Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hosting overnight guests

 As we head into the holiday season, I thought this would be the perfect time of year to do a post on hosting overnight guests. D and I don't have any of our immediate family in Canada so we have an influx of visitors throughout the year... mostly our parents, but also siblings, aunts, cousins and friends. 2014 is the first time in years that we don't have any guests over the holiday season. 

I've been enough of a guest both at other people's homes and in my travels in the corporate world to know what I find to be comfortable so I put a lot of thought into our guest bedroom.  It's pretty simple  but very functional as my guests  are not usually from Canada so they  stay longer than a couple nights. I want to make sure that they are very comfortable.

So here you go, my favourite tips I've amasses through the years for hosting overnight guests.

Sleep Stuff

+ I read somewhere that guests consider the most comfortable hotel beds to be ones like the Marriott where the bedding is light coloured, white really. So my duvet cover is off white and very easy to clean. The room is also a light taupe colour.
+Before kids, we spent lots of weekends by D's aunt and she had a feather bed cover on her guest bed-- such a comfy sleep-- so I purchased one of those as well. 
+Soft, smooth sheets are a must
+ I always stack a few extra blankets in the closet and also a few pillows of varying firmness just in case my guests prefer them.

To tell you the truth, when either D or I get sick, the other one really doesn't mind the guest room, it's a pretty good sleep.


+ I ensure that I leave a few drawers free so that guests can unpack their clothes and fold them

+ Lots of hangers for them to hang their clothes
+A small folding hamper tucked into the closet for dirty laundry
+A tiny jewelry box (below) for their jewelry
+ A  luggage rack (to the left below) to put their suitcases on... so they don't have to bend to get their stuff from the floor.... and so my carpet doesn't get dirty! 
+ I also leave my iron and ironing board in the closet.

The jewelry box is below- I also like light coloured accents in the room.

Hooks for robes, towels and whatever else

Night Stand

Our nightstand holds an alarm clock, a lamp for bed time reading, a box of tissues and bottles of water. 

A little inspirational reading


+I leave lots of magazines in the room for my guests. I love reading other people's magazine. 
+ I haven't done this yet , but I want to get a small simple frame which has our wifi name and password on it. So many people walk with their devices now.
+I also leave a phone in the room. 

Other Must Haves

+My guests are usually responsible adults so I give them a key to the house. That way, they're not ringing the doorbell at odd hours and waking up my kids.
+I leave a basket of toiletries in the bathroom. Includes nice lotions, washes, shower caps, fresh razors, nice perfumes and (spray) deodorant). Also, I tell my guests to help themselves to anything from my linen/supply closet located right outside their room. 

+ A hair dryer and flat iron as well as some hair product in the bathroom.
+ Plush towels (one bath and one hand per guest) in the room. Also, I use darker colours for the ladies- so any makeup stains don't show. 
+ A waste paper basket in the room. I know I'm stating the obvious here but some people don't do it. 
+ A large mirror
+ A lot of people have food in their guest rooms but I refrain from having anyone (myself included) eating upstairs so I just make sure to have lots of their favourite snacks on hand... in my kitchen! I also take requests!
+ To me, it's very important that the room is clean and uncluttered. Sure I have stuff in some of the drawers but it is totally out of sight :-)
+ And finally, when my guests are leaving, I pack them up with some snacks for their trip home. Maybe a sandwich. Some bottled water for the road. 

What about you guys? Any other tips to add? What's your favourite thing to do for your guest?

And there you have it.... Happy hosting everyone!

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  1. I loved this! Such great ideas for when we build our new house (we e don't currently have a guest room.)

  2. I love these ideas! Very practical!!


  3. What an amazing room! So beautiful and comfortable. And what a lovely way to treat your guests!! So thoughtful :)

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  5. I love your guest room. It looks very cozy and I love that lamp!!

  6. Wow, those are really great tips, no wonder you always have so many guests ;) I will definitely be sharing this post!

  7. So pretty and clean and organized! It looks like a mini spa retreat. Can I be your guest? ;)

  8. Hi Sarita! Great room, it looks so cozy and comfortable. You named great essentials as well. Great tips!

  9. Really great post and this would make me feel welcome in anyones home!! I should really get some comfier pillows for guests - random I know LOL!

  10. Can I stay with you?? Those are all great!

  11. Awesome post. This is a reminder that I needed better robe hooks in my bathroom. lol.

  12. Great tips! We don't have a guest room yet, but someday!

  13. Perfect guest room! Anyone would be lucky to stay there!

  14. Gorgeous room and really well thought-out! Lucky guests! Our guest room has been taken over by boxes of too-small kids' clothes and I always feel apologetic when we open the door for our guests (who are usually close family - but still...) I think I have a project inspiration now for the new year! Thanks!

  15. Loved this post! I make a welcome basket too with toiletries, little perfume and makeup samples, and fun little things to make guest feel at home :) Love the robe hopk idea too!

  16. Nice post & great tips...its the little details that make all the difference!It really makes your guests feel welcomed & cared for !


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