Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday

On this Fabulous Friday, some very random stuff that has been going on with us....

1- So some big news though not really new news is that we bought another house since last year-- not to move into currently but we're treating it as a rental for now. It's more than a hundred years old and a bit dated so we need to put some work into it--- fun project within the next few months so I will be posting lots of pictures and updates. Stay tuned!

2- Anjali has been chatting up a storm. She loves to mimic so you have to be very careful with what you say around her. When my mother in law was here, she picked up "Oh, God" from her but in a very trini slang so she was saying it more like--- "Oh Gaad!" She also began grunting when she bent down just like her Ajee. And then the other day, mother of the year that I am, I blurted out "Oh, S!@#" which she began to repeat-- again and again and again. And she also loves to say "bottom".... I've got nothing!

Wicked smile, huh?

3- It's nearing the end of the school year for us and Cassia wants nothing to do with her reading, math and writing... it's only playing and parking (well going to the park) for her! We've been so cooped up all winter, who can blame her!

4- We have fallen off the wagon food wise since we travelled to Trinidad and then Darin's mom came. This week, we are trying our best to get back on track and next week stay the course a bit more.  But it's summer though right? Bring on the raspberry mojitos!

5- Speaking of mojitos, my little herb garden (including my peppermint plant) is thriving, all except for my poor little basil. Maybe it's because I planted it and then it got a bit cold again and the basil couldn't handle it. Boo....We were looking forward to lots of caprese salad this summer!
The empty section is where the basil is supposed to be--- there's a teeny tiny plant there.

And in case you just come here for the pictures of these two....

Taken in TNT  in April
Once again I am linking up with Darci, Caroline, April and Natasha for Five on Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.... lots planned for us--- beginning- NOW!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trip to Tobago

Our trip to Tobago was probably my favourite part of the trip. It was so nice to get some sun, sea and sand in while spending time with our family. For any reader who doesn't know, I was born in Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago is a separate island from Trinidad with an entirely different culture and lots more beautiful beaches. It is more typical of what people think island life is.

The last time we went, it was Darin, me, Cassia, my brother, sister in law and dad. This time, it was my entire family with the exception of my other sister in law- we missed you, M. Two of my aunts also joined us. 

To start, I should say that this was my sister in law, Pryia's idea. She organised everything with everyone (living in three different countries) including airline tickets, the beach house and the cars via email all the while taking care of a baby. She should be a travel agent if she wasn't an attorney--- and if it paid more! And if she wasn't so good at her job! 

Once again, I have too many pics to post so I'm doing some collages.

Here's our gang at the airport. We were armed with sada roti for breakfast, and bake and smoked herring. 

When we got there, we headed to Store Bay for some lunch and some ice cream (for Darin and my Dad, first picture). As soon as we got to the villa, some people jumped in the huge pool with its amazing view of the Atlantic ocean and spent most of the evening there. 

Then my sister in law, like she wasn't busy enough or far enough ahead in the race for aunt of the year, planned this surprise family birthday party for Cassia's 5th. She organised presents, decorations and this beautiful cake for Cassia. Cassia was shocked, excited and so happy--- and she had lots to play with and do for the rest of the trip.

My brother who is  a surprisingly good cook (and a physician , these people are damn over-achievers, I tell you), barbequed for us--- and we had wine--- great night.

The next day, we swam in the pool for most of the day. My aunt, baby brother, D and I  drove around Scarborough, lunched on local fare, and shopped around a bit for fresh stuff for the night's dinner--- curried duck. We also went to the beach for a bit andsplit a ridiculously expensive lobster taco between 4 people. 

This is my family's favourite picture for the entire trip. D, my brother and I were underwater waiting for the pic. 

The grandparents got to spend lots of time with the grand kids. I don't think my mom left the house. 

On Wednesday morning, we packed up, some of them went to the beach, we enjoyed the pool and just relaxed. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next vacation together!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 19 & 20 of Everyday Life--- Already?!

