had American Thanksgiving-- with an American friend and her family so it totally counts, no?

+ shopped our faces of for Black Friday (not pictured)

+ began choosing little details for our new home. (said details coming soon)

+ made cookies with daddy and ate them all up

+ wore our Christmas pjs

+ went to this huge play centre for Aaron's third birthday. Think carousels, trains and other rides.

+ waited at a restaurant for Daddy and Aja to finish seeing the new Bond Movie in what seemed like dog years. grrrr…..

+ attended a kid's Christmas party complete with a magician and entertainment

+ hung out with my brother and his family for the first time in weeks. They were travelling and we missed them so….

+ began trimming our tree.

And just like that it became Monday---- but no ordinary Monday. My favourite Monday of the year! Cyber Monday!!!

How was your weekend? 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A little peek inside….

Just a little peek inside our current house in all it's staged glory…. even though we love our clean home and clutter free surfaces, kids and life happens. So just imagine a few more toys and stuff thrown in here and there for good measure.

Our living and dining room

The Office--- the biggest change happened here as I've never seen the desk this clean :-)

Our family room

Breakfast area

And kitchen. I just love this kitchen--- so much space. I am so sad to leave this kitchen. My old kitchen is not as big and does not have nearly as much cupboard space. 

Our master…. cause we are close like that ;-)

And closet! Another thing I'll really miss...

Master En Suite.

Our guest room. (More here)

Thing 1's room. I will miss my girls' room so much! In the new house, they will be sharing a room for now so that will be a huge transition. (I don't want them to be on a separate level from us)

And Thing 2's room. I bought both my babies home to this room. Such wonderful memories here!

And our little backyard!!

So there you have it. We've spent almost 7 wonderful years in this home and we've slowly made it our own. Though we are thrilled to move into our new home, a part of me will be a little sad!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favourites!!

I had some time and it's been a while since Friday Favourites…. Let's DO THIS!

1- First off, thank you so much for the kind words and sweet wishes about my big news. This week has been INSANE with the mad rush to get everything ready but it's done: the pictures are taken, our listing goes on MLS tomorrow and then hopefully we get some bites.  I think it's a tough time of year to put a house on the market with lots of people preoccupied with Christmas so let's see….

2- Did anyone catch the Nordstrom Extra Savings this week. I happened to check my FB feed and saw that PTMT caught it--- one day only. I've been eyeing these investment boots for a while now so at 20% off, I snapped it up D bought it for me as my Christmas present. :)

3- I took my girls and Darin's dad who's visiting for a little Christmas treat! Love when the red cups come out.  I prefer the snowflake ones from years past but not so much so that I think it has to be a point of North American concern.

4- I got my Winter Stroll all set up for the next few weeks. #loveelin #christmasreading

5- And some pretty sayings!

And some sister soup sharing! Yeah, they like their soup in mugs. But with a spoon. I don't get it. 

Girls night tonight. A little Thai food and a little theatre. Nothing like opening night of White Christmas to bring on the holiday vibes.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why I'm MIA

On November 1st, we saw a house. We fell in love with it…. though very different from what we currently own.  We placed an offer on it and last Friday we got it! 13 days from start to finish. But it closes in December… and our current house is not even listed yet! So though we are absolutely blessed and thrilled to have found what we think is a beautiful home, we are rushing around like mad people trying to get everything ready. 

There is cleaning, there is purging, there is painting and there is packing! Thank goodness for wonderful friends who are helping us with the house and the kids. But  there is still… I thought I was a purger and my house was clean. #somewhatmistaken. Slowly, we are getting it done. In the meantime, my kids are eating tuna sandwiches, crock pot soups and takeout.  And I've not blogged for awhile.

So bear with me, friends! I'll be back soon. 


As if….


Or tomorrow in my case :-)

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