Wow! We are almost half way through the year already! What can I say, sometimes the days are long but the year sure is flying by!

Day #134
Nectarines (and matching jammies) are awesome!!!

Day #135
I'm not calling any names-- Anjali- but someone fell into a bucket of paint water in Cassia's class. I had to use the school's emergency back up clothes. This is a size 4 pair of pants but I kind of like the palazzo look- circa '90s

Anjali's in the market for a riding mower apparently.

We went out to dinner by the new house with some friends

Day #138
Long weekend so we hit the botanical gardens

D's cousin and her husband came so we hung out in the back yard.... finally nice enough to do that

Day #140
Happy birthday to my love. He just wanted to stay at home and have some home cooked food. 
This was before we cut into the lemon cake--- and the kids didn't do it!

I forgot to take a pic of our little family.

Day #141
First tooth lost

Day #142
Check out my tree finally blooming in the back yard.

Day #143
Sometimes mama and baby just need to put rollers in our hair

Day #144
Kimono time

And also recital day #1

Day #145
And recital #2

Day #146
It's a popsicle kind of day

Day #147
The calm before the storm. We had a playdate and my friend made this cute little platter complete with butterfly shaped cheese. Seconds after, Anjali did a face plant and busted her lip.

Have a happy Wednesday. We're all caught up finally!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Little ballerina

It's that time of year, folks.... recital weekend.... both Saturday and Sunday. This was Cassia's second year in dance and t she did ballet. She was very excited to do the recital but more than that to get 'salon time' and meet her friends.... go figure.

Her hair was done--- by the resident hair dresser-- her Ajee, who was here until yesterday. 

So was her makeup

As soon as C came off her chair, A scrambled on and said 'I too'

A ballerina and her dance mom- as if!

This year, I went on the Saturday and Darin went on the Sunday. Made things much easier. Especially as there was no way the little typhoon one was sitting through a dance recital of 56 performances!

All ready to go inside!

On stage... so proud.
This year was markedly different from last year. She practised lots before and actually followed the routine on stage. She and her little friends were great!

Little lady and her flowers.

All her adoring fans on Saturday! 

And then we eat at a nice restaurant! Cause recitals are hard work and mommy needs wine kids get hungry!

Great job, Cassia. We're so proud of you for remembering your moves and your natural grace but more than that, for having fun and a smile on your face while doing it all! 

So that's it, no more dance until September. We will miss it as it's her favourite day for the week and I have a great time chatting with a cool group of moms. Also, I don't know if she will go back to ballet or go into jazz, tap or acro instead. She keeps changing her mind. And then next year, the classes become one hour instead of the half hour and there a four recitals instead of two! We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Summ- Summ- Summer Fun

Yay, it's May.... and then comes June and SUMMER!!! This summer, Cassia will be home for the entire summer. It's a different sort of summer- no babies being born (of mine anyways), no trips to Malaysia planned, no big sort of hoopla. Just a regular fun summer in Canada. We'll do day trips, park visits, lots of playdates and picnics and one trip to NYC. We intend to make it a really fun time. Some of my best memories are of my summers growing up and I'd like my kids to have those glorious days as well, especially after the winter we've had.

Here are a few of my summer fun ideas.

1- Water fun- I bought this sand and water table yesterday because a teacher friend of mine highly recommended it and it was on sale (half off at Toys R Us, baby!). Hopefully when the weather is nice, we can get lots of use out of it. Also, my sister in law bought my kids a mini pool that we intend to put up in the back yard as well.  Seeing that bath-time takes so long, I'm optimistic that I can get some use out of that as well-- All else fails, bring out the baby wash and multi task. Oh, and my kids are too young, but water balloons and water guns are tons of fun.
Photo courtesy Step 2 website

2- The small stuff- Sidewalk chalk is everywhere these days and can take up lots of time. And check out this other cool idea for sidewalk art. And what about bubbles?! Especially for the little ones! The Gymboree ones are the best in my opinion.

3- Bike Time--- there will be tons of bike time but first we need to buy two new ones. Cassia has outgrown the one we bought her ( it was two years ago though) and little Anjali is too short to reach the pedals. I'm thinking of getting her one of those steer and stroll bikes.

Photo courtesy

4- Day Trips- there will definitely be some day trips involved. I'm thinking splash pads, water parks, zoos and safaris. I'm also going to check into street fairs , berry picking and a couple trips to Toronto as well. Additionally, there are a couple 'beaches' around the area that  look interesting--- I use the word beaches very loosely, coming from the islands.

There will also be lots of crafts, reading, summer tv watching and  ice cream eating...

And because no post is complete without these totally adorable faces...

I can't wait to read everyone else's ideas. Linking up with Kelly's Korner for SUYL.Hope y'all have a wonderful summer and a fantastic Friday!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teeth are falling out in this place-- or maybe being pulled out.

One of the staple topics these last few months have been baby teeth falling off. Cassia is very wistful when other friends at school have spaces in their mouths where their teeth were and keeps wondering when it's her turn. Up to this weekend, when Aunty Ammie and Uncle Mo came to visit (D's cousin and her husband), we also discussed it. At one point, Mo told Cass that the going rate for a tooth was $100. At this point, I turned to her and said "Remember Cass, when you lose your tooth, call Uncle Mo since he promised you $100."

This morning as we were getting ready for the day, Cassia came into my room and said "Mommy, look my tooth came out." And sure enough, there was a tooth in her hand and a gap in her lower jaw. Apparently, she was using her teeth to try to pull something apart and it came off---- ouch! The thing is, she didn't mention it being wobbly to me and D. However, now that it's off, she says that it was feeling a little loose. My theory is that it was weak and broke with some force being applied to it. 

I think she looks cute with the little gap in her mouth. 

Of course, she asked me to call Uncle Mo after the initial excitement wore off. This kid is sharp!

We had a Mommy- Daughter private dinner at Swiss Chalet to celebrate the milestone. 

She can still put down a good meal!

All my teeth are still here.

The famous tooth

Going to bed

Look what the tooth fairy has in store for her! Thanks Aunty Ammie (or her friend) for the certificate  idea.  Things are quite hi-tech now, eh? I The tooth fairy also threw in a fun tooth brush and toothpaste-like she  did for me when I was a kid. 

I will be broke after two kids and all this tooth fairymoney--- at least I have Uncle Mo to help out ;-)

Week 17 and 18

Happy Hump Day. Although because we've had Monday off this week in Canada. This week is going to fly! 

As usual when we're travelling, I'm a little backlogged. Here we go...

Day#120. Still in TNT
The kids were having fun in Gulf City Mall, my old haunt in my teen years. 
It's on this trip that Anjali became an ice cream fan. #sugaraddict

The adults had fun in the night. We went to Port of Spain and had drinks at the Hyatt (pictured here) followed by our friend Roshni's birthday dinner at Prime. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I really avoid sugary drinks but we thought it would make a better tropical picture than my dirty martini.

The kids spent the night at my parents house the night before and we hung out with (and said goodbye :-() to this sweet boy and his folks.

Day #122
I was trying to make them expend some energy before a 6 hour plane ride.

We're not in Trinidad but we brought  back Trini snacks.

Distracting her at Target with cookies.


Getting some sunshine in.

What a daredevil! Climbing up the slide at 21 months!

Everytime I go to take her out of the carseat, shoes go flying off... Seriously, every time. 

Sweet C picked me flowers

Mother's Day!

Because some mornings, we have to put our best foot forward--- in this case, in princess heels.

We went out to eat on a Tuesday. We rarely ever eat out during the week, but it was a special treat!

Last day of KIndermusik for C till September. 

Have a great day!!!

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